Thorough window cleaning

thorough window cleaning

We also clean windows, … sometimes, as I explain usually to our customers. Like now on this project, the sparkle clean quality thorough window cleaning and gully cleaning was just a small, but really important part of the main glass replacement project, when five defected double glazed unit needs to be replaced on the top section of this building at the South Bank, next to the Borough Market. The absolute lack of any acceptable access solution on this building have made the proper window cleaning or other building maintenance almost impossible so far, so these glass surfaces were heavily contaminated by the air pollution and general urban environment. Repair Abseiling Limited’s abseiler team have set up adequate anchorage system and cleaned all glasses and frames as a part of the initial survey of the conditions of each glass units and the entire glazing system. Our professional abseiling services provides the most comprehensive service for these complex abseiling projects. These neglected glass surfaces required hand glass polishing and thorough window cleaning to achieve the deep clean quality for the clear view of the general conditions of the glass units. When the glazing system became clean our abseiler team got better insight about the conditions of the double glazed units, frames and previous inadequate mastic-works around all perimeters. The spotless, deeply cleaned windows have made our customer happy, but the other revealed glass and waterproofing leaking issues tilted the scale to the counter part. Carry out any high level glazing project and replace five glass units on a normal, vertical surface wouldn’t be a big deal, but in this case these glass units require adequate crane operation, what press the budget really much. But it is another story …

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