Balcony balustrade glass replacement

Balcony balustrade glass replacement

Balcony balustrade glass replacement and glazing repairs are fundamental glazing services of Repair Abseiling Limited. Working with these heavy weight glass units on an open edge balcony is a complex and special glazing project, what requires professional, prepared and experienced glazier team, trained and certified for working at height safely. Repair Abseiling Rope Access Glazing Services provides this professional and comprehensive service on any residential , commercial or construction projects. Next to these balustrade glass replacement projects our professional abseiler team carries out architectural and atrium glazing repair, high level glazing repair and high level glass replacement works on a daily basis throughout London. Our special services cover all parts of these projects from the survey to the safe installation with the most reasonable prices. Our abseiler team additionally manages the safe access solutions and lifting operations of these glazing projects. Balcony balustrade glass replacement is a daily routine for Repair Abseiling Limited on any high rise residential or commercial buildings where the safe working manner matters. You can read much more about our balustrade balcony glazing projects HERE

Balustrade glazing repairs

Balustrade glazing repairs, glass replacement project completed as a high level glazing project by our abseiler glazing team at Booth Court and Lindsay Court, Lewisham. These heavy weight (112 and 143 Kg) coloured toughened – laminated glass units damaged by the most common manufacturing error, named “Nickel Sulphide inclusion” (NSi), which unfortunately threatens any toughened glasses, built into double glazed units, balustrades or other glazing structures. These balustrade glazing repair projects required special preparation and planning for replacement. The performance of our abseiler team on these balustrade glass replacement project is far over than it could be expectable from any ordinary glaziers. Working safely on the open balcony, secure themselves and these heavy weight glass units are a complex undertaking, which require highly trained and experienced professionals. Next to these special requirements, these balustrade glazing projects have a lot of special, additional parts, such as working with the decking, other fixings, cladding and other building parts. Thanks to our decades of experience in these industries, our team manage these projects seamlessly.

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Balustrade glazing maintenance

Balustrade glazing maintenance is coming up frequently, when balustrade glass units require attention and special assistance. The most common issue is when some fixings of the balustrade glass unit is missing or loose, meaning with this potential danger for the users of the balcony and other people below. Our team adjust loose and slipped down panes, repair stainless steel handrails and posts or brackets, replace gaskets and expanding foam fillings, or polish scratched glass units. These basic balustrade glass maintenance and repair works can save the glass unit from possible damages, people from injuries and a lot of money for our customers if our work can help to avoid further issues.

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Balustrade glass installation

Balustrade glass installation works are not really rope access projects, however sometimes, when the access is difficult or restricted to the outer surfaces and fixings, our professional assistance is inevitable. Some balustrade glazing system contains special fixings and covering trims outside, which are inaccessible from inside, so the proper access is vital in these projects too. Our abseiler team has facilitated numerous balustrade glass installation works already throughout London. Sometimes, when the access is possible from the roof, just straight down, then the abseiler can approaching to the glass unit easily, but sometimes it is not possible and additional equipment (“A-frames”) have to be used for the safe access. Fixing and setting these balustrade glass units in line and level with these special fixings require focus and precise installation manner.

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