Rope access rendering, plastering

rope access rendering plastering

Our professional rope access / abseiling rendering and plastering services offers great alternatives for any rendering and plastering repairs in London. We have decades of experience in these projects.

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Repair Abseiling Limited provides professional rope access lime mortar rendering, rendering repair and plastering services in London, Greater London. Some rendered or concrete parts of the buildings require attention sometimes. These surfaces are highly exposed to the rain and other weather conditions, which can highly affect the general conditions of the rendering, stuccos, window surroundings,, …etc. These natural forces can destroy the rendering and the wall structures what can result damping issues internally. These problems can be observed mainly on gable-ends, rear elevations, seaside properties and external chimney stacks where the building surfaces mostly exposed to the weather conditions. The rendering on the building dedicated to defend the building structures (walls, brickwork, …etc) from the external weather impacts and extend the lifetime of the brickwork. When the rendering is getting old and worn, covered by moss and the essential minerals starting to leave by the evaporating rainwater or moisture then the mortar cannot fulfil its role anymore. This issue, caused by a so called “salt efflorescence” affects the pointing and brickwork structures too. Many cases in our practice the faulty and leaking gutter system or leaking roof cause water ingress issues and soak the external surfaces, which destroy the rendering, plastering and paintwork. In these cases the main rendering or rendering repair projects are extended with the elimination of this unwanted impact. Our abseiler team has extensive experience in any leaking issue inspection and other relating external building maintenance projects without scaffolding.

Rendering can give various surface finish of the building, but the most common rendering is a smooth homogeneous work out which can be made superfine by adequate exterior plastering, and painted over with some exterior paint. Rope access rendering and plastering is coming up when the surface is inaccessible on other ways and the scaffolding or other powered access solution is not possible or reasonable. Our abseiler team has decades of experience in lime mortar rendering, plastering and painting on any external building surfaces even via rope access. Rope access rendering & plastering do not belong to the “ordinary” abseiling projects. It requires comprehensive knowledge and experience about the materials, mixing, and practical execution, even via rope access.

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External wall rendering, refurbishment

External wall rendering refurbishment projects require our professionals sometimes when the access to the surface is difficult or complicated. Carrying out rendering, plastering and other surface repairs via rope access is not an easy undertaking, but our decades of experience and special services in this industry can mean a significant short cut for our customers when external building refurbishment and/or restoration need to be done on this special way. Our team completed some beautiful works on numerous residential and commercial buildings already, such as Athenaeum Hotel and Residencies – Piccadilly, Addison Road – Clapham Common, Beaufort Street – Chelsea, Anderson Street – Chelsea, … etc. Our team also provide any EWI (external wall insulation) installation and repair works, including any special silicon rendering and relating works. K-rend and other similar rendering systems requires prepared and professional team for the perfect final result, but we have extensive experience in Keim, STO, Mapei, and other render systems, provided by these big brands.

Our general building maintenance division “Property Maintenance Contractors” also provides this service for any internal or external rendering – plastering projects.