mastic joint leak detection

Repair Abseiling rope access leak detection and repair /water ingress elimination/ services, London

Abseiling leak inspection & repair, London

Rope access leak inspection, leak detection and repair is one of the most frequent project in our abseiling building maintenance practice. It requires professional multi skilled and really experienced abseilers who have extensive experience about the actual building structure and able to identify  the source of the leaking issue. Some of our customers take immediate action when suspicious damp appears on the wall. This quick reaction can save a lot of money avoiding further serious damages what requires structural intervention sometimes. This water ingress can be caused by a blocked gutter or gully system, poor or old and worn mastic joint, some unwanted plants, probably some structural issue. The resolution is simple and much easier many times than our desperate clients expected. Our professional abseilers manage and solve any water ingress issues by our comprehensive knowledge and everyday routine via rope access if it is necessary. The accumulated rainwater or just the condensation only can find the smallest gap and hole on the building structure and causing a lot of issue and damage in it. All leaking issue require extra attention to prevent the building structures from any further damages.

Water ingress inspection and repair at Korean Embassy, London

abseiling water ingress korean embassy

Repair Abseiling experienced abseiler team completed a comprehensive water ingress inspection and repair project at Korean Embassy, London. As a serious leaking issue experienced internally, all external cladding and high level glazing joint had to be inspected thoroughly. This water ingress investigation revealed the real reason of this issue what’s found at all top joints of the mullions. The absolute lack of the mastic sealing of these joint made possible the ingress of the accumulated rainwater. You can read much more about this water ingress elimination project in our blog post HERE

Abseiling leak detection and repair

rope access leak detection

Our regular customer “The Bridge Academy“, Hackney has a great looking architect even from the canal side, however this structure requires a lot of attention. Leak detection and mastic joint repair time to time gave us a lot to do. The time is over and all weakness of these delicate joints are getting in view. Despite of the best intention and efforts of the original builders, some of these mastic joints are starting to show some leaking issues. These water ingress absolutely unacceptable because it can cause a lot of internal damage on the painting, drywall, carpets and metal structure. This well maintained building suffers with this architectural issue what we try to mitigate regularly. The water can find the smallest opportunity to getting into the structure working together with gravity. The main challenge is to find the real reason of the water ingress on the cladding and glazing joints. All mastic joints require thorough clean, visual and tactical inspection finding the weak, leaking points of the structure. Repair Abseiling professionals carry out this leak detection and mastic repair project via rope access. Our experience and professionalism makes possible to create the best price alongside the most comprehensive service. Repair Abseiling provides the most comprehensive rope access mastic application services.

Leaking mastic repair

mastic leak repair

Rope access leak detection and mastic repair project completed at Hope Wharf, Rotherhithe, London. All worn, twenty years old mastic (silicone) joint had to be removed between the Schuco panels and Zinc roof and cladding surface because of the serious leaking issue experienced in the communal staircase.  Against the best intention of the original builders these joints wasn’t able to function any more. These old general purpose silicone lines only filled the gaps as a cork without any real adhesion to the surfaces. The general manufacturer guaranty for the highest quality mastic sealants is ten years nowadays next to the far higher technological requirements than it was twenty years ago, so these joints worked very well so far. The access was essential and pivotal point on this project again. This residential block and its parking system on the ground floor couldn’t be restricted with a scaffold what should be specialised to the shape of the building. Repair Abseiling professionals completed this project in two days without any disruption of the building and as extra service all windows of the staircase has been cleaned thoroughly.

Leaking roof repair

leaking roof repair

Serious slated roof leaking issue has been repaired via rope access. Hanging on the wall or perform some special technical trick on rope wasn’t requirement, but the safe working method and and carry out this leaking roof repair project safely was essential. Our creative access solutions could help to complete these projects safely, quickly what saved a lot of money to our customer thereby.  This hundred years plus old four storey Victorian building extended with a mansard roof covered by natural slates is a typical high level roofing project. As this part of the building is far higher than it would be safely accessible with roof ladder, our rope access roofing services was the only way to repair . The traditional way to repair these type of roof surfaces is a scaffolding would be only what is incomparable with our rope access roofing prices and efficiency. Repair Abseiling completed this rope access leaking roof repair project in one day via rope access provided all materials and access solution.

Leak inspection, survey and report

rope access survey and report

Repair Abseiling completed a comprehensive rope access leak survey of the huge glass curtain wall system in London. This high level glazing system contains more than 2400 sides, corners and joining surfaces of each glass panels inspected, pictured, recorded, documented and been set into a comprehensive report. This huge effort helped our customer to getting reliable information of the conditions of the curtain wall system and glass panels itself. This project based on our expertise and extensive experience in this industry. Survey and detect all defect requires engineering skills and comprehensive knowledge about the structure. Our knowledge forged in many construction curtain walling projects on London’s landmarks what helps to see and find all imperfection of the structure.
Repair Abseiling Rope Access Services provides comprehensive survey, leak detection, detailed report and repair by the most professional abseilers.

Leaking gutter system

rope access gutter repair

Leaking or blocked gutter system can cause serious leaking issue in the building structures as well. Our rope access gutter cleaning and guttering services completes leaking gutter repair projects on a daily basis in London. As these parts of the are on the most inaccessible places of the buildings the safe access solution and efficiency is vital in these projects. In all cases of the leaking gutter system require professional cleaning first. Repair Abseiling Limited provides comprehensive services for these issues from a professional high level gutter cleaning and high level gutter hoovering to the hopper and down pipe cleaning with our powerful industrial vacuum cleaner. The leaking gutter system repair can be carried out by a new part (replace the faulty part and gaskets) or using some kind of high quality flexible mastic or membrane installation. Our professionals find the best and most efficient and cost effective way for these issues.