Residential property maintenance

Residential property maintenance is one of our main and fundamental abseiling service. Carry out any building maintenance and repair projects safely and efficiently, even via rope access, requires a specially prepared, experienced and professional abseiler team. Based on our professional skills, Repair Abseiling Limited is a trusted contractor of numerous construction (J.Coffey, M-Price, FK, Alucraft, …), residential property and commercial building management companies (Alliance, TLC, Hamptons, L&Q, Rendall & Rittner… etc.) throughout London. As the vast majority of the traditional residential buildings are struggling with some absolute basic issues (leaking roof, damaged and clogged gutters, …etc.), caused by the difficult access to certain surfaces or structures, our rope access abseiling services specialised in to offer the most reasonable resolution for these projects. Our team provides a huge variety of external building maintenance services, from the repairs of leaking and damaged roofs, clean or repair clogged and faulty gutters, and adequate water management keeping the building dry, to the painting and re-decorating external surfaces, repair brickwork and pointing or just clean the windows. One of our latest residential property maintenance project have been completed in Kensington on a three storey residential building, where the long ago experienced leaking issue required complex repair works. Our vast experience in these cases, professional planning for the repairs and the ability to manage these issues safely and efficiently for reasonable costs, even via rope access, lifted our abseiling company to the right level as the most competitive candidate of this residential property maintenance project. All water ingress inspection and repair starts with the roof and gutter system. As the the collected rainwater on the roof wasn’t directed properly into the wrongly set, undersized gutter, all excess rainwater was running on and soaked the brickwork below, causing sever damp issue inside the flats. This basic error of the rainwater management have been eliminated with the adequate size gutter and down-pipe fitting, being set up to the right sloping, directed all rainwater straight into the down-pipe. The other serious leaking issue experienced on the mid level of the building caused by the aged, cracked and worn concrete window sills. This horizontal part of the windows, by its drip edges would be dedicated to keep away all rainwater from the lower building structures and wall sections. As these sills have been made and set up without any dripping edges and the worn joints and deep cracks provided free way for the flowing rainwater inwards to the building structures, the experienced leaking issue below becomes understandable immediately. External residential property maintenance is always a complex undertaking what requires multi-skilled and experienced abseilers. Setting up dripping edges, repair the cracks with adequate exterior flexible filler, make the surfaces homogeneous and paint the sills over on a professional way can be challenging, even if it needs to be carried out via rope access, but our professional abseiler team has a daily routine in these projects. Our property maintenance division (Property Maintenance Contractors) provides the most comprehensive general and special residential and commercial property maintenance services from care taker services, window cleaning, interior and exterior regular cleaning, to the most complicated repairs.