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Rope access roofing & repair services

  • Roofing & roof repair services
  • Slated roof repair
  • Tiled roof repair
  • Flat roof repair
  • Torch-on-felt bitumen roof
  • GRP fibre glass roof
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Liquid roof repair, waterproofing
  • Roof and gutter cleaning, moss removal
  • Lead-work flashing repair, replacement

Abseiling roof repair services

rope access slate roofing

Repair Abseiling rope access roofing & repair services provides the most reasonable short-cut in all type of roofing and roof repair and roof maintenance projects what requires special access. We can reduce the time and cost radically of these roofing projects by our rope access roofing services. The access and the problem solving can be sorted on the most efficient way by our special rope access skills. Next to the quick response, our prices very unbeatable compared with the traditional way utilising scaffold system for the access. Our customers save a lot of time, effort and 50-60% of money easily with our special rope access services. Repair Abseiling professional abseilers (roofers) carry out any leaking roof repair via rope access. Leak detection and repair and waterproofing is one of our fundamental service. Any leaking flat roof and pitched roof can be repaired by our professional and experienced roofer abseilers via rope access. We are using familiar liquid waterproofing system to repair leaking or damaged flat roofs. It can be glass fibre reinforced plastic GRP , bitumen based and any other types of material, accorded to the actual material of the roof, but the safe way of the access is vital in any cases. Utilising our rope access roofing, rope access guttering services and professional roofer abseilers is the best choice to solve these issues safely. Repair Abseiling has a tested and certified mobile anchor system if any rigging option is not available on the roof area. It can be used (from the ground) for any pitched roof as abseiling anchor point or set onto any flat roof where the test certificate is expired or there is no existing system. We have extensive experience in any slated, tiled, torch-on-felt, glass-fibre GRP, bitumen, zinc and other flat roof systems. Our rope access roof repair services is based on more than 20 years experience in this industry.

leaking roof repair abseiling

Rope access GRP /fibreglass/ roof

abseiling grp roof

GRP fibreglass roof system application via rope access is one of the most easiest way to make certain parts or the whole roof waterproof for a long time. The price of the full system, the perfect smooth long lasting waterproof result and the relatively easy and quick working methodology of the application (and repair maybe later on) make this solution really competitive. The new plywood base of the system can be installed easily onto almost any type of surface or structure. The final result is smooth and homogeneous what is absolute waterproof with a lifetime manufacturer guaranty. Repair Abseiling prefers to install this flexible system all the time when the conditions and facilities of the roof makes it possible. This system application offers the most reasonable costs compared with others. Any hot-work and/or open fire not necessary, so it is easily applicable around upvc, wood and other not heat resistant materials, such as PVC-U doors, windows, roof-lights, skylights, lead-work…etc.

rope access grp roof

Leaking roof repair rope access

abseiling leaking slate repair

Rope access leaking roof repair is also basic service of Repair Abseiling roofing services. Sever leaking issue detected in the bedroom on the top floor flat at Camberwell, London. A hundred years plus old natural slate roof (what is in a good condition anyway) damaged on some spots. Repair Abseiling high level roofing repair services detected the accurate location of these issues and replaced the broken slates. Unfortunately the sizes and the colours of the slates or tiles of all roofs can be different what makes the perfect match difficult, but in this lucky case we found the original type. This four storey building with the mansard roof is far higher to reach safely the affected area on any traditional way e.g. using ladders. The scaffolding wasn’t reasonable for this one day project, so our safe and quick alternative solution saved a lot of money and time for our customer. Repair Abseiling rope access roofing and roof repair services provides a quick response in case of any leaking issue and/or planned roof maintenance for the most reasonable prices. Rope access leaking roof repairs is coming up time to time throughout London, Greater London. Or latest leaking roof repair carried out at Ringside, Bracknell, where some relocated and missing slate caused serious leaking issue inside the building.

leaking roof repair rope access

Slated roof repair rope access, abseiling, London

slated roof repair rope access

This roof repair project just enclosed to our main rope access painting, building re-decoration project at Belgravia, London. When the poor conditions of the old slated roof realised and reported to our customer the order for this repair work came back straight away. As any leaking issue (surprisingly) haven’t experienced inside the top floor bedrooms the conditions of this roof stayed hidden so far. Replace some slates is not a big deal and not a huge expenses even if the access can be sorted out by our rope access services, however the costs of this issue can be multiplied and refused by any insurance company in case of late response. Repair Abseiling rope access roofing services completes many leak detection and roof repair every year throughout London.

slate roofing abseiling

Repair Abseiling tiled roof repair, London

terracotta roof tile replacement rope access

Repair Abseiling completes tiled roof repairs on a daily bases throughout London. The most common issue when some rotted batten release tiles or the unwanted deformation of the roof set some tiles free. This issue can be really dangerous, even if these tiles are sliding down by the strong wind or stormy weather conditions. When the building and the roof is too high to reach it by ladder and other simple access is not possible then Repair Abseiling roofing services always here to help. Our professional abseiler team can fix or replace any relocated or broken terracotta and concrete roof tiles. We complete many delicate abseiling roofing project above conservatories and other fragile surfaces.

abseiling tiled roof repair

Slated roof repair

Slated roof repair work completed by our rope access roofing team at Slough. This huge roof system has damaged by the fixings of the scaffold, used for the external access for the comprehensive loft conversion project. Our high level roofing team repaired more than forty separate holes in few days. Repair Abseiling roofing services deliveries the best and safe solution to any high level roof repair issues, where using other access solution is impossible.

Tiled roof repair

Tiled roof required leak inspection and repair at Hampstead area, London. This red Rosemary tiled roof was leaking on some spots what had to be repaired by our abseiling roofing team. Some broken tiles replaced and the valley inspected thoroughly. This high level tiled roof repair project completed via rope access by us in one short day, what saved a lot of time and money for our customer. Utilise scaffold for these short and quick project is not reasonable anymore.

PVC roof repair

PVC roof is a popular and cost effective roofing solution. Strong, sturdy, light weight, easy to repair and easy to install. However, sometimes it requires maintenance and even repair, when some inaccessible parts of the roof (gutters and outlets) need to be installed properly. It can be challenging for any roofer. Bending corners, fix up up-stands and weld the parts together is a real trade-work, but sometimes the outlet, where all collected rainwater should go away seamlessly requires extra attention and special assistance. PVC roof repair and maintenance is an easy job usually. All damage or overlapping error can be discovered immediately and repair easily. Roof maintenance and repair is one of our most basic service in London.