Camberwell New Road, London

During this difficult lock-down period caused by COVID-19, our special abseiling services seems to be essential sometimes. One of our regular customer (Gena PM) has been informed by a resident that a loose and dangerous building part jeopardise the pedestrians on the street below. As this situation required immediate reaction, our abseiler team started to organise all necessary precautions and the emergency works promptly. Set the adequate exclusion zone below the work area is the most basic safety measurement on any rope access work, but in this case it was essential immediately, in the first instance, before any work started. Any emergency building maintenance is essential to be done asap, avoiding any accident or further damage of the building structures. This damaged zinc clad was a part of the industrial size, box-gutter system what gutters have been cleaned by us previously, for few months. Our abseiler team placed and fixed these zinc sheets back and reinforced the structure temporarily. Despite of our effort the proper remedial work of this damaged gutter section requires further planning and assistance later on. Repair Abseiling Limited provides the most comprehensive building maintenance and remedial services in London what covers any external or internal repair, cleaning and survey, required special access solutions.