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Repair Abseiling high rise building painting services provides the most professional abseiler painter team for any building painting in London. Abseiling painting is the most efficient and cost effective way for any exterior building painting and refurbishment projects, even in cases of high rise buildings. The access to the external surfaces of high rise buildings can be a real challenge. Setting any powered access solution, hanging bridges, cradles or mast climbers means a lot of of extra money in these projects. This extra money would be spent for the access only, without any tradesman and practical painting work on the building. Repair Abseiling painting services offers a better, time and money saver option for these high rise building painting projects. Utilising our professional and experienced IRATA trained abseiler painter team can mean a huge saving in the budget. Our abseiler team use strictly controlled and constantly supervised rope access techniques, ropes and other mobile equipment for these high rise building painting jobs. This mobile and flexible solution is much more reasonable, faster and efficient like any powered access. Any type of painting or painting repair (and other repair services) can be carry out via rope access as a general part of any high rise building maintenance. Rope access window painting is also a major part of our exterior building maintenance services too, what can help the owners to keep the conditions of their tower block buildings on the highest level. Repair Abseiling Limited provides many other rope access services relating to general maintenance, painting and refurbishment projects. Our abseilers have decades of experience in painting, painting repair and refurbishment industry, from the smaller touch up to the most comprehensive high rise building painting projects. Rope access /abseiling/ approaching can be utilised on any smaller Victorian and Georgian building too as our experience showed that so far. In these cases can be avoid a lot of awkward situation and save a lot of money without of the scaffolding. You can read more about these projects HERE