High level roofing, roof repairs

high level roof repairs

High level roofing and roof repair, carried out by our special roof repair services means safe and cost effective resolution for any roof issues, roof repair and maintenance where the scaffolding is not reasonable.

Our high level roofing services

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High level roofing & roof repairs

High level roofing and roof repairs is our daily routine. When damaged, leaking roof requires quick emergency repairs and the access is difficult, too high to reach with ladders or dangerous carrying out on any traditional way, then Repair Abseiling Limited’s high level roofing services offers quick, safe and affordable alternative solutions. As high level roofing is a harness based work generally, it should be carried out by professional high level roofers, trained for working at height and capable companies only. General roofing repairs can be carried out by any traditional roofers until they can reach and approach to the damaged roof surfaces safely. The other, but not too reasonable and really expensive option is building a scaffold system for any, or these “minor” high level roofing and roof repair projects. This option can be inevitable, when comprehensive redressing or major repair works require stable work platform, but absolutely not necessary and reasonable when a smaller high level roof repair work can be completed safely and quickly by our professional abseiler roofer team via rope access. This alternative option provides safe, flexible, professional and efficient way for any high level roofing and roof repair works. As we work for numerous property managers and property managing companies (Martin & Co, KFH, Ellis &Co, Urang, United FM, …etc), office buildings, schools, hospitals, building companies, roofing companies (MAC Roofing, Kingsley Roofing), and other contractors (EAS Interiors, Travil Construction, …etc) our customers rely on our expertise in these delicate projects and get back to us regularly if any high level roof repair project is coming up.

Pros & cons of our high level roofing services

Building a scaffold system for these quick, easy and simple projects is absolutely unreasonable and probably impossible sometimes, especially if the scaffold needs to be set up at the back side of the buildings, above extensions or conservatory roofs and the way there leading through the living room and other internal areas of the flat. Our high level roofing services makes it easier, so spending thousands of pounds, tolerate and organise this “uncomfortable” working method is absolutely not necessary and reasonable anymore for a couple of hours work, what can be completed safely and quickly by our rope access roofing team . Repair Abseiling high level roofing services provides better price for the entire completion, than the price of the scaffolding would it be only. Our high level roofing repair team requires access to the top floor and/or the roof hatch to get better access to the roof, but our attendance never produce any mess or takes longer than few hours. Repair Abseiling High Level Roofing Repair Services saved a lot of time and money so far to our happy customers. Repairing any types of leaking roof, broken or dislocated slates or roof ties, flashing and lead-work on a safe way by rope access without the using of scaffolding is our daily routine. Repair Abseiling Limited’s high level roofing and high level guttering services utilise a special mobile anchor system to set up the rigging and ropes and reach any difficult areas on the building without any drilling or destructive techniques. This performance is incomparable with any other access solution. Our abseiler roofer team can climb in the entire roof area, repair many different issues and carry out other roof and gutter maintenance or any high level gutter cleaning works in the same project. It can be carried out usually in one day, kept the H&S on the highest and the costs on the most reasonable level. It is unimaginable with scaffolding or other powered access solutions. Our abseiling services provides the most reasonable high level roofing and roof repair services in London.

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High level roof repair

Our high level roof repair services covers any tiled, slated pitched or flat roof repair works. This special service contains professional and thorough inspection (and report if necessary), and repair safely without the using scaffolding. Our special high level roof repair services make these essential roof repair and maintenance projects affordable. Repair Abseiling Limited’s high level roof repair services repairs any damages or imperfections, broken or dislocated roof tiles and slates, penetrations of flues and snorkel pipes, storm damages …etc. These high level roof repair project couldn’t be managed on any other safe and efficient way, but via rope access. We can carry out any roofing & roof repair without scaffolding, which makes our services really efficient and competitive. Our high level roofing team repairs and maintains countless residential and commercial buildings in London, Greater London. Repair Abseiling Limited has numerous contracts with the leading property management companies in London for their buildings, and any high level roof repair projects, amongst some other special high level building maintenance works. These maintenance contracts contains any roofing, guttering, brickwork, pointing, painting, and all other imaginable external building maintenance projects. High level roofing and high level roof repair is one of our main speciality, based on our decades of experience in the roofing and rope access industry. Approaching to a fragile natural slated or tiled roof surface require special skills, special equipment and extensive experience. Moving and working on these type of fragile roofs safely, to avoid making any further damage on it, can be challenging, especially via rope access, but we are specialised in these delicate high level roof repair projects. Carry out these high level roofing projects safely, quickly and efficiently is our daily routine. Our abseiler roofer team also completes comprehensive high level gutter and gully cleaning, repairs and gutter maintenance on any residential and commercial buildings, but it is another story… You can read more about this high level gutter cleaning project HERE.

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High level steep pitched roof repairs

High level steep pitched roof repairs without scaffolding is our basic roofing service, using special access techniques for the safe working method and efficient resolution. We can manage any tower, tower block, church and other high level steep pitched roof and lead flashing repairs safely and efficiently in London.

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High level slated roof repair

High level slated roof repair works are coming up really often, especially if a storm or some other works (pipe-works, scaffolding, ..etc) caused damage on the slate-work. However the passing time and the aging materials also produce common issues on any slated roofs. Repair Abseiling high level roofing services delivers the most reasonable and safe solution for any high level slated roof repairs. Setting up a very expensive scaffold system to repair some certain spots on the roof is not necessary and reasonable, if our professional abseiler roofer team can repair any slated roof in a short day without any disruption of the building and residents. Repair Abseiling Limited utilised special mobile anchors and other special access techniques to approach and work safely on these fragile roof surfaces. These high level slated roof repair projects can be accomplished quickly, on a flexible and safe way by our professionals. Setting up a comprehensive report and photo documentation about the project and other experienced issues around or a general conditions of the roof is our basic, extra, free of charge service. Repair Abseiling High Level Roofing Services provides the most comprehensive roof repair service in London, Greater London.

high level slated roof repairs

High level roofing projects on larger commercial and residential building require our professional assistance day after day. Slated roof repair is one of the most common roof repair project in our practice, equally shared between residential and commercial buildings. Alongside some famous customers and their buildings, such as Molinare TV & Film Studio, Sotheby’s Auction Houses, and many other commercial customers, building and property management companies,…etc, our team completes countless high level slated roof repair project on a daily basis. These slated roof repair works can be challenging on the fragile, hundred years old slate-work for any roofing firms, but our decades of experience and advanced techniques helps us completing (almost) any slated roof repairs . Sometimes, when these fragile roof surfaces are absolutely inaccessible on any other way only via rope access, then Repair Abseiling Limited offers and provides the most reasonable, professional, safe and flexible high level roofing services. Our specialist company with a vast experience and reputation in this industry, always happy to help in any delicate slated roof repair projects.

High level tiled roof repair

High level tiled roof repairs are also covered by our special services. Cementing or re-pointing ridge tiles, check and repair lead valleys and replace damaged roof tiles or just adjust them in line is a relatively easy undertaking if the safe access is possible and reasonably practicable for these works. Tiled roof repair works are a vital part of our services, no matter the scale or difficulty of the project.

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Leaking roof repair

Leaking roof repair and water ingress inspection is the most frequent service in our practice. Our strength is a quick action and/or reaction in any roof repair work. We use the most efficient and safe mobile access method what reduce the reaction time radically. On this way we can provide the most reasonable price, compared to other traditional access solutions. Steep pitch, mansard and other slated or tiled roof repair can be managed by our high level leaking roof repair services. Inspecting and repair leaking roofs can be challenging. It requires comprehensive knowledge and experience about the roof and all imaginable faults and weakness of these structures. Decades of experience in this industry helps our team to find and repair any imperfection. Sometimes a real reason of a serious leaking issue can be just a small hidden, cracked or dislocated roof slate or roof tile, however we are facing with some basic errors of the building process sometimes, which also can cause surprises. Water ingress inspection and leaking roof repair is always a complex project, especially if it is a harness based work which needs to be carry out by professional abseiler roofer team on the high level of the building.

Leadwork, flashing repairs – installation

Leadwork, flashing repairs or installation also belong to our high level roofing and roof repair services, especially, when the actual leadwork is on an inaccessible part of the building. Sometimes old and worn, missing or fallen lead flashing require repairs, sometimes the building process on a new building requires our assistance for completion, but our team redressed old and damaged lead roof sections already, using professional Sika liquid waterproofing system to make the lead roof watertight and the project affordable. High level leadwork repair is a special undertaking, which requires professionals special skills and access methodology usually.

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Roofing and roof repairs above busy High Streets

Carry out any building maintenance, roofing guttering or gutter cleaning, and similar project on a busy high street can be really difficult even if the access to these surfaces requires acceptable access solutions, such as scaffold or powered access, cherry picker or similar. Our high level roofing services and flexible access solutions provide really efficient and safe resolution and significant shortcut in the budget in these delicate situations. Any leaking or damaged roof can be repaired quickly by our professional team. Setting up expensive scaffold system and organising a lot of permits and paperwork for this few hours project is not necessary and reasonable anymore. Repair Abseiling Limited abseiling services offers this special service with this safe and easy access solution for these types of roofing projects. Carry out building maintenance, even roofing and roof repairs on any busy high street is always challenging if the access is coming in fore. All traditional roofing firms require scaffold or similar stable work platform for their works, what can cause serious headache and a lot of extra cost for the customers. Repair Abseiling Limited offers the most reasonable alternatives for these access and professional execution.

Ridge tile repair, pointing, mortar bedding

Pointing and mortar bedding of the ridge or hip tiles and flashings are really important parts of the roof, no matter that it is a slated or tiled roof. This mortar fixing of the ridge tiles and its waterproofing role on the roof requires inspection and maintenance sometimes. If this ridge tile pointing mortar is starting to be porous and washed away by the rainwater or fragmented and falling out, then it requires proper replacement. The minor repair of these joints can sort out some actual water ingress issue temporarily for a short term, but the complete repointing can provide permanent and adequate solution only. Ridge tile /hip tile/ closes, holds together and makes waterproof the final courses of the roof, so these parts deserves attention when any roof maintenance is coming up. Our high level roof repair services provides professional mortar bedding, pointing and flaunching work on any roof, chimney stacks or mortar /tile/ flashings on demand.

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Liquid waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing systems provide great shortcut in any flat roof or gully repairs. Liquid waterproofing is coming up frequently in our high level roof repair practice, especially when flat roof joints, lead roof parts, gullies and other tricky roof parts require waterproofing or leak repairs. These cold, easy application, PU, one component materials and its seamless workout revolutionise the roof repair and flat roof industry fundamentally. Our abseiler roofer team professionally applies these fleece reinforced liquid waterproofing systems for any flat roof repairs, gully relining, gutter repairs and many other leak repair projects. Our mostly preferred material and solution is available by Sika – Everbuild, by their “Sikalastic” PU, flexible, one component, fleece reinforced liquid membrane system, which can be applied on almost any base surface and provides instant, durable, long lasting and reliable waterproofing.

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Zinc (VM Zinc) and aluminium standing seam roof installation and repairs

Zinc sheet is more and more popular in the UK, which can be applied on almost any type of roofs on any degrees (horizontally, pitched, steep pitched, and vertical) and buildings, as a roof, coping (capping) on the edges or parapets and cladding on vertical wall surfaces. VM Zinc and Kalzip provide this versatile material for any purposes. Our team has extensive experience to work with these materials, cutting, folding and shaping it on site, and installing or repairing if necessary. Our latest zinc cladding installation projects carried out at Charlotte Street, London, where the street elevation of the building was waiting for the professional team for completion, but our team repaired a Kalzip standing seam roof on Goodluck Hope building project where MAC Roofing asked for our professional assistance to replace a damaged sheet in the system and carry out some other repair works, which couldn’t be completed perfectly in the building process.

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Storm damaged roof repairs

As the global weather conditions getting more and more unpredictable and stormy the roofs and buildings are increasingly exposed to these natural forces. The strong wind, heavy downpours and hailstorms test the limits of these structures really often nowadays. Our team carries out any storm damaged roof repair as an emergency high level roof repair in London, Greater London and the South-East. We have repaired and replaced 1800 sqm metal roof on warehouse, cleaned and repaired gutters and down-pipes, replaced roof tiles and slates after hailstorms and stabilised ornamental building parts in the previous years.

General roof maintenance

General roof maintenance, roof cleaning and roof repair on any roof of any residential and commercial buildings is a fundamental service of our Property Maintenance Services division. Our aim is to provide general property maintenance services which satisfies all demand of any building and property maintenance in London. As high level roofing, guttering and high level gutter cleaning is a special area in this industry, our in-house maintenance team specialised in these projects.