Leaking roof repair

rope access roofing repair

Leaking roof repair carried out by our professional abseiler roofer team at Ringside, 79 High Street, Bracknell. Cleaver Property Management has got a report about some relocated or missing roof slates what have caused sever leaking issue at the top floor flats.

Abseiling water ingress inspection

abseiling mastic waterproofing korean embassy

Repair Abseiling water ingress inspection and elimination at Korean Embassy, London Water ingress experienced and reported by Virtus Contracts Limited as main contractor of the internal office refurbishment at the Korean Embassy, London. Repair Abseiling water ingress inspection services has got the order to inspect all aspects of this serious water ingress issue on this …

Abseiling leak repair London

High level cladding repair

Rope access water ingress elimination, leaking mastic sealing repair Serious water ingress issue reported from the top floor flat in Platinum Riverside, Greenwich Peninsula, London. Our customer asked a comprehensive survey initially what’s followed soon a full order to completion. Repair Abseiling professionals found a source of this leaking issue in a short period of …

Leak detection and repair at Bridge Academy

leak detection abseilers

Leak detection and mastic repair Leak detection and repair works carried out at Bridge Academy, Hackney. This organisation in this remarkable building is one of our regular customer since 2015. That time the building and facility management looked for a contractor to detect and repair all defects of this architectural masterpiece. The special shape and …