Painting re-decorating

painting re-decorating

Painting and re-decorating buildings, windows, metal structures and other surfaces on a professional way have been carrying out by our special rope access painting services for decades. One of our latest professional rope access building painting, re-decorating project carried out at Gresse Street, London. This comprehensive internal and external refurbishment work by Virtus Ltd. required our assistance to avoid the really unwanted and expensive scaffolding, that must be approved and arranged by two councils on the two sides of this corner. As Repair Abseiling Limited have provided professional and reliable abseiling services with the best prices for many other building refurbishment projects of Virtus Contractors Ltd. already, this painting and re-decorating project in the City also tendered and could be priced successfully. Based on this new contract, our abseiler team started to clean and prepare all window frames and other surfaces for painting. Window painting is never easy, but our professional team members have many years experience in these delicate window painting projects. Cut the edges around the glasses and frames sharply and accurately, make surfaces seamless and homogenous like a pro, require extensive experience and aptitude. Our professional abseiler team painted and re-decorated all windows, previously painted stones, ledges and other features of this mansion style building. Some damaged stone window sills and concrete structures also required our assistance. Concrete window sill repair and stone restauration is a complex undertaking, using special tools, techniques and materials, even if it have to be carried out by rope access. These damaged and dangerous concrete parts have been removed safely, the damaged surfaces and existing ironwork cleaned thoroughly for the new concrete mix and these corners and edges repaired on a professional way. All painting and re-decorating projects contains many other additional works, surface and structural repairs, that have to be completed carefully and thoroughly to achieve the perfect final result. As this project cannot be completed without the sparkle clean quality window cleaning, our team polished and cleaned all glass surfaces of all windows on both sides of this building. Hand glass polishing combined with a thorough window cleaning takes much more effort, but the result will be indisputable.

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Signage installation

abseiling services London

Signage installation

One of our latest and maybe the most complex signage installation project carried out by our professional abseiler team in the fully glazed atrium of Marriott Hotel, Kensington. This lighting signage removal and signage installation (replacement) was based on advanced rope access techniques fundamentally. As this fragile glass atrium cannot be accessible on any other way, and the fixings of this signage placed on the highest beam structure above the lobby area, just below the glass roof, any other lifting method (crane operation or similar) couldn’t be calculated for this project. This signage installation and replacement project was a major part of the internal refurbishment works and the new facial design of ” Marriott Hotels & Resorts”. Next to this delicate signage installation, Repair Abseiling’s abseiler team carried out a comprehensive window cleaning works on the internal surfaces and the top of the atrium, some repairs of the hardwood cladding, a minor leak inspection and repair, and glazing repair works on the glass roof. Meanwhile the interior works approached to the final phase in the lobby area, our team removed and lowered the old, original, lighting “Marriott” sign from the top of the atrium for the start of the comprehensive refurbishment and remake works, carried out by Ashleigh Sign Ltd.. Rope access sign installation and maintenance is one of our special service, but lower this huge 9.5 metres long 450Kg weight signage from the top beam structure to the strictly limited space of the lobby area safely, with pinpoint accuracy was challenging, but our experienced abseiler team completed this huge undertaking seamlessly. However this internal refurbishment project of the lobby area and the “Cast Iron” restaurant brought a beautiful final result, these works changed some basic conditions of this delicate lifting operation. Signage installation is never easy, but when the space requirement of this newly refurbished sign rose from the original 9.5 metres to 12.5 metres, meanwhile the entrance area shrank significantly and the starting position of the signage pushed away with two metres, then revising of our original plan became inevitable. Over the difficulties of the assembly works on the ground, the moving and lifting operation also faced with severe complications. Remove, lower and direct the original 450 Kg, 9.5 m long sign to the right place in the lobby area, using rope access techniques and pulley systems only, was a huge undertaking, but the reinstate and installation of the new 12.5 metres long signage next to the fragile glass fins (like the bull in a china shop) required our best and decades of experience. Eventually, the perfect planning, professional coordination and teamwork paid off and the new signage installed back onto its own place to the top beams in one day. All wiring and other details completed by our professional engineering team that made easier for any further maintenance for our maintenance division, and signage maintenance team at

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The replacement of the vertical sign at the back side of the atrium also required our professional abseiling services, but it is another story….

Block property maintenance

block property maintenance

Our property maintenance services do not restricted to traditional buildings only of course. Block property maintenance rather more require safe, efficient and reasonable access solutions than any traditional residential buildings. Many of London block management companies (Rendall & Rittner, TLC London, Interserve, L&Q …etc) rely on our work and expertise if any external maintenance project is coming up. Residential block property maintenance is also a major part of our undertakings. Replace broken glass units, inspect and repair leaking issues, damaged or faulty cladding, windows or masticing and weatherproofing around window units are also on our service list. One of our latest residential block property maintenance project carried out at City House, Croydon, where numerous properties struggled with a sever leaking issue, experienced on the window units. This project extended to the external and internal inspection, repairs and weatherproofing as well. The resolution is easy and obvious sometimes, but inspect and find the real issue, even repair or replace special and original faulty parts can be complicated and labour intensive usually. Repair Abseiling Limited’s team members experienced on many new building projects and landmarks of London, so finding the rout of the issue and offer the most reasonable resolution is our speciality. Tall, 4 storeys and higher buildings, block of properties or commercial (office) buildings relies on rope access maintenance in any cases if any external issue experienced. Our abseiler team just recently completed a complex balcony glass replacement at Platinum Riverside, Greenwich, a window repair and waterproofing at City House, Croydon, and a cladding repair and survey at Newal Court, … You can read more about these projects HERE

You can find more information about our recent residential and block property maintenance projects if you navigate on this link below. Our general maintenance service extension, Property Maintenance Contractors offers comprehensive maintenance services for any residential, commercial or block properties in London, Greater London. Our services covers any internal and external cleaning, repair, survey, and engineering projects or just a regular care taker service.

Residential property maintenance

residential property maintenance

Residential property maintenance is one of our main and fundamental abseiling service. Carry out any building maintenance and repair projects safely and efficiently, even via rope access, requires a specially prepared, experienced and professional abseiler team. Based on our professional skills, Repair Abseiling Limited is a trusted contractor of numerous construction (J.Coffey, M-Price, FK, Alucraft, …), residential property and commercial building management companies (Alliance, TLC, Hamptons, L&Q, Rendall & Rittner… etc.) throughout London. As the wast majority of the traditional residential buildings are struggling with some absolute basic issues (leaking roof, damaged and clogged gutters, …etc.), caused by the difficult access to certain surfaces or structures, our rope access abseiling services specialised in to offer the most reasonable resolution for these projects. Our team provides a huge variety of external building maintenance services, from the repairs of leaking and damaged roofs, clean or repair clogged and faulty gutters, and adequate water management keeping the building dry, to the painting and re-decorating external surfaces, repair brickwork and pointing or just clean the windows. One of our latest residential property maintenance project have been completed in Kensington on a three storey residential building, where the long ago experienced leaking issue required complex repair works. Our wast experience in these cases, professional planning for the repairs and the ability to manage these issues safely and efficiently for reasonable costs, even via rope access, lifted our abseiling company to the right level as the most competitive candidate of this residential property maintenance project. All water ingress inspection and repair starts with the roof and gutter system. As the the collected rainwater on the roof wasn’t directed properly into the wrongly set, undersized gutter, all excess rainwater flowed onto and soaked the brickwork below, causing sever damp issue inside the flats. This basic error of the rainwater management have been eliminated with the adequate size gutter and down-pipe fitting, being set up to the right sloping, directed all rainwater straight into the down-pipe. The other serious leaking issue experienced on the mid level of the building caused by the aged, cracked and worn concrete window sills. This horizontal part of the windows, by its drip edges would be dedicated to keep away all rainwater from the lower building structures and wall sections. As these sills have been made and set up without any drip edges and the worn joints and deep cracks provided free way for the flowing rainwater inwards to the building structures, the experienced leaking issue below becomes understandable immediately. External residential property maintenance is always a complex undertaking what requires multi-skilled and experienced abseilers. Setting up dripping edges, repair the cracks with adequate exterior flexible filler, make the surfaces homogeneous and paint the sills over on a professional way can be challenging, even if it needs to be carried out via rope access, but our professional abseiler team has a daily routine in these projects. Our property maintenance division (Property Maintenance Contractors) provides the most comprehensive general and special residential and commercial property maintenance services from care taker services, window cleaning, interior and exterior regular cleaning, to the most complicated repairs.

Thorough window cleaning

thorough window cleaning

We also clean windows, … sometimes, as I explain usually to our customers. Like now on this project, the sparkle clean quality thorough window cleaning and gully cleaning was just a small, but really important part of the main glass replacement project, when five defected double glazed unit needs to be replaced on the top section of this building at the South Bank, next to the Borough Market. The absolute lack of any acceptable access solution on this building have made the proper window cleaning or other building maintenance almost impossible so far, so these glass surfaces were heavily contaminated by the air pollution and general urban environment. Repair Abseiling Limited’s abseiler team have set up adequate anchorage system and cleaned all glasses and frames as a part of the initial survey of the conditions of each glass units and the entire glazing system. Our professional abseiling services provides the most comprehensive service for these complex abseiling projects. These neglected glass surfaces required hand glass polishing and thorough window cleaning to achieve the deep clean quality for the clear view of the general conditions of the glass units. When the glazing system became clean our abseiler team got better insight about the conditions of the double glazed units, frames and previous inadequate mastic-works around all perimeters. The spotless, deeply cleaned windows have made our customer happy, but the other revealed glass and waterproofing leaking issues tilted the scale to the counter part. Carry out any high level glazing project and replace five glass units on a normal, vertical surface wouldn’t be a big deal, but in this case these glass units require adequate crane operation, what press the budget really much. But it is another story …

  • thorough window cleaning

Water testing-building envelope testing

water test waterproofing inspection

Water testing, building envelope testing, waterproofing inspection and repairs are our vital services, what help our customers to achieve the best performance of their property. Our abseiler team has been hired by Alucraft Ltd. to verify the waterproofing around the glazing system, installed by their workforce at Brighton, Brinell Building. Inspect and prove that the waterproofing on all perimeters and joining structures is perfect, watertight and working well is a vital part of any building process. Our cladding inspection services covers this basic building envelope testing method on any construction site or other buildings which suffer by any water ingress and leaking issue. Next to the air-test, water test is a special building envelope testing method finding any imperfection of the joints and building structures. Spraying with water the affected joining areas of the cladding system, using a specially designed spraying nozzle with a properly set water pressure and soaking the specified areas heavily can show the smallest leaking issue accurately. This building envelope testing method is a relative cheap solution to find any imperfection of the waterproofing, glazing or cladding system. Our abseiler team can access to the external building surfaces on a safe and simple way and carry out any inspection, test and repair works if necessary, what makes these projects affordable. Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most comprehensive cladding, glazing and curtain wall inspection projects in London, Greater London. Our abseiling services also can repair any imperfection of the joining structures, replace gaskets, repair or reset frames and carry out perfect high quality mastic sealing on any surfaces. Building envelope testing and/or water testing is one of the last in a row of the building process, when usually the access aid, such as scaffolding, mast climbers or other platforms are removed and not available any more. When the access to the affected areas can be possible via rope access only, then Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most reasonable, safe and affordable solution. Water testing and building envelope testing is also basic part of our snagging and building maintenance services, even if water ingress requires our special assistance for inspection and repair.

Cladding inspection and repair, Newall Court, White City

block property maintenance

During this lock-down period our emergency maintenance services comes to the fore. Newall Court is a newly built residential block, managed by L&Q, next to the Westfield Shopping Centre at White City. This building complex wrapped around with a well designed ceramic / aluminium / glass cladding system, used by good quality materials, however, despite of the best intention of the engineers and builders, a relatively big deadly piece of the aluminium cladding fell onto a ground floor terrace from nine floor heights. Luckily, nobody has injured in this “accident”, but this issue required immediate action to make clear the severity and probability of any further malfunction of the building. As this cladding inspection highly prioritised by our customer (Metroglaze / L&Q), our abseiler team carried out an immediate thorough inspection of the affected cladding section. Fortunately the damaged fallen part could be aligned back to the original condition, so it has been replaced and fixed adequately. This replacement process revealed a small imperfection of one corner what required a small modification (cutting) for the perfect joining. Approaching and carrying out safely these type of cladding inspection and repair projects is a daily routine for our abseiler team, but the new social distancing and other basic health and safety measurements about COVID 19 require a lot of extra attention, work and facilities. Pick up the keys, using a lift and other building facilities, providing a basic welfare facilities for work, sanitise all reusable PPE and equipment …etc. make the easiest projects much more difficult and complicated. Repair Abseiling Limited determined to keep all rules and guidelines of the government (and more if it is possible) to provide safe work area for the abseiler team and any affected on workplace.

Sussex House – Collinson Building, Glazing work

atrium glass replacement

Our professional abseiler glazier team completed a special skylight glass replacement project at Sussex House – Collinson Group, Haywards Heath. This high level glass replacement was a vital part of the main glazing refurbishment and waterproofing project of this fully glazed atrium what had to eliminate all (countless) severe leaking issues of this old glazing system. This commercial office building and its huge, central atrium has suffered from some really awkward leaking issues for a long time what required our expertise and special services, but the replacement of this broken glass unit above the main entrance had to be done first for the completeness of this comprehensive waterproofing project. As Repair Abseiling Limited covers any special glazing works too, our professional team managed all details and works of this high level glazing project. Carry out a skylight glass unit replacement on a relatively fragile glass roof is really complicated generally, but our team has all necessary special equipment, ability and experience to complete this special glazing projects safely and efficiently. Our team set the glass unit free from the fixings, pressure plates and original “mastic work” in minutes and prepared the broken glass for the lifting quickly. The professional crane operation and good cooperation helped this operation to be seamless and really fast. If everything is going well, like in this case, the entire procedure takes no longer than 10 – 15 minutes. Our professionals set into the frame, fixed and sealed the new glass unit properly in few minutes, what is the part of the system already and belongs to the benefit of the five years guaranty of the waterproofing project. You can watch the short video about this operation below and read more about our other special glazing projects HERE. Repair Abseiling Limited is one of the most professional abseiling company in London, Greater London. Our professional abseilers have ability and decades of experience to manage any special abseiling project in this industry.

Sussex House-Collinson Building, Waterproofing

atrium waterproofing

Comprehensive waterproofing and glazing (glass replacement) project completed by our professional abseiler team at Sussex House (Collinson Building), Haywards Heath. This huge, 360+ m2 fully glazed atrium roof required our assistance to eliminate all (countless) leaking issues, what was a huge and constant issue in the history of this building. This leaking issue followed this building from the beginning, what have been tried to be repaired many other firms before. As this central atrium gives place to the main communal areas, kitchen, meeting boxes and corridor between the wings, any water ingress couldn’t be acceptable anymore. The beautiful interior design, wooden floor and other expensive furniture were constantly exposed to the dripping rainwater what had to be managed all the time when wet weather conditions threatened, so the seeking of the adequate and affordable solution was always on the top of the to-do list. Owing to our reputation and expertise in this special area, Repair Abseiling Limited has come to the fore, as potential candidate to carry out safely this delicate project. Our team took off all pressure plates, cleaned all joining surfaces of the glass units, installed a new special rubber gasket on all lines and replaced all pressure plates one by one. Professional mastic application and EPDM reinforcement on all cross joints was also a crucial part of this project to achieve perfect waterproofing. This comprehensive, labour intensive glazing refurbishment project completed seamlessly on time within the budget and tested by some heavy downpour storms already. The final result is a perfect watertight system and dry internal areas in the atrium what can give place safely for any events in the future. Our five years comprehensive guaranty ensures the seamless operation below this pyramid glass atrium what can mean a huge relief for the building management and maintenance team of this building. The relating glass replacement project was another crucial part, what had to be enclosed to this main waterproofing project. As we also provide professional high level / abseiling / glazing services in case of any special access project and our prices are unbeatable, our team has got the opportunity to complete this additional project. You car read more about the relating and many other glazing projects HERE

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Camberwell New Road, London

emergency maintenance

During this difficult lock-down period caused by COVID-19, our special abseiling services seems to be essential sometimes. One of our regular customer (Gena PM) has been informed by a resident that a loose and dangerous building part jeopardise the pedestrians on the street below. As this situation required immediate reaction, our abseiler team started to organise all necessary precautions and the emergency works promptly. Set the adequate exclusion zone below the work area is the most basic safety measurement on any rope access work, but in this case it was essential immediately, in the first instance, before any work started. Any emergency building maintenance is essential to be done asap, avoiding any accident or further damage of the building structures. This damaged zinc clad was a part of the industrial size, box-gutter system what gutters have been cleaned by us previously, for few months. Our abseiler team placed and fixed these zinc sheets back and reinforced the structure temporarily. Despite of our effort the proper remedial work of this damaged gutter section requires further planning and assistance later on. Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most comprehensive building maintenance and remedial services in London what covers any external or internal repair, cleaning and survey, required special access solutions.