Block property maintenance

Our property maintenance services do not restricted to traditional buildings only of course. Block property maintenance rather more require safe, efficient and reasonable access solutions than any traditional residential buildings. Many of London block management companies (Rendall & Rittner, TLC London, Interserve, L&Q …etc) rely on our work and expertise if any external maintenance project is coming up. Residential block property maintenance is also a major part of our undertakings. Replace broken glass units, inspect and repair leaking issues, damaged or faulty cladding, windows or masticing and weatherproofing around window units are also on our service list. One of our latest residential block property maintenance project carried out at City House, Croydon, where numerous properties struggled with a sever leaking issue, experienced on the window units. This project extended to the external and internal inspection, repairs and weatherproofing as well. The resolution is easy and obvious sometimes, but inspect and find the real issue, even repair or replace special and original faulty parts can be complicated and labour intensive usually. Repair Abseiling Limited’s team members experienced on many new building projects and landmarks of London, so finding the rout of the issue and offer the most reasonable resolution is our speciality. Tall, 4 storeys and higher buildings, block of properties or commercial (office) buildings relies on rope access maintenance in any cases if any external issue experienced. Our abseiler team just recently completed a complex balcony glass replacement at Platinum Riverside, Greenwich, a window repair and waterproofing at City House, Croydon, and a cladding repair and survey at Newal Court, … You can read more about these projects HERE

You can find more information about our recent residential and block property maintenance projects if you navigate on this link below. Our general maintenance service extension, Property Maintenance Contractors offers comprehensive maintenance services for any residential, commercial or block properties in London, Greater London. Our services covers any internal and external cleaning, repair, survey, and engineering projects or just a regular care taker service.