high level glazing glass replacement

Rope access glazing, glass replacement

rope access glazing glass replacement

Rope access glazing, glass replacement and glazing repairs provided by Repair Abseiling Glazing Services in London. Rope access is the most reasonable, efficient and cost effective way, when inaccessible high level glazing, architectural glazing, structural glazing, balcony balustrade glasses or other ordinary glazing work require glazing repairs, glass polishing or glazing maintenance. In any case when rope access glazing project comes up Repair Abseiling’s glazier abseilers are ready to manage the most complicated situation too via rope access.

Repair Abseiling Rope Access Glazing Services organises and manages all details of these delicate high level glazing projects from the purchasing of the new glass unit, access solution(s), delivery and lifting operation to the safe completion and professional waterproofing.

glass survey

Repair Abseiling Glazing Services provides a free site visit to survey all aspects of the actual glazing project. Taking accurate measurement about the broken glass unit, identify the glazing system, inspect the layers, thickness, lamination, air-gap …etc and planning the best way for the access are basic requirements to create the most reasonable and accurate quotation. Our partners, glass suppliers and glass manufacturers provide the best service with the best price what help us to offer the best and highest quality rope access glazing repair and glass replacement services in London. As our glazing services does’t limited to comprehensive service only, our professional rope access glazier team also happy to assist to other glaziers and glazing companies sometimes in their glass installation or any special abseiling glass replacement process. Good cooperation in work can lift any project to the highest level of the performance. Carrying out architectural glazing and other rope access glazing projects, requires special skills, comprehensive knowledge about the system and extensive experience in the glazing industry. Decades of experience in the construction and rope access industry, helps us to manage any special abseiling projects, even rope access glazing repair and glass replacement projects.

Rope access glass replacement

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Rope access glass replacement is far more complicated than any other glazing or simple glass installation project. Regarding to the work with the damaged and/or broken glass unit it can be really difficult and complicated. Glass replacement means “change (replace) the damaged or broken glass unit”. Carry out rope access glass replacement requires special skills and extensive knowledge about the actual glazing system, its fixings and the hidden parts of the glass unit. Repair Abseiling professionals use a special laser gauge to identify all dimensions (thickness, air-gap, lamination …etc)  and characteristics of the glass. When the new glass unit ready for installation the damaged or broken glass has to be removed safely. It is the most delicate part of these rope access glass replacement projects. When the broken parts of the glass have been removed safely, the vacuum lifter has to be set up perfectly to the previously cleaned glass surface. When the glass secured properly, can start the removal of all fixings. This complex part of these rope access glass replacement projects requires extensive experience from the abseilers. Tension the lifting cable properly, remove all fixings one by one, secure and hang them up to the lanyards temporarily is the other complicated part of these rope access glazing project. This advanced working method must be planned in advance and perform with maximum focus and care. After that the glass removed and lifted out, the frame has to be prepared for the new glass unit. It must be clean, all gaskets and plastic spacers on place and ready for installation. Install the new glass into the frame with pinpoint accuracy and set it perfectly to the frame and the other glasses around is not an easy undertaking, but it is the most essential part of the perfect glass installation. If all sides and corners of the glass are in a right position and it is ready for fixing, then all screws, bolts, pressure plates, toggles or other fixings can be placed back to the system. When the final waterproofing is done by the gaskets or the mastic sealing then the rope access glass replacement project is done. Repair Abseiling professionals carry out many glazing repair and rope access glass replacement projects on a daily basis in London. Our abseiling services also undertakes any abseiling glazing snagging and glass maintenance projects, provided this professional glazing services.

Skylight glass replacement

Skylight glass replacement and atrium glass refurbishment is also basic part of Repair Abseiling Limited main glazing projects. These type of glazing structures are the most inaccessible for any maintenance, replacement or repair. As any powered access cannot give proper access to these surfaces, the professional and special abseiling techniques are inevitable choice. Our professional abseiler glazier team have completed countless skylight glazing and glass replacement projects already throughout London. One of our latest project was at Sussex House, Collinson Group, Haywards Heath, but you can read more interesting posts about our similar and other glazing projects here.

Rope access architectural glazing works

Our professional abseiler team completes and facilitates architectural glazing projects too in London. The installation process sometimes requires abseiler assistance for architectural glazing projects, even if the access is difficult or impossible on any other way. Lifting and installing architectural glass units requires special skills, comprehensive knowledge about the system and experienced team for seamless and professional operation. We are really proud to carry out or taking part in any rope access architectural glazing, glass installation and glass replacement project. These special abseiling architectural glazing works usually carried out on some landmark buildings of London. Our team members are really proud of their achievement to took part of the building process and the glazing works of “The Shard, The Leadenhall, South Bank Tower, 240 Blackfriars, …etc”. These remarkable rope access architectural glazing projects were a big boost in our knowledge and experience in this special industry.

Glazing demolition

One of our latest abseiling architectural glazing project was the complete demolition of a fully glazed atrium of City Gate House. The comprehensive refurbishment project managed by Mace / J.Coffey at Finsbury, London. Our professional glazier team removed and lifted off 24 no. huge glass units in two days, what was remarkable achievement.

High level glazing

High level glazing fundamentally requires special access solutions. Our rope access – abseiling glazing services make possible a safe and professional completion of these delicate projects. Repair Abseiling Limited provides professional and experienced rope access glazier team for any high level glazing projects. Sometimes, when the damaged glass unit is on an inaccessible part of the building, our high level glazing services delivers the best way to carry out these projects safely. Carry out high level glazing projects can be tricky, complicated and difficult sometimes. Approaching to the damaged glass or just taking accurate measurement and identify the details of the glass unit can be challenging, even if the damaged part of the glass unit can mean potential danger for everyone. This delicate part of the project requires special skills, safe and planned access solution, comprehensive knowledge about the glazing and curtain wall system. Based on all basic, but really important information, collected on the site visit (free of charge), our glass suppliers can manufacture and deliver a new glass unit to site in a short period. When the new glass unit is ready, all small details and health & safety requirements have been prepared, can start the practical glazing work on site. High level glazing is a delicate operation, even via rope access. This type of glazing work is the most complex and special glazing project compared with any other ordinary glazing work. Keeping health & safety on the highest level constantly meanwhile the practical glazing work is going on, is possible only based on the strict planned working method, what determines our approaching to any projects. Repair Abseiling Rope Access Glazing Services provides the most professional high level glazing services in London, Greater London.

High level glass replacement

High level glass replacement means generally that the damaged or broken hardly accessible glass unit requires complete replacement, safely, on a high level of the building. High level glass replacement requires professional specially prepared contractor who is able to carry out any movement, lifting operation and work safely with the damaged glass units on a high level of the building. Our professional abseiler glazier team replaces heavy weight double glazed units, balcony glasses and “Juliet” balcony balustrade glasses, architectural and structural glass units on a daily basis. In our practice occurred many types of high level glass replacement and glazing repair already from a single pane to the most complicated, heavy weight double glazed roof glass units. Repair Abseiling Limited manage and organise all parts of these high level glazing repair projects from supplying of the new glass unit and professional lifting operation to the seamless and safe completion. You can read more interesting story about our high level glass replacement and glazing projects in our blog posts HERE.

Commercial glazing works

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Our commercial glazing services provides professional glazing solution on any commercial or office buildings, schools and retail shops, …etc. As commercial glazing requires distinguished organisation, out of hours work and many other specially prepared details usually, Repair Abseiling Limited is specialised in these delicate commercial glazing projects. Our team completes a lot of commercial glazing projects throughout London, e.g.: Britannia International Hotel – Canary Wharf, Roche Bobois Paris – Fulham, Bridge Academy – Hackney …etc.

Residential glazing works

Residential glazing work is the most common glazing work in our practice. Building an expensive scaffold system or utilise powered access solutions to replace some damaged glass unit on the high level of the building is not affordable, even not reasonable and sometimes not possible in case of many tower blocks or high rise buildings. Repair Abseiling residential glazing services delivers the most obvious solution for these issues. Our abseiler team completes countless residential glazing work and glass replacement on a daily basis in London. We can provide the most comprehensive professional service with the most reasonable prices from the free survey to the most efficient and safe completion. Our glass suppliers and manufacturers provides the highest quality glass units and the best prices what also significant part and base of our prices. These all together make our business flourishing. You can read more about our residential glazing projects HERE

Rope access structural glazing works

Rope access structural glazing and structural glass installation projects are coming up time to time, even if no other acceptable access option remained to repair, replace or install these glass units. Structural glazing is usually the work with frameless glass units e.g.: frameless balustrade glass, roof glass units, glass canopy, … etc. These structural glazing projects require special preparation, tools and working method. Repair Abseiling Limited can manage all parts of these projects from the acquisition, extra careful lifting operation to the special external access. Our abseiler glazier team has special skills and comprehensive knowledge about this type of glazing work. Despite of that rope access is the last in the hierarchy of the access solutions, sometimes it is inevitable, even if the access is difficult. Our rope access glazing services provides professional rope access structural glazing, glass installation, glazing repair, alignment, lifting, movement and any other services when the safe access to the external fixings and parts require special access and rigging solution. Repair Abseiling Limited is prepared for these delicate situations. Our mobile anchor systems e.g.: “A-frame” anchor (like in this case above) are designed especially for these situations. It can help us to reach the fixings and carry out any working method safely over the frameless balustrade glasses.

Rope access glass polishing, scratch removal

rope access glass polishing

Repair Abseiling rope access glass polishing and scratch removal services offers an alternative solution for glass replacement where scratches and damages of the glass surfaces spoil the clear view. These small damages and scratches don’t make necessary the replacement of the whole glass unit, but it requires attention and professional treatment. Polishing glasses, glass panels can help to bring back the original sparkle conditions of any scratched or neglected glass surfaces. These scratches can be generated by the installers, window cleaners or other accidental impact on the surface. Glass polishing can clear away almost any scratches from the glass surfaces. You can read more about our rope access glass polishing projects in our blog posts HERE

Rope access roof glazing works

Repair Abseiling Rope Access Glazing Services has wast of experience in any type of rope access roof glass unit installation, glass roofing and roof glass repair or replacement projects. Huge glass roof panels have installed and replaced by our professionals already on many landmarks of London. We manage any difficult and complicated lifting operation and special manoeuvres of these rope access glass roof installation projects. Our professional glazier abseiler team prepared to complete any special glazing works. As mastic application and waterproofing is also fundamental part of any rope access glazing or glass replacement project, Repair Abseiling professionals carry out the highest quality mastic sealing around all glass panels made the structure perfectly weatherproof.

Conservatory and extension glass roof repair

Rope access conservatory glass roof repair project ordered by Daniel Watney LLP property management company. A broken glass unit of the conservatory roof has been replaced at Roche Bobois Paris interior design shop, Fulham, London.This accidentally broken glass unit had to be replaced via rope access because of the access to this delicate surface would be too difficult and unreasonably expensive on any other way. Thanks to our suppliers the new conservatory roof glass unit with a special frosted window film has been manufactured in three days. The broken glass removed and the new double glazed unit has installed by our professional abseiler team quickly. Our comprehensive rope access glass roof repair services provided minimum disruption to this highly sophisticated interior design shop. Repair Abseiling provides professional execution with the most reasonable prices. You can read more about this project in our glazing blog-post HERE

Rope access glass installation 

One of our rope access abseiling glass installation project was really efficient despite of the ice cold windy weather at Tiger Way, Downs Road construction site by McLaren Construction and FK Group. For now, when all landscaping is done and all other option to utilise powered access is gone, our abseiler team was ready to facilitate this lifting operation and install these huge balustrade glasses onto three balconies. Three heavy weight 31.5mm thick, toughened, laminated glass panels lifted up and installed into the previously prepared aluminium channels on each balcony. The role of our rope access glass installation team was the external help to keep the glass panels safe from any other ceramic surfaces and keep them in the proper position and right direction to fit them into the channels smoothly. Our abseilers set them in line and in the right angle vertically with the special fixings. The great and really efficient teamwork have made this glass installation project absolutely seamless and really efficient. This quick action carried out in a couple of hours what have made our customers smiley. You can read much more about our balustrade glass installation and replacement projects in our glazing blog HERE.

Rope access glass & glazing maintenance

rope access glass maintenance

Rope access Glass and glazing maintenance is basic part of our glazing services. Change some gaskets or glazing beads, fix some loose balustrade glass panels or handrails can be essential glazing maintenance project on any buildings. Repair Abseiling professional glaziers have the ability and extensive experience in any rope access glazing works, glass replacement and rope access glass maintenance to keep these parts of the building safe and in perfect conditions at all times. Any loose glass units and/or missing nuts of the fixing or gaskets mean potential danger for everyone. In these cases the time and quick reaction could be essential to save the glass from any further damages and prevent any possible accidents. Our rope access glazing maintenance services saved a lot of glasses and thereby a lot of money for our customers so far.

Balcony glass, glazing repair

balcony balustrade glazing repairs

Balcony glass repair, glass replacement and balcony glazing repair works are also basic part of our rope access abseil glazing services. These heavy weight damaged balcony glass units on a high level of the building, require special working method for repair or replacement. These high level glazing projects can be carried out safely via rope access only by our abseiler glazier team. Our abseiling glazing solution provides the most safe, efficient and cost effective way for these projects. Balcony glazing repair or balcony glass replacement is a harness based work fundamentally. When the balcony glass is damaged or missing, the balcony becomes a danger zone. Falling from height is the most potential danger on any balcony glazing projects. Over the potential danger to working on the open edges of the balcony, the weight of the balcony glass units is the other challenge. These frameless toughened laminated 21.5mm or thicker balcony glass units can be between 90 – 250 Kg. Working with these heavy weight balcony glass units is our daily routine. Repair Abseiling Special Rope Access Services glazing specialists have extensive experience to approach to these parts of the building, carry out any lifting operation and move these heavy weight glass units safely. Balcony glazing repair is a special glazing project. It looks easy and simple, but carry out safely and efficiently can be really difficult. Repair Abseiling Limited can manage these balcony glazing repair and balcony glass replacement projects safely and economically reasonable way.

Balustrade glass repairs, glass replacement

Balcony balustrade glass repairs and balustrade glass replacement can be a complicated glazing project, even if the balcony on a high level of the building. Balcony balustrade glass repair can cover simple repair works of any chips, scratches on the surface, alignment, glass polishing or in case of a shuttered glass balustrade, a comprehensive replacement project. The most common issue usually, in our practice is the broken, shuttered balustrade glass, caused by some external mechanical impact or a “mysterious” NSi. In these cases the glass balustrade replacement is inevitable. This type of glass balustrade repair ( glass balustrade replacement ) requires special skills, special equipment and working method what is a speciality of our glazier team. Our glass suppliers provide any types, shapes and colours for these glass balustrade installation or replacement projects. It can be a framed, “bolt-on” single pane or a frameless glass balustrade what can be laminated and toughened, maybe coloured glass. Our glazing services provides all aspects of any glass balustrade installation, repair or replacement.

Glazing refurbishment

Glazing refurbishment is a comprehensive glazing project what covers any glazing repairs, glass replacement, repair or replace the fixings and gaskets or other waterproofing of the glazed system. Our professional abseiler glazier team completes any glazing repair, glass replacement, glass polishing, repairs of the glazing or aluminium system, gasket replacement and comprehensive waterproofing. One of our most complex glazing refurbishment project completed at Haywards Heath, Sussex House, Collinson Building, where a fully glazed atrium (160 no. glass units) and its all joints, pressure plates, gaskets and mastic waterproofing have been refurbished. This glazing refurbishment project required a glass replacement of one delicate broken glass unit above the main entrance, take all pressure plates off and replace all gaskets of the entire system. All mullion and transom joints, corners and ridges have been taken apart, inspected, cleaned properly and built again using 960 metres new gaskets. You can read more about this glazing refurbishment project HERE

General glazing services

Our general glazing services division Property Maintenance Contractors provides comprehensive glazing and glass maintenance services from the easiest glazing repair glass replacement, shop window glass polishing and scratch removal to the most complicated high level glazing projects. PMC covers all areas of any glazing projects in London.

Glass issues

The most common glass issue in our practice is the s.c. Nickel Sulphide inclusion . It is a “mysterious” phenomenon, caused by the concentration of some (residue) components of the glass, what can cause extra, hidden internal tension inside the glass, generated by the heat treatment process. It is a rare, hidden factory error, but it is an existing issue unfortunately. In these cases the toughened glass is shattering spontaneously, without any external impact or previous sign. When toughened safety glass is shattering, it is shattering for a million small pieces what cannot hurt anyone (seriously). However the better solution for this glass safety requirement is the lamination of the toughened glass, named laminated toughened glass. This lamination layer between the glasses hold the shattered glass fragments together. This type of laminated glass can be used for any glazing works, frameless structural glazing and balustrade glazing mainly, but it is a basic requirement for partition glasses as well.