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Rope access roofing & repair services

  • Roofing & roof repair services
  • Slated roof repair
  • Tiled roof repair
  • Flat roof repair
  • Torch-on-felt bitumen roof
  • GRP fibre glass roof
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Liquid waterproofing
  • Roof and gutter cleaning, moss removal
  • Lead-work flashing repair, replacement
  • Zinc (VM Zinc) roof repairs

Abseiling roof repair services

rope access slate roofing

Repair Abseiling rope access roofing & repair services provides the most reasonable short-cut in all type of roofing and roof repair and roof maintenance projects what requires special access. We can reduce the time and cost radically of these roofing projects by our rope access roofing services. The access and the problem solving can be sorted on the most efficient way by our special rope access skills. Our team has an ability and professional skills to carry out any roofing and roof repair without scaffolding. Next to the quick response, our prices unbeatable compared with any traditional way, utilising scaffold system for the access. Our customers save a lot of time, effort and 50-60% of money easily with our special rope access services. Repair Abseiling professional abseilers (roofers) carry out any leaking roof repair via rope access. Leak detection / inspection and repair using liquid waterproofing systems professionally is one of our fundamental service. Any leaking flat roof and pitched roof can be repaired by our professional and experienced roofer abseilers via rope access. We are using the most professional liquid waterproofing systems to repair leaking or damaged flat roofs, zinc, lead or other metal roofs, glass fibre reinforced plastic GRP, bitumen based and many other types of roofs and its familiar material for the repair works, such as Kemper, BMI Sealoflex, Sikalastic system, PVC, synchronising the actual material to the roof. Utilising our rope access roofing, rope access guttering, and professional roofer abseiler services is the best choice to solve these issues safely and efficiently. Repair Abseiling Limited has (or can manage) a tested and certified mobile anchor system if any rigging option is not available on the roof area. It can be used (from the ground as a counterweight anchor) for any pitched roof or set onto any flat roof where the test certificate is expired or there is no existing system. We have extensive experience in any slated, tiled, torch-on-felt, glass-fibre GRP, bitumen, zinc and other flat roof systems. Our rope access roof repair services is based on more than 20 years experience in this industry.

leaking roof repair abseiling

Residential and commercial roof repairs

Our abseiling roofing and roof repair services do not limited or restricted, neither to residential, nor commercial roofing projects. Repair Abseiling Limited has countless residential customers and secured a lot of maintenance contracts in the previous years with many of leading property management companies in London. These maintenance (and roof maintenance or repair) projects evenly shared between residential and commercial buildings, no matter the scale and type of the actual project. Our professional team just adjusts a dislocated roof tile or redress complete roofs if necessary, but our main strength is a quick strike, when the the roof repair project can be safely accessed and sorted on the same day or so.

Rope access GRP /fibreglass/ roof

GRP fibreglass roof system application via rope access is one of the most easiest way to make certain parts or the whole roof waterproof for a long time. The price of the full system, the perfect smooth long lasting waterproof result and the relatively easy and quick working methodology of the application (and repair maybe later on) make this solution really competitive. The new plywood base of the system can be installed easily onto almost any type of surface or structure. The final result is smooth and homogeneous what is absolutely waterproof with a lifetime manufacturer guaranty. Repair Abseiling Limited prefers to install this or other similar flexible liquid waterproofing system all the time when the conditions and facilities of the roof makes it possible. This system application offers the most reasonable costs compared with others. Any hot-work and/or open fire not necessary, so it is easily applicable around upvc, wood and other not heat resistant materials, such as PVC-U doors, windows, roof-lights, skylights, lead-work…etc. We also use some other solvent free, environmental friendly liquid roof and waterproofing systems (Kemper, BMI Sealoflex, Sika-Everbuild) for roofing and roof repairs.

  • Abseiling coping installation
  • abseiling GRP roof
  • rope access grp roof
  • liquid grp roof

Liquid waterproofing – roof repairs

Liquid waterproofing and liquid roof system is being used more frequently in our practice. BMI Sealoflex, Kemper, Sika – Everbuild and some other manufacturers offer the most efficient, solvent free, environmental friendly roofing systems with easy application. These liquid waterproofing systems provide perfect waterproofing, seamless surfaces and long lasting warranty. We can offer the most suitable liquid waterproofing system for most roofs and roof conditions. Some minor damage or imperfection of the roof can cause serious leaking or damp issue, damaging the building structures and internal surfaces (paintwork, floors, carpets, …etc). These small errors can be obvious and discovered easily sometimes, but our experienced team is able to inspect hidden or difficult accessible structures and surfaces too. Roof repairs with liquid waterproofing systems are quick, flexible, affordable and the most reasonable solution. Our most preferred, flexible, durable, long lasting, economic and enviro-friendly solution is a relatively new PUR, one component “Sikalastic” system by Sika – Everbuild, which provides easy application on almost any base materials or surfaces for any repairs or new roof systems.

  • liquid roof system
  • liquid waterproofing
  • liquid GRP roof
  • liquid waterproof application
  • relining valleys
  • liquid waterproofing in gullies
  • relining gullies
  • liquid waterproofing system application
  • roof repairs liquid waterproofing
  • liquid waterproofing

Lead flashing repairs and replacement

Lead flashing repairs come up sometimes, even when the actual leaking issue caused by the faulty lead flashing or its joints. Lead flashing repair is a basic part of any roof repair projects. The leadwork have to fulfil the role of the joints (overlapping) of any pitched or flat roof, chimney stacks, gable ends, …etc. Our team repairs valleys, upstand of chimneys or parapets, chimney covers and many other joining surfaces, made from lead. Our professional abseiler team repairs lime mortar or flexible pointing of any flashings, replaces old and worn leadwork or just repair certain defects on demand. The most common issue is the missing or damaged pointing in the joint of the brickwork or wall section, that can be fixed easily and on a cost effective way by our roof repair services, but we are always happy to do our best to manage any lead flashing issues.

  • lead chimney cover
  • leadwork installation
  • lead work flashing
  • flashing repairs
  • flashing repairs

Zinc and aluminium roof repairs

Our team has extensive experience in zinc (VM Zinc) and similar aluminium roof system installation and repairs. This type of roof systems more and more popular in the UK, which was highly preferred and utilised in the EU, especially in Germany and that region. Our professionals repaired this type of roof on Goodluck Hope Wharf building project for MAC Roofing, manufactured and installed zinc cladding at Charlotte Street for Specific Interiors Ltd., and repaired many other smaller aluminium and zinc roof issues throughout London.

Leaking roof repair rope access

Rope access leaking roof repair is also basic service of Repair Abseiling roofing services. Our abseiler roofer team has the ability to inspect, identify and repair any leaking slated, tiled or flat roof on any heights and conditions. Any water ingress inspection and leaking roof repair can be managed quickly and efficiently by our professional and experienced team. We are facing a hundred years old natural slate or tiled roof or a brand new wrongly completed flat roofs sometimes, but the task is the same always, eliminate the water ingress and the leaking issue. Repair Abseiling high level roofing repair services have carried out countless leaking roof repair projects already (Sotheby’s London, Danish Church, …etc). When the scaffolding is not reasonable for a small one day project, we can provide a safe, quick and affordable alternative solution, that save a lot of money and time for our customers. Repair Abseiling Limited rope access roofing, roof repair and roof maintenance services provides quick response in case of any emergency leak repair and/or planned roof maintenance for the most reasonable prices. Rope access leaking roof repairs is coming up quite often in our practice throughout London, Greater London.

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  • PVC roof repairs
  • atrium glazing water ingress
  • collinson waterproofing
  • high level slate roof repair
  • abseiling roof maintenance
  • high level roofing, roof repair
  • abseiling cladding waterproofing

Slated roof repair

Slated roof repair work is the most common and usual abseiling roof repair work in our practice, no matter that commercial or residential roof requires our professional assistance. Slate is one of the most popular roof coverage. It can be a bit more expensive (but a much higher quality) aboriginal natural Welsh slate, a cheaper natural Spanish slate, or a standardised “man-made-slate”. The natural slates available in various colours and sizes, depending on the mining area and age periods. Repair slated roofs is a relatively easy undertaking if the access is possible and manageable to the certain damaged surfaces. Our high level roofing team prepared for (almost) any roof style and conditions and specialised in for these slated roof repair works. Repair Abseiling roofing services deliveries a safe, flexible and most cost effective solution to any high level roof repair issues, where other access solutions are impossible or not reasonable. Some of our slated roof repair projects just linked to or caused our main painting, building maintenance, gutter cleaning, pointing repair, brickwork or guttering projects, ..etc. Replace some slates is not a big deal and not a huge expenses, even compared to the possible damages of the affected building structures. The final repair or restoration costs of these leak or damp issues (caused by some damaged or dislocated slates) can be much higher then the full costs of the professional roof repair works and eventually refused by any insurance company in case of late response. Repair Abseiling rope access roofing services completes countless leak detection and slated roof repair works every year throughout London.

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  • slated roof repair
  • rope access slated roof repair
  • high level roof repair
  • high level roof repairs
  • rope access roofing repair

Tiled roof repair

Repair Abseiling limited carries out tiled roof repairs on a daily bases throughout London. The most common issue when some rotted batten release tiles or the unwanted deformation of the roof set some tiles free. This issue means potential danger around, even if these tiles can slide down by the strong wind or stormy weather conditions. When the building and the roof is too high to reach it by ladder and other simple access is not possible, then Repair Abseiling roofing services always here to help. Our professional abseiler team can fix or replace any dislocated or broken terracotta and concrete roof tiles. Sometimes, if it is possible, we can carry out delicate abseiling roofing project above conservatories and other fragile surfaces, but it requires a lot of extra time, effort and additional equipment. Leak inspection and repairs of any tiled roof can be a huge undertaking, even if the roof is too high to reach or access it on any traditional way and it would require scaffolding. Our high level roofing services (by our professional abseiler team) provides easy, safe and flexible way for any smaller-bigger tiled roof repairs.

PVC roof repair

PVC roof is a popular and cost effective roofing solution. Strong, sturdy, light weight, easy to repair and easy to install, however sometimes it requires maintenance and even repairs. It can be challenging if some inaccessible parts of the PVC roof (gutters and outlets) need some assistance, repair, cleaning or other maintenance. Bending corners, fixing up up-stands and welding the parts together is a real trade-work, but our professionals carry out any repairs on these surfaces. Sometimes the outlet requires extra attention and special assistance, where all collected rainwater should go away seamlessly, but eventually PVC roof repair and maintenance is an easy job usually. All damage or overlapping error are obvious, can be discovered immediately and repair easily. PVC roof repair and maintenance is one of our basic service in London.

Slate cladding installation and repair

Slate cladding and roof tile cladding is a really popular solution for cladding vertical building and dormer surfaces. These surfaces difficulty accessible in some special cases, but our abseilier team provides this special abseiling service in London, Greater London. There is not a huge difference between the roof slating or tiling, and this vertical cladding but the fixings, timber and other holding structure must be strong enough to hold the “excess” weight for long. Meanwhile it has a decorative finish, it hides a potential danger for people, cars and other values underneath. As all tiles or slates have to be fixed individually, the repair of these vertical systems can be really difficult, but our cladding – roofing services specialised in this projects.

Rope access roof and gutter maintenance

Roof and gutter maintenance is a fundamental part of our roofing services. Inspect any leaking issues, repair slated or tiled roof, replace or pointing lead flashings, making waterproof any flat roof with the most appropriate and hi-tech materials are our every day routine. Roof maintenance is not about the repairs only. Clean or keep clean the roof surfaces, and the gutter system is vital in any buildings. Repair Abseiling Limited’s general maintenance division (Property Maintenance Contractors) undertakes and carries out safely any roof and high level gutter cleaning & repairs or maintenance in London.

Steep pitched and church roof repairs

Our skills, equipment and abilities make possible to access and work on almost any steep pitch roof, included any churches and special shape buildings or towers. These steep pitch high level roof surfaces require special access solutions and experienced roofer abseilers if any leaking issue has to be inspected or repaired. Sometimes the shape, sometimes the age and general conditions of the roof make the repair works really complicated and difficult, but our experienced abseiler team can manage these projects as a daily routine.

Church roof repair

Ridge tile & hip tile pointing and bedding

Ridge tiles / hip tiles are really important parts of any tiled or slated roofs. Bedding these ridge tile adequately in the mortar and set the correct pointing around them is crucial in their waterproofing characteristic. When the mortar is getting old and worn, fragmented and falling out, then the time for the adequate repair and/or maintenance is arrived. Our professional team can manage this issue and repair or replace mortar bedding and pointing around these ridge tiles. Some slight repair can solve the actual issue (water ingress, slipped tiles, …etc) temporarily, but the permanent and adequate solution can the new mortar bedding and pointing only. Mortar flashing (tile flashing) is also belongs to these cases, when aged, cracked and fragmented mortar flashing joints cause leaking issues around chimney stacks and gable ends.

  • mortar flashing repairs
  • ridge tile bedding
  • chimney flaunching
  • hip tile bedding pointing
  • ridge tile repairs