Water testing-building envelope testing

Water testing, building envelope testing, waterproofing inspection and repairs are our vital services, what help our customers to achieve the best performance of their property. Our abseiler team has been hired by Alucraft Ltd. to verify the waterproofing around the glazing system, installed by their workforce at Brighton, Brinell Building. Inspect and prove that the waterproofing on all perimeters and joining structures is perfect, watertight and working well is a vital part of any building process. Our cladding inspection services covers this basic building envelope testing method on any construction site or other buildings which suffer by any water ingress and leaking issue. Next to the air-test, water test is a special building envelope testing method finding any imperfection of the joints and building structures. Spraying with water the affected joining areas of the cladding system, using a specially designed spraying nozzle with a properly set water pressure and soaking the specified areas heavily can show the smallest leaking issue accurately. This building envelope testing method is a relative cheap solution to find any imperfection of the waterproofing, glazing or cladding system. Our abseiler team can access to the external building surfaces on a safe and simple way and carry out any inspection, test and repair works if necessary, what makes these projects affordable. Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most comprehensive cladding, glazing and curtain wall inspection projects in London, Greater London. Our abseiling services also can repair any imperfection of the joining structures, replace gaskets, repair or reset frames and carry out perfect high quality mastic sealing on any surfaces. Building envelope testing and/or water testing is one of the last in a row of the building process, when usually the access aid, such as scaffolding, mast climbers or other platforms are removed and not available any more. When the access to the affected areas can be possible via rope access only, then Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most reasonable, safe and affordable solution. Water testing and building envelope testing is also basic part of our snagging and building maintenance services, even if water ingress requires our special assistance for inspection and repair.