Roof repair and rainwater goods adaptation

 Our rope access team successfully and efficiently completed a complex roof repair and rainwater goods adaptation project at 5 Langley Street, London (Covent Garden), working for/with Travill Construction Ltd. principal contractor, where the existing rainwater downpipe system on the street side had to be adapted to the new requirements, and modifying the entire system to drive all collected rainwater to the back of the building. It sounds easy and simple, but working above the busy high street in the middle of the Christmas shopping madness, and diverting the downpipes inside and through the building, straight backwards, meanwhile the look of the front elevation must be perfectly preserved, was challenging. Taking advantage of our engineering skills and working together with Travill Construction this special rope access roofing and high level guttering project successfully and seamlessly completed on time on budget. Our work started on the roof, where a 100mm cast iron downpipe system had to be redirected and extended horizontally in 25 metres length, to divert all rainwater from that roof section to the other side of the building. This part of the project didn’t require any rope access or other special skills or solutions, but the street side gully and its downpipes couldn’t be sorted out without our special skills. Levelling up and relining the asphalt gully and setting up a new “Sikalastic” seamless, fleece reinforced liquid waterproofing on this terminated gully section and repairing all imperfections of the joining roof sections were the basic part of this project, which tested our roofing skills ultimately. High level roofing and roof repairs are complex undertaking usually, but our team skilled, trained and experienced to carry out any special roof repair or rope access guttering project, coming up. As our customer (Travill Construction Ltd.) won this special roof repair and rainwater goods adaptation tendering project (by Knight Frank), based on our offers and pricing (calculated with our professional rope access /abseiling/ services), all parts of this project sorted out via rope access without the using of scaffolding, which is significantly reduced the costs and timeframe of this project. Repair Abseiling Limited’s professional abseiler team modified all street side downpipes to achieve the final goals of this project, which (despite the original plan) included some brickwork, pointing, downpipe reinforcement with some additional metal brackets and completed with the painting (black Hammerite) of these pipes from top to the bottom.

  • high level gutter repairs
  • liquid waterproofing in gullies