Zinc (VM Zinc) cladding installation

Repair Abseiling Limited completed a really complex abseiling zinc cladding installation project at Charlotte Street, London, where our team designed, manufactured and installed a new VM Zinc cladding system to the window bay, which eventually made the front elevation complete. These missing cladding parts of the new aluminium – glass window bay and the missing lead flashing and coping system on the back of the building could not be completed by the previous building process. These projects were waiting for the right professionals, who are able to manage these works from A – Z. As these parts of the building required special access solutions and professional tradesmen for completion, our client (the owner of this building) was looking for and eventually found our special abseiling services and our professional abseiler team for these really special and complex projects. Luckily we have plenty enough experience in zinc roof, zinc cladding and zinc coping installation and repairs which made this project possible for both parties, however building a new base system for the new cladding, cutting the zinc sheets to size, folding all parts, corners, edges, sheets, …etc on site, installing all parts and make this building section waterproof (all of these carried out via rope access), calculated the different dimensions between all levels was a real challenge for our engineering skills. Despite these difficulties and challenges, this front elevation is complete now with this bespoke, and great looking VM Zinc cladding, which made the seamless handover protocol possible on time in budget.

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The missing lead flashing and lead copings on the side and back of the building are also causing some headache for the owner and the principal contractor, which was waiting for professional resolution and completion. Our team delivered a professional abseiling service for this issue too on these inaccessible parts of this building, and installed a bespoke design lead flashing and coping system to these delicate building parts. Setting up a new and right sloping and direction for the running rainwater, folding and sealing all joints to make these delicate joints waterproof required some engineering skills, but our professional team put this abseiling service to the next level with this project. Working with lead sheets, setting up or repairing lead flashings, and lead roofs or lead claddings is our daily routine and fundamental part of our roofing services, which made the professional execution of this project possible.

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However, in the meantime, while we were waiting for some materials and other deliveries between the two projects on Charlotte St., our team completed some special high level glazing repair, building inspection (FerryView Health Centre) and waterproofing projects (Imperial House, Regent St.) throughout London. One of these projects was a rope access glazing project carried out at Pinnacle House, Enfield, where 5 no. double glazed units were waiting for our attendance and professional work. As the outer side of these spandrel panels were shuttered, and these million broken glass particles had to be removed safely in 30 -40 metres high, without dropping any (as less as possible) glass particles to the carpark area, this high level glass replacement project was also challenging. Our abseiling services confidently provides this delicate operation safely on any heights and building from the removal of the damaged glass unit, manufacturing, …etc, to the installation of the new like for like glass unit, no matter that it is a simplest DGU (double glazed unit) replacement or a balustrade glazing project.

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Repair Abseiling Limited’s abseiling services wouldn’t be complete on Charlotte St. project, if the comprehensive building and window cleaning, painting touch up, and other snagging (masticing, waterproofing, fixing, …etc) would not be carried out by our professionals. The professional mastic sealing of the newly built cladding, and cleaning all external surfaces (windows, frames, walls, zinc roof, …etc) were also part of our abseiling services on this project.

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