Abseiling glass installation London

Abseiling glass installation, London

Abseiling glass installation and glass replacement is a basic part of Repair Abseiling Rope Access Glazing Services, London. This service is linked together with our cladding and curtain walling services usually. Our professional abseiler team is utilised very often on various construction projects, even when rope access glazing and glass replacement is coming up. Reaching the actual surfaces and fixings of the glazing system can be really difficult sometimes, so our special assistance is inevitable when any other traditional access solutions are impossible. Over the knowledge of the glazing system as any general fixer, our abseilers need special skills, knowledge and ability to sort these abseiling glass installation and high level glazing projects out via rope access. Our other general services are any residential and commercial high level glass replacement and high level glazing repair project. Glass installation is a really complex and delicate project even if the work have to be carried out via rope access. As the glass generally is a really fragile and vulnerable material, all working method with it must be carried out really carefully. Another remarkable characteristic of this material is its own weight what proportionally rises with the size and the thickness. These characteristics all together makes any glazing work movement and lifting operation really complicated. Moving the glass is a one of the most delicate part of any glass installation project. Utilising adequate vacuum lifting gears and manage the crane or other lifting operation is also fundamental part of our services. All parts of these lifting operations require special skills and specified certificates, even if the lifting operation has to be carried out with some special vacuum lifter. In these cases must be calculated all dimensions of the glass unit (weight an sizes) and all characteristics of the building. In one of our latest abseiling glass installation project in London we’ve utilised a mobile crane to lift and install heavy weight glass units. Our task was to help all lifting operation, save the glass units from any damage during the lifting operation, place the glass units into the frame with pinpoint accuracy and fix them from externally via rope access. Fundamental part was of this project the professional mastic application what’s been completed around all perimeters of the glass unit. These types of finishes our other speciality. Abseiling mastic application comes up on almost all abseiling glass installation and abseiling glazing repairs projects, as the waterproofing is a basic part of our services. You can read more interesting story about our rope access glazing projects HERE

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