Sussex House-Collinson Building, Waterproofing

Comprehensive waterproofing and glazing (glass replacement) project completed by our professional abseiler team at Sussex House (Collinson Building), Haywards Heath. This huge, 360+ m2 fully glazed atrium roof required our assistance to eliminate all (countless) leaking issues, what was a huge and constant issue in the history of this building. This leaking issue followed this building from the beginning, what have been tried to be repaired many other firms before. As this central atrium gives place to the main communal areas, kitchen, meeting boxes and corridor between the wings, any water ingress couldn’t be acceptable anymore. The beautiful interior design, wooden floor and other expensive furniture were constantly exposed to the dripping rainwater what had to be managed all the time when wet weather conditions threatened, so the seeking of the adequate and affordable solution was always on the top of the to-do list. Owing to our reputation and expertise in this special area, Repair Abseiling Limited has come to the fore, as potential candidate to carry out safely this delicate project. Our team took off all pressure plates, cleaned all joining surfaces of the glass units, installed a new special rubber gasket on all lines and replaced all pressure plates one by one. Professional mastic application and EPDM reinforcement on all cross joints was also a crucial part of this project to achieve perfect waterproofing. This comprehensive, labour intensive glazing refurbishment project completed seamlessly on time within the budget and tested by some heavy downpour storms already. The final result is a perfect watertight system and dry internal areas in the atrium what can give place safely for any events in the future. Our five years comprehensive guaranty ensures the seamless operation below this pyramid glass atrium what can mean a huge relief for the building management and maintenance team of this building. The relating glass replacement project was another crucial part, what had to be enclosed to this main waterproofing project. As we also provide professional high level / abseiling / glazing services in case of any special access project and our prices are unbeatable, our team has got the opportunity to complete this additional project. You car read more about the relating and many other glazing projects HERE

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