High level roofing

High level roofing and roof repairs is our daily routine. When damaged, leaking roof requires quick or emergency repairs and the access is difficult, too high to reach with ladders or dangerous to carry out on any traditional way or it is challenging to the basic health and safety requirements, high level roofing repairs can be carry out by rope access only. As high level roofing is a harness based work generally, it should be carry out by trained and professional tradesmen and company. General roofing repairs can be carried out by any ordinary roofers until they can reach and approach safely the damaged roof by their ladders. The other, not too reasonable and really expensive option is building scaffold system for these high level roofing and/or repair projects. This option cannot be inevitable, when comprehensive redressing or major repair work requires reliable access, but not reasonable at all when the actual high level roofing and repair work can be completed in a short period (one day or less) by our professional abseiler roofer team via rope access. This alternative option provides safe and efficient way for these high level roofing and repair works.

Pros & cons of our high level roofing services

Building scaffold system for these quick, easy and simple projects is absolutely unreasonable and maybe impossible sometimes, even if the scaffold needs to be set at the back side of the buildings, above extensions or conservatory roofs and the way there lead through the living room and other internal areas of the flat. Our high level roofing services makes it easier, so spending thousands of pounds, tolerate and organise this “uncomfortable” solution is absolute not necessary and reasonable anymore for a couple of hours work, what can be completed safely and quickly by our rope access roofing team . Repair Abseiling high level roofing services provides better price for the entire completion, than the price of the scaffolding would be only. Our high level roofing repair team requires access to the top floor and/or the roof hatch to get better access to the roof, but our attendance never produce any mess or takes longer than few hours. Repair Abseiling High Level Roofing Repair Services has saved a lot of time and money so far to our happy customers. Repair any types of leaking roof, broken or relocated slates or roof ties, flashing and lead-work on a safe manner by rope access without of scaffolding is our routine. Repair Abseiling high level roofing services utilise a special mobile anchor system to set and rig the ropes and reach any difficult areas on the building without any drilling or destructive techniques. This performance is incomparable with any other access solution. Our abseiler roofer team can climb the entire roof area, repair many scattered spots and carry out other roof and gutter maintenance or any high level gutter cleaning works in the same project, usually in one day, kept the H&S on the highest and the costs on the most reasonable level. It is unimaginable with scaffolding or other powered access solutions. Our abseiling services provides the most reasonable high level roofing and roof repair services in London.

High level roof repair

One of our high level roof repair project just has been completed in Slough. The main contractor has utilised a scaffold system on some parts of this eight storey residential building for their comprehensive loft conversion and new window installation project. As the scaffold system required proper fixing and link to the building, the scaffolders penetrated the steep pitch slated roof with the scaffold tubes to achieve the perfect and stable link to set them inside the loft area. Repair Abseiling High Level Roof Repair Services has repaired all holes, broken tiles, penetrations and removed all temporary cover, after that the main loft conversion project has completed and the scaffold system has gone. This high level roof repair project couldn’t be carried out on any other safe and efficient way, only via rope access. Our high level roofing team has repaired more than forty penetrations and damaged areas of this huge roof area in few days. This achievement saved the building from the approaching stormy weather, further leaking issues and saved our customers from further repair costs. High level roofing and high level roof repair is one of our main speciality, based on our decades of experience in the roofing and rope access industry. Approaching to a natural slated roof surface require special skills, equipment and experience. Moving and working on this type of fragile roof safely, to avoid making any further damage on it, can be challenging, even via rope access. We are specialised to these delicate high level roof repair projects. Carry out these high level roofing projects safely, quickly and efficiently is our daily routine. Our abseiler roofer team completed a comprehensive gutter and gully cleaning as well on this site as an extra service, but it is another story… You can read more about this high level gutter cleaning project HERE.

High level slated roof repair

Damaged high level slated roof required our assistance at Belsize Park, after that a kitchen flue has been taken off from inside, through the slated roof by the kitchen furniture contractors. These contractors (without any external access to the roof) had to remove this pipe from inside, what produced some extra damage and a big hole on the roof. This part of this steep pitch roof is absolutely inaccessible on any other way, only via rope access. No ladder or cherry picker could be long enough to reach this spot of the roof, so Repair Abseiling High Level Roofing Services delivered the most reasonable and safe solution for this issue. Setting a very expensive scaffold system to repair this one spot on the roof wasn’t reasonable, so eventually our professional abseiler team completed this delicate high level roofing project in a short day without any disruption of the building and residents. Repair Abseiling Limited utilised special mobile anchors and special techniques to approach and climb on this roof surface. This short high level roof repair project accomplished quickly, on time before the heavy rain arrived, what jeopardised the top floor flats below. Setting a comprehensive report and photo documentation about the project and any further experienced issues or general conditions of the roof is our basic, extra, free of charge service. Repair Abseiling High Level Roofing Services provides the most comprehensive roof repair service in London, Greater London.

High level roofing project completed by us at Molinare TV & Film, Soho. This roof repair work was the one of the most challenging roofing project in our practice. This part of this old fragile roof is absolutely inaccessible on any other way, only via rope access. As Repair Abseiling Limited is a high level roofing specialist company with a wast reputation in this industry, our client ordered this roof repair project from us. Our professional abseiler team replaced and fixed some broken and dislocated slates, checked the conditions of the lead flashing and cleaned the high level gutter system around this affected roof area.

High level tiled roof repair

High level tiled roof required our assistance at Hampstead area, London. This leaking tiled roof has hidden some mysterious issues, but our experienced high level roofing team has found the broken tiles and the real reason of the leaking issue. As the tiles have fixed with some concrete at the edges of the valleys by the previous roof repair (by scaffold), these lines could hide potential chance to the flowing rainwater to get into the structures. This high level roofing project completed via rope access by our professional abseiler roofer team in a short day. This efficiency saved a lot of time and money to our customer.

Leaking roof repair

Leaking roof repair is the most busy service in our practice. Our strength is a quick action and/or reaction in any roof repair work. We use the most efficient and safe mobile access method what reduce the reaction time radically. On this way we can provide the most reasonable price, compared with other traditional access solutions. Steep pitch, mansard and other slated or tiled roof repair are managed by our leaking roof repair services. Inspect and repair leaking roofs can be challenging. It requires comprehensive knowledge and experience about the roof and all imaginable faults and weakness of these structures. Decades of experience in this industry helps our work to find and repair all imperfection. In some cases the real reason of the leaking issue is a hidden error of the roof. Sometimes a broken, but not dislocated roof slate or tile, sometimes a basic error of the building process cause this hidden issue. Leaking roof repair is a complex project, even if it is a harness based work what needs to be carry out on the high level of the building.

Roofing on a busy High Street

Carry out any building maintenance, roofing or gutter cleaning, …etc project on a busy high street building can be really difficult even if the access to these surfaces planned to some traditional access solution. However our high level roofing services can mean a real shortcut in these delicate situations. This leaking steep pitch roof next to the Croydon Train Station required our assistance. Setting expensive scaffold system and organising a lot of permits and paperwork for this few hours project wasn’t reasonable at all. Repair Abseiling Limited abseiling services offers already this special service with this easy access solution for these types of roofing projects …..etc. in progress….

General roof maintenance

General maintenance, cleaning and repair of any roof is a fundamental service of Property Maintenance Contractors London. The aim is of our general property maintenance services to satisfy all demand of any building and property maintenance in London. As high level roofing and guttering is a special service, our in-house maintenance team specialised in these projects.