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rope access construction services

Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most comprehensive rope access / abseiling / services in London, from any cleaning, construction and glazing to the most complicated building maintenance projects, by our highly trained, experienced and professional abseiler team in London.

Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most comprehensive rope access services in London, Greater London. Repair Abseiling Limited is a fully insured, CHAS and SafeContractor accredited rope access /abseiling/ company with more than twenty years construction and maintenance experience in the background. All team members are CSCS, IRATA and UKasl Asbestos Awareness trained and certified. Repair Abseiling Limited Rope Access /abseiling/ Services keeps all Health and Safety requirements on the highest level and up to date constantly. Our partnership with Lighthouse Risk Services provides independent and professional H&S advice and constant monitoring of all our H&S procedures. Repair Abseiling Limited is specialise in residential and commercial projects which require rope access /abseiling/ services. Our professional abseiler team can cover all areas of this special industry from a general survey and maintenance to the most complicated cladding and glazing installation projects.

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Abseiling cladding installation

Repair Abseiling Limited is a family run business, which is proud to provide the highest quality rope access /abseiling/ service, offering the most reasonable prices, based on our positive attitude, special skills and decades of experience in this industry. Abseiling is the most efficient and cost effective access solution with the least environmental impact carrying out any building maintenance, repair or cleaning project safely and efficiently. Our special rope access /abseiling/ services is highly competitive, even compared with other access solutions. We can provide planned action, or immediate reaction with comprehensive organisation of all parts of the project from the access to the completion.

Rope access generally

Rope access / abseiling / generally, provides alternative option to reach surfaces and structures which are too high, not safe enough or unreasonably expensive to approach on any other way. Utilising rope access companies in any building maintenance, construction or window cleaning projects means a significant shortcut in the budget. Repair Abseiling Special Rope Access Services offers the most reasonable prices for any projects from the ordinary window cleaning to the most complicated glazing or glass replacement projects. Repair Abseiling Limited’s highly trained professional abseiler team is prepared to carry out any rope access projects safely and efficiently. Repair Abseiling Limited have a tested and certified mobile anchor system if any other rigging option is not available. No problem if the original built in rope access points, man-safe or other rigging system of the building is missing or expired of testing. Our professionals can set up a new mobile rope access rigging system for any rope access /abseiling/ projects. Rope access can substitute any traditional access method, like powered access (MEWP) or scaffolding. Rope access is fast, easy, safe, affordable, cost effective and time saver alternative access solution.
More than 25 years experience in the rope access industry helps us finding the best, most efficient, and safe working method. This efficiency generates the best prices for any of our rope access projects.

Our latest rope access projects in London

Our rope access services in London

Abseiling engineering services

abseiling services

Our special abseiling engineering services covers any special access, lifting and rigging services in London. Signage removal and signage installation in a fully glazed atrium of Marriott Hotel – Kensington, demolition works of a complete glass atrium at City Gate House, or replacing all glazing gaskets on the fully glazed atrium of Sussex House are some of our latest projects in London. You can read more about our special abseiling services HERE

High level glazing works

rope access glazing glass replacement

Rope access glazing, glass installation and glass replacement is one of our specialty. Repair Abseiling Limited Rope access services in London provides professional high level glass replacement , atrium glazing repairs and high level glazing repair on any construction sites, commercial and residential buildings in London, included all materials and equipment. You can read more about our glazing projects HERE

Cladding installation, inspection & repair

abseiling cladding installation

Numerous complex rope access cladding installation cladding inspection and repair projects have been completed by our abseilers team in the previous years throughout London. Otto House, Platinum Riverside, Newall Court, …etc. You can read more about our cladding installation, inspection and repair projects HERE

Leak inspection and repair

rope access leak inspection

Countless leaking issue inspection and repair project have been completed already by our professional abseiler team on many landmarks of London, commercial and residential buildings throughout London. e.g.: The Bridge Academy-Hackney, Korean Embassy-London, Sussex House-Haywards Heath, Vestry Court, …etc. You can read more about our leak inspection and repair projects HERE

Rope access snagging, finishing

abseiling snagging

Abseiling snagging services is provided by our professional team for any construction and refurbishment projects in London. Masticing, painting, window installation, cleaning, any adjustment, panel correction, glazing finishing … etc.You can read more about our snagging projects HERE

Rope access mastic application

rope access abseiling mastic application

Repair Abseiling mastic men abseilers carry out professional comprehensive rope access mastic application projects on various buildings and surfaces in every year, throughout London. Miles of mastic movement (expansion) joints, window frames, glazing masticing and other mastic sealing is completed on a daily basis in the previous years. Our rope access services in London offers the most professional mastic application services for any demand. You can read more about our mastic application projects HERE

Painting, re-decorating

rope access painting abseiling

Rope access|abseiling| painting is provided by our abseiler team throughout London. Restoring and painting sash windows, window sills, repairing rendered surfaces on window surroundings, painting and re-decorating entire building surfaces by rope access is one of our main service … You can read more about our high rise building painting , window painting, crittall window painting, and other re-decorating projects HERE

Abseiling window cleaning

rope access window cleaning

Abseiling window cleaning is our basic rope access service. It covers all exterior and interior builders clean, thorough window cleaning and glass polishing, ordinary residential and commercial window cleaning, building cleaning, high pressure cleaning (jet-wash) and low-pressure cleaning (reach’n wash) in London. You can read more about our cleaning and window cleaning projects HERE

Sign & banner installation

rope access abseiling signage installation

Several rope access sign installation projects have been completed by our professional abseiler team so far throughout London. These challenging sign installation projects carried out seamlessly at Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College, Marriott Hotel, Kensington signage removal and signage installation, Triangle Building LED signage, …etc. Sign and banner installation and the maintenance of these advertisements are complex rope access projects, but… You can read more about these sign installation project HERE

Gutter cleaning

rope access gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of our most required rope access maintenance services in our practice. As the gutter system is the most inaccessible part of the building, the safe access solution is essential. Our abseiling services reaches any high level gutters, hoppers, down-pipes, gullies…etc, and offers professional high level gutter cleaning & repairs on any buildings. Read more about our other high level gutter hoovering projects HERE

Guttering repair

rope access gutter repair

Gutter repair and gutter maintenance via rope access is one of our most demanded service, provided throughout London. Carry out any roof maintenance, gutter cleaning and repair, replace faulty parts of the gutter, reinforce down pipes and eliminate leaking issues safely and efficiently is our daily routine. You can read more about our guttering & gutter cleaning projects HERE

Leaking roof repair, water ingress inspection

rope access roofing repair

Repair Abseiling roof repair services provides professional leaking roof inspection and repair to any residential and commercial customers. Our high level roofing specialist abseiler team provides quick reaction and the most efficient and cost effective way for any high level roofing projects… We can offer professional roofing, roof repairs without scaffolding in London, Greater London. You can read a lot more about our roofing and roof repair projects HERE

Building maintenance

rope access building maintenance

Building maintenance via rope access is our fundamental services. It covers any special projects what require professional abseiling services on any residential and commercial building. Window cleaning, painting, roofing and guttering or the most complicated high level glazing and cladding repair are evenly on our repertoire . External building maintenance services without scaffolding is our main service, even on any high rise or tower block buildings. You can read more about our general rope access building maintenance projects HERE

Concrete repair, GRC repair

concrete repairs rope access abseiling

Repair Abseiling concrete repair and GRC repair services provides comprehensive repair and reinforcement of any concrete structures from ordinary window sills to other building structures and building features. Our team has decades of experience in any concrete repairs, using traditional methods and materials or other pre-mixed (Sika Monotop or similar) systems. GRC (Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete) repair and installation is our other special service. This building material requires some assistance when installation or surface repair is coming up… You can read more about our GRC and concrete repair projects HERE

Brickwork, pointing and rendering

rope access abseiling pointing

Repair Abseiling provides professional high level brickwork repair, pointing, re-pointing and rendering services by the most experienced abseilers. These skills improved by decades, spent in this special industry… You can read more about our rendering, brickwork and pointing projects HERE

Curtain walling, installation

rope access curtain wall installation

Abseiling curtain wall installation is our basic construction service what covers all unitised glass, stone, GRC and other previously assembled pre-cast panel installation. Repair Abseiling professional abseilers facilitated a lot of building process on many landmarks in London… You can read more about our curtain walling projects HERE

Glass polishing, scratch repair

rope access glass polishing

Repair Abseiling glass polishing and scratch removal services completed a lot of comprehensive glass polishing and glazing repair project already. Battersea Reach, Chelsea Creek, Otto House, …etc construction projects, where a lot of scratched and badly damaged hardly accessible glass unit required our glass polishing services. Read more about our glazing projects HERE

Flue pipe installation

Flue pipe installation

Our abseiler team can facilitate any boiler installation project and flue pipe installation via rope access on any high rise buildings. We work together in relationship with Swale Heating and many other smaller gas engineer and gas heating companies in London, Greater London.

Property maintenance

property maintenance

Property Maintenance Contractors is a general maintenance division of our services. This property maintenance services covers any residential (domestic), commercial and block property maintenance services from the general cleaning, one off and emergency maintenance to the periodic regular maintenance. All our abseiling services also available of course by this new division.

London glazing repairs

London Glazing Repairs is a professional glazing division of Repair Abseiling Limited. This special high level glazing service dedicated to satisfy all glazing demand in London, Greater London.