Cladding inspection

Cladding inspection

Cladding inspection and survey is one of our highly demanded abseiling service. Cladding inspection projects are coming up usually when leaking issue experienced, loose and dangerous cladding parts discovered, fire barriers or other details of the cladding system require inspection, expertise and/or repair. Cladding is the external envelope system of certain buildings which requires maintenance and aftercare regularly. These works can be a part of the planned regular maintenance and cleaning but some emergency works, inspection and repair are inevitable sometimes. Next to our cladding inspection and repair services we provide professional waterproofing and masticing as well, which are general and inseparable parts of any cladding installation and building process. When the original waterproofing or mastic sealing of the cladding do not work properly and let any rainwater getting inside the building structures, then this issue requires professional assistance. These failures of the rainscreen system or waterproofing can cause serious internal structural damages, damp issues or other severe problems what means substantial extra repair cost subsequently. The leaking rainwater can damage internal surfaces, paintwork, carpets, flooring …etc. but the elimination of these issues have to be start externally with the thorough inspection of the rainscreen and cladding system. Taking the cladding system apart to get better insight to the waterproofing can be challenging, even if the access is difficult and requires rope access. Our abseiling services is prepared to carry out any cladding inspection and repair works safely and efficiently, using rope access techniques. These skills, knowledge and abilities based on our decades of experience in the cladding installation, construction, and rope access industry. Repair Abseiling Limited’s professional abseiler team carries out numerous rope access cladding installation, cladding and fire barrier inspection, cladding repair and waterproofing projects on a daily basis throughout London. Repair the waterproofing behind the cladding or installing new mastic sealing are our specialities, however in the meantime we have extensive experience in the installation and inspection of fire barriers and fire protection as well. Since some tragical fire accident in the near past, the government regulated the minimum fire protection on each buildings, even cladded buildings what needs to be certified subsequently in some cases. This certification process and the facilities of these building require professional abseiling services for the proper fire barrier inspection sometimes. These regulations strictly enforced by the local councils and building authorities. Fire barrier and fire protection inspection and installation (in case of necessity) is also major part of our cladding inspection and repair services.

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abseiling cladding installation

Ceramic cladding system installed by our team at Otto House – Hackney. As the insulation and fire barrier system of this new building project required independent inspection and report our professionals completed a comprehensive cladding and fire barrier inspection of the two new residential tower blocks.

abseiling cladding inspection

Aluminium cladding inspection, repair and waterproofing project completed by our abseiler team at Opto Village – Luton, where the SFS building structure have been cladded with sandwich panels (PUR EuroPanels). Inspecting all joints, corners and window frames to find the reason of each leaking issues was challenging, but our team completed this tough job with 100% efficiency.

High level cladding repair

Leaking cladding system required inspection and repair at Platinum Riverside – Greenwich. The wrongly installed aluminium cladding soffit panel led the rainwater straight into the bedroom of the top floor flat. This malfunction of these types of cladding systems is quite common issue unfortunately, but our professional abseiler team is experienced and prepared enough to find the origin of the issue and carry out any repair to eliminate them.

cladding inspection

Dangerous, fallen cladding part and its structure had to be inspected at Newall Court – White City. Our cladding inspection service covers comprehensive safety inspection of the cladding and/or fire barrier system too, even in these delicate cases when people are threatened directly by the error of the buildings.

water testing waterproofing inspection

Water testing, building envelope testing and waterproofing inspection is vital part of our cladding inspection services. Our team completed a comprehensive water test at Brinell Building, Brighton. Read more about our building envelope testing and inspection services HERE

high level double glazed unit replacement

Glazing inspection and repairs

Inspection and repair of any high level glazing system and atrium glazing system, even if it is an integral part of the cladding or curtain wall system is also our strength. Our abseiler team carries out high level glass replacement, atrium glazing repairs, balustrade glazing works, glass installation and maintenance in London, Greater London.