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Our abseiling services in London provides the highest quality, safe, flexible and most affordable building and maintenance services for any individual residential customers, companies or other associates and construction projects if the access is restricted or difficult.

Our abseiling services in London

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This flexible access solution is incomparable with any others, like scaffolding, MEWP (cherry pickers, scissor lifts, …etc) or other powered access. Abseiling works, carried out by our professional and highly trained professional abseiler team can be a safe and efficient way to complete any external building maintenance, building, repair or cleaning project. Repair Abseiling Limited abseiling services in London carries out the widest variety of special high level /abseiling/ maintenance, repair and cleaning projects on a daily basis, throughout London. Our comprehensive abseiling services can satisfy all special demands of our customers. Based on our decades of experience in this industry we can provide the highest quality abseiling service with the best prices in London. Abseiling is the best alternative option for the access difficulties. Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most professional and experienced, IRATA trained abseiler team with a constant, professional on-site management and supervision for the highest quality performance, carrying out and complete even the most complicated abseiling project in London. Our abseiler team works safely with a 100% efficiency without any negative feedback.

Thank you for taking your time to visit our website. You can find the most comprehensive abseiling services here if you are looking for the best abseiling team in London for any of your special projects.

Abseiling services and rope access works are generally associated with window cleaning only, however this special access solution hides far more possibilities in the building maintenance, construction and general building repair industry. Our professional abseiling services offers safe, quick and affordable access solution if any other traditional access solution are impossible or not reasonable for the actual works. Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most professional and comprehensive abseiling services in London. We can safely and efficiently manage any water ingress inspection and leaking roof repairs, roofing and roof repair, guttering and gutter cleaning, brickwork and pointing, building and window painting or even the most complex rope access glazing and glass replacement, cladding inspection and repair, masticing and many other construction abseiling projects. It also contains professional building cleaning and window cleaning, but our main aim is covering all possible areas of the abseiling maintenance, repair and abseiling engineering industry. Carry out any high level roofing, high level gutter cleaning & repairs on any high rise buildings or fragile roof surfaces and manage any special access situation on any traditional 3-4 storey Victorian, Georgian and terraced buildings can be challenging for traditional firms, but our professional abseiler team is prepared for these situations by our creativity, based on our decades of experience and non destructive mobile anchor systems. These mobile anchor systems are the proper resolution for all safety requirement in case of almost any access difficulties. Carry out abseiling works on any newly built building, where rope access / abseiling is a planned, calculated and prepared access method by the tested and certified eye-bolts, davit arms or other specified access solutions is a relatively easy undertaking, but the actual tasks (cladding, masticing, roofing, …etc) still require professional and experienced workforce for the perfect result. Providing these special abseiling services in London for any construction projects are also on our repertoire. Our team carries out numerous complicated cladding and curtain walling projects really often on many landmarks of London where the construction process requires our professional abseiler assistance. As the professional waterproofing and mastic application is also a basic part of any construction and construction snagging project, Repair Abseiling Limited is specialised for these tasks. Our achievement by the completed, miles of high quality mastic joints on various surfaces and numerous sites have reinforced our reputation in this industry already.

Property Maintenance Contractors, our general building and property maintenance division just has been launched by Repair Abseiling Limited. This general maintenance division also provides all abseiling services in London what is offered by Repair Abseiling Limited.

About our abseiling company in London

Repair Abseiling Limited is a “small” family business, providing one of the most professional abseiling services in London, Greater London. We are highly motivated to provide the highest quality services with a long lasting solution. Based on our reputation, 99 % achievement with no negative feedback and our satisfied customers, we can state that our abseiling services is outstanding compared with any other abseiling companies in London. Our abseiling company covers all areas of this special industry. You can follow our abseiling company’s social media sites on Facebook and LinkedIn where you can get much more information about our abseiling services, ongoing and recent projects and more. Repair Abseiling Limited is one of the best of any abseiling companies in London, Greater London.

Repair Abseiling Limited is a registered abseiling company in England and Wales.

Our services:

Glazing, glass replacement

Repair Abseiling Limited glazing services provides professional residential and commercial high level glazing repairs, high level glass replacement, balustrade glazing and atrium glazing services throughout London. Our professional, highly trained and experienced abseiler team carries out any special abseiling glazing project safely and efficiently, however these glazing services do not restricted special high level – rope access glazing projects only. London Glazing Repairs, our general glazing division undertakes and carries out any “ordinary” glazing projects from commercial glazing and shop window repair or installation to any high volume construction projects, where glazing and glass installation is coming up. Read more about our glazing projects HERE

  • rope access DGU replacement
  • balustrade glass replacement
  • glass balustrade replacement
  • residential balustrade glass replacement
  • toggled structural glass replacement
  • commercial glass replacement
  • high level double glazed unit replacement
  • atrium glazing repairs
  • architectural roof glazing
  • abseiling glaziers
  • high level glazing glass replacement
  • high level residential glazing
  • high level glazing installation
  • high level glazing
  • repair abseiling high level glazing works
  • rope access glazing glass replacement

Roofing, roof repairs

Roofing and roof repairs belong to the most complicated abseiling services in our practice. Approaching to any pitched, slated or tiled roofs and manage the safe access, without the damage of any parts of the roof is challenging, but our roofer specialist team can manage these difficulties with a daily routine. It requires prepared abseiler team with proper experience about any high level roofing, steep pitch and flat roofs, lead-work, flashing, zinc roof …etc. We work together with some roofing companies (MAC Roofing, Kingsley Roofing) if they need high level roofing specialist for the safe working method. Read more about our roofing projects HERE

  • high level steep pitched roof repairs
  • steep pitched slated roof repairs
  • leaking roof repairs
  • zinc roof repairs
  • lead flashing installation
  • leadwork installation
  • tiled roof repairs abseiling
  • high level roofing
  • high level roof repair
  • rope access slated roof repair without scaffolding
  • rope access roofing repair
  • rope access abseiling leaking roof repairs
  • high level leaking roofing, roof repairs

Building painting, window painting

Repair Abseiling Limited abseiling painting services provides any high rise building painting and window painting, varnishing, brick dyeing, commercial, residential and tower-block building painting in London. Read more about our painting projects HERE.

  • abseiling building painting
  • abseiling window sill painting
  • abseiling crittall window painting
  • crittall window glazing repairs
  • crittall window repairs
  • abseiling historical building painting
  • abseiling painting redecorating
  • rope access building painting
  • abseiling painting preparation
  • abseiling plastering
  • abseiling window painting
  • rope access sash window painting
  • abseil painting
  • painting re-decorating
  • abseil painting remedial works
  • abseiling metal window painting

Brickwork, pointing repairs

Our brickwork and pointing repair services covers any brick replacement, chimney stack repairs, pointing & repointing projects, wall stitching using Helibar system, installing brick slip tiles, repairing scaffolding issues on any brick walls, brick tinting & dyeing, rendering and other surface finishing repairs.

  • brick slip tile installation
  • abseiling brickwork repairs
  • abseiling rendering repairs
  • chimney re-pointing rope access
  • abseiling chimney pointing repairs
  • rope access flaunching repairs
  • chimney pointing
  • abseiling tile flashing pointing
  • rope access chimney stack re-pointing
  • rope access chimney pointing repairs
  • rope access chimney pointing
  • rope access brickwork repairs
  • brick pointing repair abseiling
  • pointing abseilers
  • rope access abseiling brick tinting
  • abseiling brickwork restoration
  • abseiling brick restoration
  • abseiling pointing restoration
  • rope access pointing
  • rope access brickwork repairs
  • abseiling window lintell pointing

Guttering, gutter cleaning

High level gutter cleaning without scaffolding is available in our services. Out abseiler team carries out abseiling guttering & gutter cleaning projects on any residential and commercial buildings in London. We can access safely any roofs and buildings to carry out professional gutter hoovering and cleaning with no mess around.

  • gutter cleaning without scaffolding
  • atrium glass cleaning
  • high level gutter repair emergency
  • commercial gutter cleaning without scaffolding
  • high level gutter cleaning without scaffolding
  • emergency roof repairs without scaffolding
  • gully cleaning without scaffolding
  • high level gutter hoovering
  • rope access gutter cleaning
  • high level gutter cleaning
  • high level gutter survey
  • high level guttering
  • High level gutter hoovering
  • rope access gutter repair
  • rope access down pipe reinforcement
  • rope access gutter cleaning

Leaking roof inspection and repairs

Abseiling leak inspection and repair services is one of our most busy abseiling services in London. Our experienced specialist abseiler team carries out leaking roof repair, mastic repair, pointing and other leak repair projects on a daily basis throughout London. The most common issue is when faulty roofs require leaking roof repairs. These issues hit slated, tiled and flat roof structures, but nor rare, when we have to repair and making waterproof again glass atria roof systems as well, like on Sussex House – Haywards Heath, Marriott Hotel – Kensington, and many other smaller conservatory glass roofs. Read more about our leak inspection and repair projects HERE

  • leak inspection and repair
  • leaking roof inspection without scaffolding
  • water ingress inspection and repairs
  • rope access window cleaning
  • leaking slate roof repairs
  • leaking roof repairs
  • abseiling flaunching repairs
  • leaking valley repairs
  • leaking gully relining
  • liquid waterproofing system application
  • leak repairs
  • liquid waterproofing roof repairs
  • liquid waterproofing high level roofing
  • cleaning cast iron gutters
  • slated roof repair without scaffolding
  • leaking roof inspection without scaffolding
  • water ingress inspection & leaking roof repairs
  • high level roof repairs without scaffolding
  • leak inspection and repair
  • high level glazing maintenance
  • roofing, roof repairs high rise building
  • commercial property painting
  • atrium leak inspection and repair
  • residential roof repair without scaffolding
  • abseiling slate cladding repairs
  • high level roofing
  • water test waterproofing inspection
  • atrium maintenance without scaffolding
  • leak inspection waterproofing
  • mastic joint leak detection
  • rope access leak inspection
  • abseilers cladding rope access
  • leaking slated roof rope access
  • abseilers curtain wall mastic
  • curtain wall fixing

Rendering, plastering


Concrete repairs


Mastic application, waterproofing

Our abseiling services covers the most professional abseiling mastic services in London. It is one of the main speciality of our abseiler team. Mastic application is a general part of any waterproofing, snagging, glazing, cladding, brickwork and pointing projects, however we always ready for any mastic repair projects too, like on the Korean Embassy – London, Bridge Academy – Hackney, Brettenham House – Waterloo, …etc. You can read plenty more about our mastic projects HERE

  • mastic abseiling
  • window frame masticing
  • abseiling mastic repair
  • abseiling mastic
  • rope access brickwork masticing
  • window masticing rope access
  • rope access mastic application
  • abseilers curtain wall mastic

Cladding, curtain wall installation

Abseiling cladding installation and repair , cladding inspection and survey is one of our most demanded abseiling services in London. Our experience in cladding installation and curtain wall installation projects have been forged on the building process of many landmarks of London. Our team have installed and repaired aluminium, ceramic, stone and GRC systems, designed and installed zinc (VM Zinc) cladding, and carried out a lot of relating cladding inspection and testing projects (water test, fire barrier inspection) on numerous sites already. Ceramic cladding system at Otto House, Hackney, aluminium system at Canaletto – London, OPTO Village – Luton, Platinum Riverside – Greenwich, Newall Court – London, …etc. Read more about our cladding projects HERE

  • vm zinc cladding installation abseiling
  • abseiling services
  • abseiling cladding repairs
  • high level architectural glazing
  • abseiling leak repair
  • Abseiling cladding installation
  • abseiling - rope access cladding installation
  • abseiling cladding fixers
  • rope access curtain wall glazing
  • abseilers cladding installation
  • rope access curtain walling
  • abseiling cladding installation
  • rope access construction services
  • abseiling cladding

Building maintenance generally

Building maintenance generally, is the most basic abseiling service of Repair Abseiling Limited. Our team carries out building maintenance projects from top to bottom of the building on a daily basis. This professional maintenance service covers any residential properties, and block properties, which require rope access building maintenance. Read more about our maintenance projects HERE

  • gutter vacuuming without scaffolding
  • atrium window cleaning
  • abseiling builders cleaning
  • lead coping installation rope access
  • reach & wash cleaning
  • AOV cleaning
  • pressure washing
  • brick cleaning
  • abseiling tile flashing pointing
  • rope access chimney pointing repairs
  • liquid waterproofing high level roofing
  • abseiling historical building painting

Window cleaning, building cleaning

Abseiling is associated with window cleaning immediately, however this advanced and efficient access solution hides much more opportunity for any other building maintenance issues as well. Our professional team also clean windows and other building surfaces on any high rise buildings, residential or commercial buildings and tower blocks, however we can provide any general and ordinary cleaning and window cleaning services too, such as reach’n wash, office cleaning. site cleaning and builders cleaning works.

  • atrium window cleaning
  • atria window cleaning
  • rope access building cleaning
  • window cleaning abseil
  • AOV cleaning
  • pressure washing
  • building cleaning abseiling
  • abseiling steam cleaning
  • brick cleaning
  • atria roof window cleaning
  • tower block window cleaning
  • reach'n wash window cleaning
  • abseil window cleaning
  • window cleaner abseilers
  • rope access builders clean
  • special window cleaning abseiling

Sign – signage installation and removal

Signage and banner installation are also belongs to our professional abseiling services. Our abseiler team installed numerous LED signages at Triangle Building Hammersmith, heavy weight signs at Hotel Marriott, Kensington, and many other smaller signages, banners and advertisements. You can read more about these sign installation projects HERE.

Flue pipe replacement & installation

Gas engineering services, like Swale Heating and many other smaller boiler installation companies utilise our special abseiling services for the replacement or installation of flue pipes and chimneys, where the access is difficult or require abseiling assistance.