rope access concrete repair

Rope access concrete repairs

dangerous concrete removal

Repair Abseiling  rope access concrete repairs services provides GRC (glass reinforced concrete) and traditional concrete surface and concrete structure repair in London, Greater London. Cracked or damaged concrete surfaces, window sills and other concrete building structures can mean potential danger for everyone. The condensation or rainwater find the smallest crack or gap on the surface and getting into the structure of the concrete causing a serious destroying  damage inside on the ironing. The biggest issue is when the iron of the concrete starting to be rusty. The chemical reaction between the iron and water produce the rust on the surface what slowly but surely grove the volume of each affected iron bar. This hidden issue destroy the concrete and cause a serious danger the structure internally. Over the danger of the falling parts the maintenance and/or repair of the damaged concrete is really complicated and difficult sometimes, even the access is difficult. Repair Abseiling professional abseilers have extensive experience in concrete repair and reinforcement via rope access. Our abseiling services provides professional abseiler workforce for any concrete repair and reinforcement projects in London.

Rope access GRC glass reinforced concrete repair

abseiler GRC repair

Our professional abseilers completed rope access GRC (glass reinforced concrete) cladding panel installation, surface repair and painting at South Bank Tower, London. All newly installed GRC panels required some minor repairs on the corners and flat surfaces too. The “Jesmonite” system provided a perfect material to repair all imperfection  and create a homogeneous surface of the GRC panels. Unfortunately we have to face time to time some colour issue what is the most common  manufacturing problem. The colour of the repaired surfaces and all panels had to be adjusted to the colour chart and painted over by our abseiling painting team, with the same, but superfine “Jesmonite” system. This similar method (like “slurry wash”) provides perfect homogeneous view on any GRC and other stone surfaces.

GRC abseilers

Rope access concrete window sill repairs

Rope access concrete window sill repair and replacement is a fundamental part of any exterior refurbishment and maintenance projects. Unfortunately window sills are the one of the most exposed surfaces by the wet and rainy weather conditions, so they require some extra attention sometimes. Over the danger of some falling parts of the worn concrete, serious water ingress threaten the internal wall sections around the affected areas. Repair Abseiling provides the most cost effective concrete sill repair or replacement via rope access. Many cases in our practice e.g.: high rise buildings, above the conservatory or other extensions the scaffolding is not a possible or reasonable access solution, even compared the costs and efficiency with rope access.