Why rope access for building maintenance?

rope access building maintenance

Our statistics about the previous year says that rope access is more and more popular, accepted, demanded and even planned access solution in the building maintenance industry. Our main aim is to build our reputation as strong as possible and make this solution widely accepted. Rope access is a safe and the most efficient way for any exterior building maintenance project from the most common window cleaning and building cleaning to any repair and care taking, where the actual building surfaces or structures are out of reach. Repair Abseiling Building Maintenance Services covers all areas of these projects. Our team cleans windows, building surfaces and building facilities, surveys and sets comprehensive report about the conditions of any cladding, roof, gutters, down-pipes and other building structures and carries out countless building maintenance project on a daily basis, using rope access. Times flies by quickly, but all projects have completed in the previous year, made our reputation and team stronger. Happy and returning customers from each individual residential customers to many property and building management companies assessed our work in this period, but our high standards and performance have found for five star services so far. As this company is a family business and all our team members feel their own responsible for the highest quality and safe work, the final result can be the best only. Rope access building maintenance determines our everyday work. Repair Abseiling Limited specialised in these unique requirements. All typical London urban buildings, above 4 storey, require some proper access solution to carryout the necessary regular or reactive maintenance works. Over our comprehensive knowledge about the building structures, their possible issues and the ability to solve any access solution safely and efficiently, have lifted our company to the highest level in this special industry. Carry out any brickwork and pointing repair, roofingguttering or gutter cleaning, painting and waterproofing, emergency or planned pro-active maintenance can be possible only, based on our decades of experience.