Rope access concrete repair services

rope access concrete repair

Our experienced team provides professional rope access / abseiling concrete repair services in London. Concrete repairs and reinforcement, using traditional concrete mix either the highest quality Sika concrete repair systems or other GRC systems.

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dangerous concrete removal

Repair Abseiling Limited  rope access concrete repair services provides GRC (glass reinforced concrete) and traditional concrete surface and concrete structure repair in London, Greater London. Cracked and loose concrete surfaces and structures, window sills, lintels and other damaged concrete building parts can mean potential danger for everyone around, which requires attention and professional assistance. The chemicals (generated by the air pollution), condensation and rainwater find the smallest cracks or gaps on the surface getting deeply into the structure, causing thereby serious, destroying  damage inside the concrete. The biggest issue is when the iron reinforcement of the concrete is starting to be rusty, generated by the chemical reaction between the iron and water and other chemicals, producing a constantly growing layer of rust on the iron surfaces, which slowly but surely cracks and peels off the outer layers of the concrete. This hidden issue can destroy any iron reinforced concrete and cause a serious internal and external structural issues and concrete damages. Over the danger of any falling concrete parts the maintenance and repair also can mean serious headache, even if the access is difficult. Repair Abseiling professional abseilers have extensive experience in concrete repair and reinforcement via rope access. Our abseiling services provides professional abseiler workforce for any concrete repair and reinforcement projects in London.

Rope access GRC glass reinforced concrete repair

abseiler GRC repair

Our professional abseilers can carry out any rope access GRC (glass reinforced concrete) repairs, GRC cladding installation, surface repair and painting. Our team have completed GRC repairs and colouring on The South Bank Tower, The Canaletto, and many other smaller buildings throughout London, where the newly installed, pre-casted GRC building parts required professional assistance. Some newly installed GRC parts require smaller – bigger repairs (snagging) after the building process. We can repair chipped or broken corners, damaged surfaces, carry out professional cleaning, or some adjustment if necessary. Just a very few special GRC repair system provide proper materials to repair imperfections and damages  and create a homogeneous surface on the GRC parts. Colouring is the most common  manufacturing issue when a large number of GRC parts being used on the same building elevation and the colour of these decorative details are not in a harmony. In these cases the only option is the over painting, using adequate colouring materials or paint. This similar method (like “slurry wash”) provides perfect homogeneous view eventually on any GRC and other stone surfaces.

GRC abseilers

Rope access concrete window sill repairs

Concrete window sill repair and replacement is a fundamental part of our exterior refurbishment and maintenance projects. Window sills are one of the mostly exposed surfaces by the wet and rainy weather conditions, so these important building parts require some extra attention sometimes. Over the danger for some falling parts of the old and damaged concrete parts, these sills cannot function anymore and keep the water away from the building. Any cracks and other damages can let the rainwater inside the parapet and other wall structures, causing thereby serious water ingress and damp issues on the internal wall sections around the affected areas. In many cases e.g.: high rise buildings, above the conservatory or other extensions, …etc. when the scaffolding is not a possible or not reasonable access solution, Repair Abseiling Limited provides professional services for any concrete repair, concrete window sill repair, replacement or restauration.

Repairing concrete walls

One of our latest concrete repair and comprehensive building painting project carried out at The Athenaeum Hotel – Mayfair, London. Our professional abseiler team removed all loose and damaged concrete parts carefully, cleaned the iron reinforcement and other (concrete) surfaces thoroughly, and repaired all damages, using traditional cement mix on some spots and Sika Monotop system. All previously painted surfaces cleaned thoroughly with pressure washer and prepared for painting. As the management wants to get the highest quality in this project, our team used the highest quality Keim Royalan Exterior Paint for painting.

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Securing unstable concrete structures

Alfa Laval Tower is an old concrete office building, under demolition, next to the A4 at Brentford. As the residents of the next door building and around experienced dangerously falling debris from the damaged concrete structures, Repair Abseiling Limited have been hired to remove all dangerous parts and secure the open ends and damaged parts of these concrete wall sections.