External building maintenance without scaffolding

External building maintenance without scaffolding

External building maintenance works can be carried out an easy, fast and flexible way, for reasonable price via rope access without using scaffolding. This new, cost effective professional way provided us numerous external building maintenance contracts in the previous years with the most of leading property management companies in Greater London and the South, however we are widely open for any residential or commercial clients, no matter the scale of the actual project. Our external building maintenance services without scaffolding show extreme variety in all aspects. Of course, these projects require years (if not decades) of experience from our team members in various fields of the maintenance and construction industry to satisfy all demands of our customers. Repair Abseiling Limited’s external building maintenance services (residential property maintenance and block property maintenance services) cover any repairs, from top to bottom on any buildings and/or structures.

Painting, re-decorating

Painting and re-decorating external building surfaces and refresh the sight of the building can provide a spectacular progress in a view, but these works are significant part of the general external building maintenance on any building. Our professional abseiler team carried out a comprehensive concrete repair and painting, re-decorating and window painting project at the Athenaeum Hotel & Residency – Piccadilly, where the entire back elevation of this hotel building required major refurbishment works. All damaged and cracked concrete surfaces, window surroundings and other structures have been repaired adequately, the surfaces prepared for painting (plastering and sanding) and the entire surface painted over with Keim – Royalan paint. One of our other project completed at the Danish Church – Regents Park, where the old and worn cast iron down-pipes have been painted over, after thorough surface preparation. Painting over metal structures (down-pipes, rails, cast iron and other iron /metal/ parts) can help for long lasting conservation of these decorative features. Another painting related external building maintenance project without scaffolding carried out at Park West – Westminster, where the external brickwork has been made weatherproof, using a liquid brick sealant. Waterproofing – weatherproofing is one of our basic service, which is really often coincides with our other (brickwork repair, pointing repair, roof repair, leak inspection and repair …etc) and similar abseiling services. We carry out any painting and external refurbishment projects without scaffolding safely and efficiently for the most reasonable prices.

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Guttering, gutter cleaning

Our professional abseiler team have successfully completed numerous rope access guttering, downpipe repairs and gutter cleaning projects on various buildings in the previous period. Next to a lot of residential guttering projects, we maintain (clean and repair) dozens of gutters and gully systems on numerous commercial buildings constantly. Keeping these gutter systems clean and perfect condition, or repair any imperfections is our daily routine. As the inadequate rainwater management causes a lot of external and internal building issues, damages in the joining structures, windows, brickwork, pointing, internal surfaces, paintwork, …etc, these works need to be on the top of the maintenance to-do-list and should be checked regularly. Carrying out these basic external building maintenance projects without scaffolding is one of our fundamental service. Our professional high level guttering – gutter cleaning services provides professional high level gutter cleaning & repairs on the most efficient and cost effective way.

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Leak inspection and repairs

The most frequent external building maintenance projects in our practice are our leaking roof inspection and repair services, when leaking roof or gutters have to be repaired, damp issues have to be inspected and eliminated. Our professionals find any hidden imperfection on any roofs or building surfaces, and repair leaking issues with 99% efficiency on any residential or commercial properties. We have some regular customers (schools, office buildings hospitals and hotels) who rely on our professional external building maintenance – leak inspection and repair services. As these buildings have a weak vulnerable waterproof / weatherproof design generally, our special services is essential in their maintenance strategy. One of the most vulnerable building is The Bridge Academy – Hackney. Despite the spectacular look of this building, its waterproofing requires constant assistance. Next to some other problematic buildings and building designs, The Sussex Hose (Collinson) – Haywards Heath causes a lot of head ache for the maintenance team. The general “climate change” and its side effects make our team really busy, even after all stormy days, when dozens of new leaking issues are reported.

  • leaking roof inspection without scaffolding
  • glass building maintenance
  • atrium leak inspection and repair
  • high level skylight glass replacement
  • water test waterproofing inspection
  • atrium maintenance without scaffolding

Roofing, roof repairs

Roof maintenance is always on the top of the external building maintenance strategy. Our roofing and roof repair services is specialised in the most complicated roofing projects where the access is difficult or seems to be impossible. We can carry out any roofing and roof repair projects without scaffolding on any residential and commercial buildings or block properties. Our high level roofing services is tightly cohering to our leak inspection and repair services, but sometimes leaking cladding or leaking glass roof structures require our professional assistance. We are always ready to sort any roofing issues out no matter that it is a small residential or a bigger scale commercial roofing project. We work for any residential customers and numerous property management companies (Urang, United FM, KFH, Savills, ..etc throughout London, Greater London. Our professionals completed several slated and tiled pitched roof repairs and liquid waterproofing projects in the previous period. We are familiar with any slated and tiled or flat roofs, repairing bitumen, GRP, fleece reinforced – solvent free (Kemper, BMI Sealoflex, …etc) roofs, or using some temporary roof repair materials (Acrypol or similar) for any temporary or permanent repairs.

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Glazing repairs, glass replacement

Glazing repairs and glass replacement is a delicate part of the external building maintenance projects. When shattered glass units jeopardies people or just old and worn double glazed units are misted and require replacement, then our professionals always ready to manage the actual glazing issue. Glazing and glass replacement without scaffolding wasn’t imaginable so far, but we can provide this professional, prompt service safely in London for any residential or commercial properties. Our professional team replaced several shattered balcony glass units and damaged double glazed units, where the access and safe working manner required our special skills, tools and equipment. Kew Bridge West, Platinum Riverside, Simon Harrison Wearable Design, L&Q , and many other new and old customers have relied on our expertise and professional services when special high level glazing projects came up on their properties. Our rope access glazing services managed atrium glass replacement , high level glass replacement , and a lot of general glazing maintenance projects on numerous residential and commercial blocks, hotels and office buildings. Our team is specialised for balustrade glass repairs and replacement, where the safe access and safe working method is a basic requirement.

  • residential balustrade glazing maintenance
  • glass replacement
  • commercial glass replacement at the lobby
  • high level roof glass replacement
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Window cleaning, building cleaning

Window cleaning, even special window cleaning and building cleaning works are inseparable parts of our projects usually, but sometimes when some special cleaning require professionals for the perfect result, then our abseiler team is ready to provide the highest, sparkle clean quality on any, even the most neglected glass and building surfaces too. Our team carried out a sparkle clean quality window cleaning work on the fully glazed atrium at The Marriott Hotel – Kensington, where (caused by a tricky access) these glass surfaces haven’t been cleaned in the last 7-8 years. As some glass surfaces, skylights, atriums, and building parts ..etc can be cleaned only by using special access solutions, our abseiler team has been asked to carry out professional window cleaning on numerous neglected windows and glass surfaces throughout London. Some skylights on a residential property in Lambeth couldn’t be cleaned in the last 10 years or so, which project was a real challenge for our professionals, but the final high quality result provides a stunning view to the sky again. Another challenging project was a fully glazed building surface at Holborn, where huge glass units (in terrible conditions) had to be ready for the hand-over procedure. As the living plants on each level of the building are fed with a special fertiliser which overflows in all rains, its residue leave awkward marks on the glass surfaces This heavy contamination removed perfectly, providing a sparkle clean quality for the hand-over procedure. Some heavily contaminated (by the time and the recent refurbishment works) glass units on the Churchill Theatre – Bromley, also required our professional assistance to get back the crystal clear view to the park at the back side of the building. But our abseiler team successfully carried out many other special window cleaning works in the previous period at The Athenaeum Hotel – Piccadilly, Simon Harrison /wearable design/ – South Bank, Mansion Boulevard and Pioneer Building at Elephant & Castle…etc

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