Rope access mastic sealing Brettenham House, WC2, London

Rope access mastic sealing, London

Repair Abseiling Limited has completed some smaller and bigger abseiling projects ( complete roof redressing, building maintenance and building painting) since our last update on our website. As these projects made us too busy, this marketing has been pushed to the background that time. However, this rope access mastic sealing, waterproofing project at Brettenham House, WC2 deserves some words. This delicate abseiling mastic application project has been carried out by our core abseiler team on this landmark building. All old metal windows struggled to fulfil the basic weatherproofing function, so our abseiler mastic team had to put a lot of effort to mitigate this fundamental issue of this part of the building. However, the time is over on these metal windows which are exposed to the weather conditions constantly and the window replacement is approaching, but this rope access mastic sealing weatherproofing project dedicated to solving this awkward situation temporarily. The external surfaces of these structures became absolute unsuitable for any mastic application because of the old chalky paintwork and the heavy rust on the perimeters and joints. Our professional abseiler mastic men cleaned the surfaces to achieve a proper adhesion for the appropriate mastic, but the heavy rust behind the old paint-work has made this project really difficult. This improvement achieved a high rate of the required level of the weatherproofing thanks to our experienced professional abseilers. Repair Abseiling Limited abseiling services is specialised in these complicated mastic and waterproofing projects on any newly built or old buildings.