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Rope access brickwork | abseiling

Repair Abseiling professional abseilers have decades of experience in rope access high level brickwork repair and pointing projects. Brickwork /bricklaying/ is the most common way to build buildings. Using bricks as a cladding on any pre-casted and unitised newly built buildings, even high rise buildings is still really popular. These types of brick structures and pointing require repair sometimes. Brick, as a building material is a basic, but really important part of the construction industry what highly preferred to use on a lot of buildings. When the brickwork requires maintenance on any newly built or traditional buildings, because the bricks or pointing is getting in bad condition and requires attention. Any exterior brickwork, even if it’s exposed to the weather conditions, (caused by faulty guttering, missing coping, air humidity and pollution, sunshine and UV, wind… etc and other common environmental impacts) require repair or replacement sometimes. These rope access brickwork repair projects cannot be complete without professional pointing or pointing repair works. The most common brickwork issue is when the brickwork is exposed to the weather conditions and the rainwater, what can reach the surface and soaking up to the building structures causing a serious damp issue inside the wall, on the internal paint work and other internal areas. These issues appear mainly on the gable ends and around the chimney stacks where the rainwater can hit and wash the wall directly. However some creeper plant (ivy or similar) or a faulty gutter system can cause a similar, sometimes most sever issues too. The rainwater can damage the brick structure and the pointing completely. In these cases the rope access brickwork repair can be really difficult and much more expensive project. Repair Abseiling brickwork repair services completes a lot of additional leak detection, plant removal and guttering works on a daily basis what is the main reason of these brickwork issues. Rope access high level brickwork and pointing repair project can be carried out only after that the source of the leaking issue is eliminated. When the access is difficult and other access solutions are not possible or not reasonable, Repair Abseiling provides professional abseiler workforce with professional tools (dust extractors, mortar rake tools… etc.),  to these rope access brickwork and pointing repair projects.

rope access brickwork repairs

Rope access brickwork and pointing repair also occur on some newly built buildings, even when some issue revealed just after that the scaffold is gone. In these cases our abseiling services can replace missing bricks and mortar pointing around window frames, below copings and window sills, however sometimes bigger damaged wall sections require our assistance. As a flexible movement (expansion) joint is fundamental part of our brickwork services Repair Abseiling mastic-men completes miles of mastic movement (expansion) joint application on a daily bases.

rope access brickwork masticing

Rope access brickwork repair

Rope access brickwork repair completed at Lansbury Square E14, London, on a Bellway construction site. This brickwork is heavily damaged by the fixings of the wrongly installed advertisement on this inaccessible part of the building. As any other access solution wasn’t possible to this wall section, Repair Abseiling professional rope access brickwork repair team has got the order from Bellway to repair this structure. Carrying out brickwork via rope access is not a usual way for any bricklayer projects. Moving all materials, bricks, mortar and using safely all bricklayer tools can be challenging, but sometimes there is no other acceptable or reasonable way for that. As some of our team members have decades of experience in brickwork and pointing industry, even carrying out by rope access, this rope access brickwork repair project completed seamlessly. Our team has restored and built this damaged brick wall section back, brick by brick.

After that all surfaces of the remaining stable brickwork cleaned properly and all residue of the original mortar removed, started the real rope access brickwork repair. All brick has been cut to size in advance on the ground, based on the pattern of the original brickwork. Each brick sent up one by one safely in a secured bag to our operative. Kept all basic rules of general bricklaying and follow the pattern of the original brickwork this rope access brickwork repair progressed quickly. Laying the bricks next to each others and embed them into the adequate mortar in line and level is a real trade-work. It looks easy, but it requires advanced skills and a lot of experience for the perfect result even via rope access.

Brick replacement

Next to this major issue there were some spots around windows and other surfaces where some missing or damaged brick required rope access brick replacement works. Some spots, where the scaffold fixed in or touched the wall, the brickwork couldn’t be completed perfectly by the bricklayers. These spots could be repaired only when the scaffold is gone and these surfaces became accessible. As the bricklayers cannot work on the scaffold what is under dismantling, the completion had to be carry out after that the scaffold has gone. Sometimes, when any powered access solution is not possible anymore around the building, because of the landscaping or other restriction, these brick replacement works can be completed via rope access only. Repair Abseiling Limited provides professional rope access brickwork repair, brick replacement and brick pointing repair services in London

rope access brick replacement

Brick pointing repair

Brick pointing and pointing repair via rope access can be challenging, but not for our abseiler team. Our abseiling brick pointing services provides the most comprehensive abseil pointing repair services in London. We can manage any difficulties of any inaccessible brickwork and pointing issue. Repair any leaking, old and worn brick pointing on any buildings is our daily routine. You can read more about our abseiling brick pointing projects HERE.

Brickwork restoration

Comprehensive brickwork restoration completed at Chelsea House, Kensington. As the fixing holes of the previously used scaffold system repaired inadequately, our abseiler team carried out a professional brick restoration and pointing repair project and clear away all traces of the scaffold system. Brickwork restoration, using perfect colour match high quality materials to spirit away any damage or imperfection of the brickwork is one of our speciality. You can read more about this project HERE.

Brickwork tinting, brick dye

Brickwork tinting is coming up when the original colour of the bricks or pointing requires refreshment. It can caused by the time, contamination, some repair what couldn’t reproduce the original colour, or just some error of the building process. Repair Abseiling provides comprehensive brickwork tinting services in London. You can read more about our painting and tinting projects HERE.

Brick sealing

Brick sealing is a basic finishing of any brickwork, even if it is highly exposed to the weather conditions. There are numerous clear liquid brick and stone sealant on the market, which provides long lasting protection against the heavy and drifting rain and downpours. Our abseiling painting services carries out brick & stone sealing using these well-known materials on any high rise buildings, tower blocks or other buildings in London. This type of waterproofing – weatherproofing is a fundamental part of the general pro-active building maintenance strategy on many buildings, where the huge wall surfaces exposed to the heavy rainfalls. As we can provide these types of comprehensive external building maintenance services without scaffolding (including any brickwork repair, dyeing, tinting and brick sealing), our specialist abseiler team always ready to carry out these special waterproofing projects.

Brickwork maintenance

Brickwork and pointing also require maintenance, cleaning and repair sometimes. This basic property maintenance service is also a part of our general maintenance division. Property Maintenance Contractors provides any high level and low level brickwork repair and brickwork maintenance in London, Greater London. High pressure steam cleaning, sand blasting, graffiti removal, pointing and brick repair, brick replacement and restoration are the main parts of this service, but the helibar reinforcement and stitching of any cracked and damaged brick wall sections is also available.