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rope access building maintenance

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Rope access | abseiling | building maintenance

rope access building maintenance

Repair Abseiling Limited abseiler team provides the most comprehensive professional abseiling building maintenance service in London, Greater London. We offer safe and efficient service with the most reasonable prices for any building maintenance project which require special access solution. Building maintenance generally, even via rope access requires multi-skilled and experienced professional abseilers. Our special skills have been forged on hundreds of different construction sites, residential and commercial building maintenance projects. We carry out any rope access maintenance projects from the simplest residential window cleaning to the most comprehensive glass replacement , cladding and curtain wall installation. Our building and property maintenance services covers any external (or internal) projects in London, Greater London. We clean windows, fix broken parts, change bulbs, wipe and hoover dust, eliminate leaking issues, repair roofs and gutters, paint and re-decorate buildings and windows …etc, or just survey the general conditions or issues and keep everything running and in a good condition.

Residential property maintenance

residential property maintenance

Residential property maintenance is our most demanded rope access service, provided by our professional and experienced abseiler team. Repair Abseiling Limited is an approved contractor of numerous property management and agent companies throughout London. Our maintenance services cover any painting, weatherproofing and waterproofing, brickwork repair, pointing, roofing and guttering. Our speciality is providing professional access and work execution on any traditional residential property in London.

Block property maintenance

Our block property maintenance services via rope access covers any cladding and window repair, glass replacement, leak inspection and repair, mastic waterproofing, and last, but not the least, professional window cleaning and building cleaning. Carrying out any external building maintenance without scaffolding even on block properties and high rise buildings is our main service, offered in London, Greater London. We work together with numerous (and the most prosperous) block property management companies in London, such as Highdorn Co. Limited, Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward (KFH), …etc

Commercial building maintenance

commercial property maintenance

Our abseiler team working on numerous commercial building maintenance projects on a daily basis. We provide professional and comprehensive maintenance services from the ordinary cleaning, office cleaning and window cleaning to the most complicated repair, glass replacement and waterproofing. This special maintenance service require absolute flexibility from our abseiler team. Commercial building maintenance is a special service, which requires out of hours work usually and distinguished working method for the seamless operation of the building and/or offices and commercial units.

Roof maintenance

roof maintenance

Roof maintenance is one of our most busy abseiling building maintenance project in our practice. Our professional abseiler team repairs any leaking roof issues and imperfections on various types of roofs. High level roofing and roof repair is our basic service in case of any slated or tiled pitch roof. Maintenance and repair of any flat roof (GRP, EPDM, torch-on-felt and PVC) can be covered by our waterproofing services. Repair Abseiling rope access roofing services offers safe and the most cost effective roof repair services in London. We offer any roofing and roof repair services without scaffolding, what make our prices really reasonable and competitive.

  • Slated roof maintenance and repair
  • Tiled roof maintenance and repair
  • Flat roof maintenance and repair

Gutter maintenance, cleaning

gutter maintenance, cleaning

Gutter maintenance and high level gutter cleaning must be the top of the to-do-list of any abseiling building maintenance schedule. Clean, repair or replace faulty gutter system or parts are the most basic building maintenance. Keep away all unwanted rainwater is really important to avoid further serious issues (damp and leaking issues) or structural damages of the wall and other building structures. Repair Abseiling provides rope access gutter cleaning service with the most reasonable price. Our high level gutter cleaning services without scaffolding make these projects affordable. You can read some interesting gutter cleaning, down-pipe reinforcement and installation projects HERE

Glazing maintenance

glazing maintenance

Repair Abseiling high level glazing services completes countless rope access glazing projects on a daily basis in London. These glazing projects usually inaccessible on any traditional way, so the maintenance and aftercare is also can be difficult or complicated. Replace gaskets, repair mastic waterproofing or just carry out any ordinary window cleaning are also fundamental glazing and general building maintenance project on our repertoire. You can read more about our glazing projects HERE

Emergency rope access building maintenance

Emergency maintenance projects are coming up when some unexpected issue interrupt the normal work of the building facilities. Repair Abseiling provides this special prompt, reactive maintenance and repair service in London, Greater London. Our professional team cleared away dangerous parts (concrete windowsills, stuccoes, gutters and down-pipes …etc) of buildings, repaired leaking roofs, removed broken glass units and fixed lose cladding elements already. These emergency issues require flexible and absolute professional teamwork. Planning instantly and carrying out safely and efficiently these urgent project requires a lot of experience from the abseiler managers.

Reactive building maintenance

Our team completes reactive building maintenance projects on a daily basis. Clogged gutters, loose or dislocated roof slates and tiles, leaking glass and cladding system, broken and damaged glass units …etc are emerging every day. As these projects haven’t planned and require urgent assistance, Repair Abseiling building maintenance services specialised in these urgent and emergency projects. Reactive building maintenance causes a lot of head ache for our customers, even if the project is inaccessible on any traditional way. Our special rope access / abseiling / services provides the best alternative option for any reactive building maintenance and repair projects.

Planned building maintenance

Repair Abseiling Limited has a lot of regular planned building maintenance projects throughout London and Greater London. Over the regular abseiling window cleaning projects, our team carries out general survey, roof, gutter and any other building inspection and repair projects periodically. Any well maintained building require planned building maintenance regularly, what can prevent the building and it structures from any further damages. Based on our decades of experience, our abseiling team offers the most comprehensive building maintenance and repair services. We have regular contracts with the biggest property and building management companies for many regular building maintenance project throughout London and as we are a registered supplier contractor with many others, this number is growing quickly.

Property maintenance

Our property maintenance services provides any maintenance to individual properties or group of properties, block properties and other residential properties. Residential property maintenance is one of the most complicated organisation. Each individual property can have specified unique requirement, what needs to be satisfied perfectly. As everybody wants to get the best service for their money, this requirement absolutely understandable. Our aim is to satisfy all demand of our customers.

Repair Abseiling Limited is just launched the new company division and website. Property Maintenance Contractors is our new division to undertake and complete any general and special building maintenance projects in London, Greater London.

Plant, ivy and creeper maintenance

Our abseiling building maintenance services covers any plant management on any residential and commercial building in London. Some vegetation and plants can be really decorative on your building, even if you place them where you want and they managed properly and regularly, but it shows a real issue if they are growing out from the wall, pointing or the gutter system. Rope access plant removal is general part of our rope access abseiling maintenance services. All unwanted plants can be really harmful for the structures of the building what require particular attention and urgent intervention. These creepers and other plants appear on the surfaces and in the gutter system usually, if something cannot work well in the rainwater drainage system. These plants are really good indicators of the error of the system. Clogged or unmanaged gutter system and thereby the overflows rainwater can cause further serious damages in the building structure, pointing and brickwork. Our professional building maintenance team is prepared to manage all relating tasks of these plant removal projects. Clean and/or repair the gutter system, hoppers and down-pipes or drainage, repair the brickwork and pointing or re-decorate building surfaces, inspect and repair any leaking or damp wall issue are also basic services of Repair Abseiling Limited.

Abseiling building maintenance case studies:

Comprehensive rope access abseiling building maintenance project completed at Jarret House, Folkstone requested by DMS Property Maintenance. Next to the professional cleaning of the UPVC boards and window frames our abseiler team carried out high level painting on the block-work of the back elevation, checked the general conditions of the roof and cleaned the full gutter and gully system. This rope access gutter cleaning and maintenance project all four sides of the building was a big challenge to carry out on the slated roof what required some special roofing skills and techniques. Some leaking issue reported on the top floor what required particular attention, inspection and leaking roof repair on the main side of the building. All parts of our customer’s requirements completed safely and really efficiently in four days via rope access what reduced the budget and the disruption of the residents to the reasonable minimal. This rope access building maintenance project affected all elevations of the building from top to the bottom. All trades would require scaffold system all around the building to sort their tasks out one by one what would mean a lot of extra money, organisation and effort.
Repair Abseiling Rope Access Maintenance Services sorted this project out on the fastest way with the most reasonable price.