rope access rendering plastering

Rope access rendering, plastering

Repair Abseiling provides professional rope access lime mortar rendering, rendering repair and plastering services in London, Greater London. Some rendered parts of the buildings require attention sometimes when rain water can reach and wash the rendered surface of the building, destroyed the structure of the mortar itself what causing thereby damping issue internally. These problems can be observed mainly at gable-ends and external chimney stacks where the building surfaces mostly exposed to the weather conditions. The rendering on the building surface dedicated to defend the building structures from the external weather impacts and extend the lifetime of the brickwork. When the rendering is getting old and worn, covered by moss and the essential minerals starting to leave from the lime with the evaporation of the unwanted rainwater or moisture then the mortar cannot fulfil its role anymore. It is a same phenomenon what can be observed in case of the efflorescence of the pointing and brickwork. Many cases in our practice the faulty gutter system or leaking roof causing water ingress what destroy the mortar of the rendering. In these cases the main rendering project has to be extended with the elimination of the water impact.  The rendering can give various surface finish of the building, but the most common rendering is a smooth homogeneous work out what painted with some exterior painting. Rope access rendering and plastering is coming up when the surface is inaccessible on other ways and the scaffolding or other powered access solution cannot be adequate. Our core abseiler team has many years experience in lime mortar rendering of external building surfaces even via rope access. Any surface, building, gable -end ..etc cannot be too big for rope access rendering, provided by Repair Abseiling Limited.

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