Rope access |abseiling| painting, London

rope access abseiling painting

Our rope access / abseiling painting services provides the most professional and comprehensive external painting, building and window painting re-decoration services without the using of scaffolding.

Our painting services

  • Building painting
  • Window painting (Crittall windows, sash windows, metal windows)
  • Brick tinting, dyeing
  • Pointing tinting, dyeing
  • Downpipe painting /cast iron, cast aluminium /
  • Metal structure painting
  • Varnishing
  • External refurbishment / rendering, brickwork repairs, pointing repairs, window frame repairs /

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Rope access / abseiling painting services

Repair Abseiling Rope Access Painting Services provides professional high level exterior window and building painting in London. Carry out painting, using rope access / abseiling / techniques is the most efficient and cost effective way for any exterior painting, re-decoration. Rope access building painting /re-decorating/ and window painting, varnishing or brickwork tinting is an every day routine for our professional abseiler painter team in London, Greater London. Painting, re-decorating exterior surfaces of buildings is a fundamental part of our basic building maintenance services. The weather conditions, air-pollution and other external impacts can destroy easily the view and general conditions of any buildings in few years. These new, high quality exterior paints are not only decorate your building. These decorative coatings save rendered walls, concrete windowsills, window-frames and other surfaces. However, these surfaces need some attention and after care time to time. Repair Abseiling Limited’s rope access painting services offers the most time and cost effective way for these projects. Our abseiler painter team completes any building and window painting projects via rope access throughout London. Our comprehensive abseiler painting services covers all phases of these exterior refurbishment projects from the surface or structural preparation and repair to the professional painting. We can repair or restore any missing or cracked rendering, damaged concrete, brick or stone work. These repair works are inseparable part of our building painting and re-decoration projects, what we can complete with decades of experience and routine. Repair and paint any sash window, window frame, windowsill, window surrounding, brickwork or rendering and other building surfaces on any high rise buildings, Victorian or Georgian buildings is a basic part of our abseiling painting services.

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Exterior painting and re-decorating

Exterior painting and re-decorating of complete buildings or just touching up and refreshing surfaces require professional and experienced painter abseilers. Exterior painting of any buildings, windows, building features, and other surfaces are challenging sometimes, even if the access if difficult. Building an expensive scaffold system, managing all permits and paperwork at the local council for these projects is not necessary anymore. Repair Abseiling Limited Rope Access Services provides the best alternative solution for any exterior building painting and re-decorating project in London, Greater London. One of our greatest project was the comprehensive exterior painting and re-decorating works of all windows and previously painted building features (stonework, ledges, windowsills, …etc) at Gresse St., Westminster. This rope access exterior painting project covered the thorough cleaning, surface repairs and preparation of all windows, windowsills, ledges, stones and other building features for painting. However a comprehensive abseiling external building painting project in Islington 555 Liverpool Road was the similarly big achievement where the entire building refurbished. This project contained the full external jet-wash cleaning, anti fungal treatment, priming and decorating works. You can read more about this exterior painting project HERE, but you can see some pictures blow about our other achievements completed nowadays in 2023. Adelphi Theatre, Carnarvon Road, …etc.

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Interior painting and re-decorating

Rope access /abseiling/ interior painting re-decoration project is coming up sometimes, when the internal areas of the building is inaccessible on any other way. Using heavy weight powered access solutions, like scissor lift, cherry picker or similar access solutions cannot be possible on some vulnerable flooring, busy or built in areas, or sometimes the height exceeds the capabilities of these equipment. Rope access offers safe and affordable access solution in these cases. Our abseiler team carried out a complex interior painting (re-decorating) project in the partly glazed atrium of Belmont House, Uxbridge. This McLaren Construction – FK Construction project completed seamlessly, but some details and final touch required our professional assistance. Repair Abseiling professionals carried out a comprehensive window cleaning and glass polishing project on the external elevations of this building, meanwhile our other team team completed a special high level glazing, and glass polishing project on the glass surfaces of this partly glazed internal atrium. Next to these special cleaning and glazing works our abseiler painter team re-decorated the white painted sections of this atrium, between all levels. As some certain spots of the painting didn’t completed perfectly by the painter contractors and these surfaces required painting repairs and re-decorating, the main contractor ordered a full re-decoration of these surfaces. Repair Abseiling Limited professional abseiler painter team painted over all white painted surfaces of this internal atrium. The final result is sparkle clean glasses and a brilliant white wall sections what confuses the human eyes.

Rope access residential building painting.

Repair Abseiling rope access residential painting, re-decorating services completes rope access |abseiling| paining projects on a daily basis throughout London. Some residential building has a really good facilities for rope access. In these cases our customers could choice and decide next to Repair Abseiling Painting Services instead of other candidates who calculate the expensive and really unwanted, awkward scaffold system for this project. Repair Abseiling can provide the most competitive price and the most comprehensive rope access |abseiling| painting services by our highly skilled abseilers. Our external rope access building refurbishment and residential property maintenance services covers all requirements of these projects from general window painting, sash window painting, varnishing, re-decorating, general painting, or just a simple touch up. Our residential rope access |abseiling| painting service is comprehensive and competitive. It provides the least environmental  impact and disruption of the functionality of the building compared with other access solutions. Our customers save a lot of money and time with our rope access |abseiling| painting services.

  • abseiling residential painting

Rope access commercial building painting

Repair Abseiling Limited working with partnership with many of leading commercial building (property) management companies in Greater London and the South. Painting over or repair some paintwork on certain surfaces of these commercial properties is coming up really often. Rope access commercial building painting and re-decorating jobs are basic part of our general commercial property maintenance services and projects. As this commercial properties (office buildings, retail units, …etc.) are really busy in the normal work hours, any maintenance, painting, re-decorating or just the smallest touch up also can be really complicated undertaking. Our rope access painting services (especially for commercial properties, like Athenaeum Hotel, Sprueth-Magers, Danish Church, Triangle Building, …etc.) offers the most flexible solution for these difficulties. Rope access provides safe, fast and really efficient resolution, what is incomparable with any traditional access solution.

  • commercial property painting

Residential block property painting, re-decorating

Rope access |abseiling| painting and general maintenance project completed on a residential block property at Folkestone. Repair Abseiling Limited’s skilled abseiler painter team worked on this four storey residential block building at the seaside, where the time and the local weather conditions spoiled the external paintwork and left some green ugly marks on the white painted surfaces. All painted surfaces were worn and covered by moss what’s destroyed the view of this residential building. As the general facilities of this block property are appropriate for rope access, the painting and maintenance project could be carried out via |abseiling| rope access. As many parts of the building are impossible to reach with MEWP (powered access) and neither the price nor the way were acceptable of the scaffolding, Repair Abseiling rope access building painting services has got the opportunity to carry out this painting and complex block property maintenance project. Our professional abseiler painters cleaned, prepared and painted over all concrete block-work via rope access in a short two days, what kept the budget to an acceptable level.

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Rope access / abseiling building painting, painting repair, overpainting, re-decoration

Repair Abseiling Limited building painting services facilitated a comprehensive building refurbishment and high rise building painting project at Metro Central Heights, Elephant & Castle, London. Our abseiler painter team has repaired and painted over all steel window frames, window sills, walls and other joining surfaces what’s been damaged by the steel window replacement project. This window replacement project has been carried out by “You Choose Window Limited” our customer on this project. Abseiling assistance is a usual requirement in these building or refurbishment process when some internal works affect the external building surfaces. As this window replacement project heavily affected and damaged the freshly refurbished and painted external surfaces of this high rise building, it had to be made good on time in budget, so our abseiling painting repair services was a perfect choice for this painting repair project. Repair Abseiling building painting professionals had to cutting edges on the perimeters of glasses and frames, painting over metal window frames, and concrete wall sections. Our effort and professional assistance on this high rise tower block painting project paid off finally. Happy customers, minimum disruption of the building and successful handover protocol on time galvanised our reputation on this project. Repair Abseiling building painting services provides professional painting services with decades of experience in this industry. You can read more about this tower block building painting project HERE

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High rise building painting

High rise building painting /tower blocks and block properties/ can be easily carried out via rope access. Abseiling is the most reasonable and affordable way of any exterior refurbishment projects on any high rise buildings. Repair Abseiling Special Rope Access Services has extensive experience to organise and complete these types of major refurbishment projects. Our team repairs all imperfection of any building surfaces, such as rendered walls, brickwork, stucco, wooden and metal structures or concrete surfaces. High rise building painting via rope access can provide high quality result and comfortable solution for the residents, but requires highly skilled and experienced professional abseiler painter team to achieve the highest standards. Getting the best result for the most reasonable price is possible by our high rise building painting services. No mess and no major disruption of the building facilities. Repair Abseiling Rope Access Painting Services provides the most comprehensive abseiling painting and building refurbishment services in London.

Abseiling window painting, sash window painting

Rope access |abseiling| painting, window painting and sash window painting is one of the most frequent abseiling painting project in our practice. Our painter abseilers paint and restore sash windows on a daily basis in London. This type of rope access /abseiling/ window painting is a fundamental part of our abseiling painting projects on all Victorian, Georgian and other types of external building refurbishment projects. Rope access can save a lot of money and time on these window painting projects, compared with the traditional way of any exterior building painting via scaffolding. Decades of experience leads our hands to cut sharp edges on any surfaces and help us to carry out any type of exterior building painting and window painting project on professional way. There is no too big or too small abseiling window painting project for us. Our professional painter abseilers have painted a lot of of windows and sash windows on many Victorian and Georgian brick buildings and completed comprehensive rope access painting projects on bigger residential blocks already. Abseiling painting requires special skills and extensive experience to perform these delicate painting project on rope. Scraping back the old cracked paintwork, repair the surface with the appropriate filler and paint the surface properly can be a challenge for any general painters, even if this project have to be carry out via rope access. These old sash windows require sometimes a new putty on the perimeters of the glasses what is rather glazier than painter task, but as we have many years residential glazing experience too, it can help us to complete these extra works as well.

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Window frame and glazing putty repair, replacement

Repairs of the window frame or glazing putty is a crucial part of any window painting projects. Remove the flaking, damaged or cracked parts, paint or glazing putty and restore these base surfaces is inevitable part of any window painting projects. Our professional abseiler painter team has decades of experiences in these delicate projects to repair the worse condition window frames or window sills, using special resins, joinery techniques and tools. Replacing single panes and replace the glazing putty or repair it if necessary is also major part of these undertakings. The condition of the actual window frame(s) or window sills usually defines the efforts and the final costs of these painting projects. One of our most complicated window restauration project completed for our precious customer (Sprueth – Magers), where the original, rotted timber window sill and its details, and rusty metal crittall window frame had to be restored to bring these parts back to the quality of this building.

  • window frame repairs
  • glazing putty repairs
  • glazing putty replacement

This time consuming, expensive and labour intensive restoration is possible sometimes, but we are facing to terrible conditions, especially on listed, historical buildings where this shortcut of the restoration is impossible. Our abseiler painter team always do the best to provide the highest quality work and keep the costs on the acceptable and reasonable level.

Brickwork painting and tinting

Rope access brickwork painting and tinting is also major part of Repair Abseiling’s painting services. Painting over brickwork and/or brick surfaces can help to hide the trace of any major brickwork repair or replacement and provide homogeneous surface for the view. However in some cases the painting is the most simple, cheapest and reasonable way to redress exterior surfaces of buildings and brick buildings. Brick, stone and the pointing of these basic building materials can be tinting, what doesn’t change the characteristic of the surface and structure of the base material. This absorbing water based painting “tinting” solution can be coloured slightly and harmonise any exterior brick, stone and mortar surfaces or just highlight some delicate features.

Brick sealing, brick waterproofing

Making brickwork and brick walls waterproof, using some adequate, liquid brick sealant is not a huge undertaking if the access to the actual surfaces is possible, but sometimes abseiling is the only reasonable way for this work. Our safe, quick and flexible access solution make the costs reasonable even for these small “additional” works too. This type of “painting” work can be carried out on the same way, method and tools like any other painting jobs, using paint brushes and rollers, but the final result remains invisible.

Painting pipes, and metal structures

Painting over down-pipes and other metal structures (rails, cast iron features, …etc) on any building is a general part of our abseiling painting and external building maintenance services. Our team can reach surfaces and structures which are not accessible on any other way. We can carry out safely and efficiently any refurbishment works and painting without scaffolding, which make our special abseiling painting services really competitive.

Stone, concrete and GRC painting – colouring

Painting of stone, concrete or GRC features is coming up when the original surface of these building materials getting in worn and unacceptable condition. Despite of the endless possibilities of GRC, the colouring of this material cannot be unified perfectly sometimes. Our team have a lot of experience to “paint” these patchy surfaces over, made these building features homogeneous. Painting stone and concrete structures and surfaces requires some special knowledge, but the new cutting edge materials can solve any possible issues of these tasks.

abseiling builders cleaning

Exterior touch-up

Exterior touch-up is the most simple way to refresh the view of the building, which is in a good condition anyway, but it requires quick and simple makeup. This work can be carried out via rope access usually, which provides alternative access solution for these works. Our abseiler team provides this exterior touch-up service for a quick makeup of any residential any commercial building in London. One of our latest touch-up project was completed at Charlotte St., London.

Varnishing, wood satin painting

Varnishing, wood satin painting and aftercare of any wooden structure and decorative features of buildings provided by our professional abseiler painter team as well. The main reason to design wooden structure or wooden surface on any new type of building is a decoration only. However these decorative features require a bit more care and aftercare than other e.g. metal or stone surfaces and cladding systems. Wood satin paint colours the wood, what can be harmonised to the other surrounding areas and structures on this way. Some big brands offer a high quality wood satin what can provide long lasting protection as well for the wooden structures. The other solution for the aftercare and protection of any exterior wooden structures is varnishing. Varnish, as material can be a coloured or not coloured, transparent protection for any exterior wooden structures and features. It can lift up the original colour and characteristics of the wood and provides a transparent protective film on the surface. Varnishing and wood satin painting is a general painter job, but in some cases when the surface is inaccessible, too high and not reasonable utilising scaffold or powered access systems, then rope access /abseiling/ is coming into view. Repair Abseiling provides rope access varnishing and wood satin painting services on any high rise buildings and inaccessible surfaces.

rope access varnishing abseiling