Repair Abseiling rope access mastic application services is specialised in all type of mastic installation and mastic waterproofing in London

rope access mastic application

Repair Abseiling rope access mastic application services offers the most professional mastic execution on any building surfaces and gaps, between glass & glass, brick & brick, stone, window frames, door frames, expansion joints, …etc.

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Rope access mastic installation /construction site projects/

Repair Abseiling Limited’s professional mastic men abseilers are specialised in all types of rope access mastic application, silicon sealing and waterproofing projects which requires special skills and special access solutions. Missing, cracked or damaged mastic sealing in any brickwork movement (expansion) joints, around window frames, structural glazing or other glass-works are all our specialities even via rope access. These types of special mastic installation and repair is a crucial part of our abseiling services in London. Countless miles of high quality mastic lines were completed in the previous years on all imaginable surfaces by our highly skilled abseilers. We are prepared for any difficult access solutions by our mobile anchor system if there is no available tested and certified abseiling anchor points or abseiling system on the roof area. Mastic application is a fundamental part of our cladding, glazing, roofing, maintenance and leak repair projects generally. Different building materials ( metal, stone, brick, glass …etc.) and different building surfaces require different type of mastic sealants and mastic application methods. The adequately set proper mastic sealant, after the perfect surface preparation can function for a long time. There are some well-known mastic manufacturer who provides a long lasting guaranty for their products next to the perfect application method. By our decades of experience in mastic application we improved this special application method, using rope access techniques, keeping all advices and instructions of the manufacturer. Repair Abseiling Ltd. provides the most professional abseiler team for any mastic application via rope access. Our comprehensive knowledge about the structural system helps us to chose the most adequate mastic sealant and the best application method. Our rope access team completes a lot of mastic application projects every year, improved this skills and knowledge for perfection.

Mastic waterproofing at Korean Embassy, London

Mastic waterproofing (weatherproofing) repair project carried out at Korean Embassy, London. This delicate building has suffered a serious leaking issue for a long time. The internal office refurbishment project required the resolution of this serious issue what affected all newly refurbished offices of this building section. Repair Abseiling professional mastic men abseilers surveyed this affected elevations where some crucial mastic joint were missing absolutely. As the vertical joints of this high level glazing work led the rainwater into the mullioned structure straight away, this serious leaking issue was understandable immediately the thorough cladding inspection and survey. Meanwhile the mastic waterproofing project carried out by our abseiler mastic men, the picture documentation and detailed report has been set up about the real reason of this leaking issue. You can read more about this project in our water ingress inspection post HERE

UPVC window masticing at Belgrave Heights, London

When window installation or replacement comes up then the proper mastic or silicon application means the waterproof shield of the system on all perimeters of the joints. Our professional rope access mastic application services satisfy all demands in this industry. Mastic application requires professional tradesmen (mastic-man) with professional knowledge even in these cases when the application method far more complicated performing it via rope access. Our abseiling services in London provides this professional mastic sealing services via rope access. Our customers saved a lot of money and time through our special mastic services when the access is difficult or the expensive scaffold system is not reasonable. Repair Abseiling takes a big effort to improve and polish this unique skills every day and train all team members for the highest quality achievement.

Mastic movement (expansion) joint of brickwork via rope access

Repair Abseiling completes miles of comprehensive rope access mastic sealing project in London every year. This abseiling brickwork expansion mastic joint installation project completed on a Bellway Homes construction site where a lot of missing movement joints and pointing of the brickwork required our professional rope access mastic application services. This type of mastic movement joint application is fundamental part of the brickwork covered building surfaces. When the time is over and the general access to the surface is no longer available, Repair Abseiling’s professional mastic man abseilers always here to help. Our customer could hand this project over on time and on budget with our assistance. Two inaccessible elevation eighteen “drop” and 47 metres movement joint line in total completed in three days. This achievement based on our extensive rope access and mastic application experience what our professional abseilers performed perfectly. Repair Abseiling improved the most effective and safe working method to this delicate job. The mastic sealing has to be beautiful and absolute waterproof, completed safely and efficiently kept in the time frame and the budget.
Repair Abseiling Rope Access Mastic Sealing Services offers the most competitive service in this industry.

Mastic application around window frames

Mastic and silicone application around window frames and other fenestration must provide watertight sealing and shielding against the weather conditions. Window frame masticing is essential in any building process and window or glass installation project. Sometimes, when this mastic sealing around the window frames is missing or poor and leaking, our professionals can identify repair it and eliminate the leaking issue. Repair Abseiling Special Rope Access Mastic Services proud to provide the most professional leak inspection, mastic application and mastic repair services in London.

Abseiler mastic man, mastic sealing

Abseiler mastic-man must have a solid ability and comprehensive knowledge to carry out any type of mastic application project via rope access. As mastic application and waterproofing is a basic part of our general services. Our professional abseiler team has to perform a lot of mastic sealing project on various surfaces every year. Our abseiler mastic-man team completes miles of brickwork expansion – expanding joints, window frame sealants, glass and cladding joints …etc every year. Repair Abseiling Rope Access Mastic Application Services completed professional mastic application on many landmarks of London where the brilliant aesthetic surface was the same requirement as the perfect waterproofing. Installing mastic sealant between glass and glass or other (smooth) metal cladding surfaces requires absolutely different method, technique, materials and knowledge than carry out mastic application next to any stone or brick surfaces. Our expert mastic men manage any type of mastic application via rope access what’s required on any building structure or surfaces.

Silicone mastic application at Selfridges, London

rope access silicone sealing

Abseiling mastic silicone sealant application carried out via rope access by our abseilers at Selfridge’s, London. High quality silicon or mastic application is essential when glass replacement or glass installation comes up. Repair Abseiling professional abseilers sealed around all glass panels, handrails and marble joints on that area. Complete this delicate silicon and mastic installation project via rope access requires the most professional abseilers. This performance in this famous landmark of London is one of our highest value reference.

Leak detection and mastic sealing repair

abseiling water ingress elimination

Mastic sealing repair is a fundamental part of our leak detection and repair services. All joints of any cladding, coping, window frames, glass-work, curtain wall, brickwork …etc. should be sealed around properly with adequate mastic sealants to fulfil the waterproof function of these joints. Sometimes the structure sometimes the mastic sealing is failed what can lead to a really awkward and unwanted leaking (water ingress) issue. These mastic leaking issues are experienced mainly on the internal parts of the building what can cause further serious damages on the internal paintwork, carpets and other internal surfaces. As these joints are hidden usually by the visible rain-screen, cladding, coping or other structures,  finding these weak points of the mastic waterproofing is a huge challenge. In these cases, sometimes, we have to take apart all external (rain-screen, cladding, coping …etc.) structure to find the real source of the water ingress.

Sealing of glazing systems

Rope access sealing, masticing and waterproofing on any rope access glazing works, what require adequate structural glazing mastic work and perfect mastic application is our speciality. Repair Abseiling Rope Access Services provides professional abseiler mastic men for sealing of any cladding and glazing system. It can be the final fixing of the glass or just a waterproofing around the perimeters, but the quality of this mastic work must be perfect. Professional rope access mastic work and silicon compatible EPDM application is also one of our specialities what is inseparable part of our high level glazing repair and high level glass replacement projects. However sometimes the original glazing gasket require attention. The gaskets of the glazing system is essential and not just for the waterproofing. It has to hold in place the glass in some glazing system. The gaskets can getting old and worn, loosing its flexibility by the external weather conditions and UV. In these cases the replacement of the gasket only can save a lot of money and head ache to the owners.

Mastic waterproofing, but not rope access only

mastic waterproofing

Not only rope access mastic application and silicon sealing is undertaken by our abseiling mastic team. Our team complete a lot of comprehensive, but not harness based leak inspection and waterproofing project on a daily basis. These projects require a extensive knowledge of the cladding and/or curtain wall system and other building structures. Taking apart high level glazing systems safely, find and repair all imperfection of the original waterproofing an mastic application, is our daily routine. This knowledge and experience helps us to set up the best quotation for these projects. Repair Abseiling Rope Access Mastic Team provides safe and professional mastic waterproofing service on all buildings in any situations.