Abseiling glazing repairs, London

Abseiling glazing repairs in Greenwich Peninsula, London

Abseiling glazing repair / balcony balustrade glass replacement/ accomplished by Repair Abseiling Rope Access Glazing Services at Greenwich Peninsula, London. Our professional abseilers completed this frameless balustrade glass replacement as a rope access structural glazing project on this newly built residential block in London. Four broken balustrade glasses required our abseiling assistance on the same elevation of this building. Interestingly all four glasses has broken spontaneously on the same way with any reasonable reason or impact by the residents. It could be caused by the rare tempered glass issue, named “nickel-sulphide inclusion (NSi)”. Based on the most reasonable quotation and detailed description our customer (Alliance Managing Agents Ltd.) gave us a full order for completion. The safe working method of this abseiling glazing repair project could be sorted out by rope access only. As all external fixings of these glass units and the cladding was inaccessible on any other reasonable and safe way the assistance of Repair Abseiling’s  high level glazing team was inevitable. The safe manner of this complex harness based abseiling glass installation project required constant attachment to the safety line. When the metal handrail what hold the balustrade system together has been taken off the balustrade glass system became unsafe. As the glass panels individually couldn’t provide reliable resistance against any forces, the balcony became a danger zone. As the broken glass unit had to be taken off the constant usage of the safety line was a fundamental safety requirement on this abseiling glazing repair project. Abseiling to the work area, take the external fixings off, take the balustrade glass system apart, change these broken 98 kg glass units and complete each projects safely and efficiently is our daily routine. Next to the minimum disruption of the residents, this fast, professional and seamless performance have made our customers really satisfied. Our services generally contains the inspection of all aspect of the issue and carry out the necessary maintenance to avoid any further similar situation. As leak detection and repair is one of our other basic service and some gaskets of the cladding system were missing, or they were partly damaged on the main elevation, our team sorted this awkward situation with some adequate mastic application. We are always happy to make our customer and all residents happy with our professional discipline performance and quick completion. Repair Abseiling Limited glazing division always ready to complete any high level glazing repair or high level glass replacement project from a replacement of any double glazed unit to the most complicated shop window replacement.

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