Rope access / abseiling window cleaning

rope access window cleaning

Rope access / abseiling window cleaning and building cleaning is a basic services of our professional team, no matter the height or the condition of the building. Our speciality is a sparkle clean window cleaning after the building process, but we are happy to provide this high quality on our regular window cleaning contracts too.

Our rope access / abseiling window cleaning services

  • Traditional window cleaning
  • Rope access / abseiling window cleaning
  • Water fed pole (reach’n wash) window cleaning
  • Building cleaning (general external cleaning)
  • High pressure wash (jet wash) cleaning
  • High pressure steam cleaning
  • Hand glass polishing (pumicing)
  • Sparkle clean window cleaning
  • Builders cleaning (after the construction / building process)
  • Roof and gutter cleaning
  • Brick cleaning, restoration

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Rope access | abseiling | window cleaning, London

abseil window cleaning

Rope access abseiling window cleaning and general cleaning is fundamental part of our rope access building maintenance services. A lot of residential and commercial buildings require some kind of special access for high level window cleaning. Our rope access / abseiling window cleaning team provides the highest, brilliant sparkling clean quality after construction or regularly on any residential and commercial buildings. Repair Abseiling window cleaning team keeps on the highest level of all health and safety and quality standards in all window cleaning projects. Our professional team completes countless delicate projects on many newly built landmarks, office-blocks and other residential buildings throughout London. On these sites and buildings fundamental requirement the perfect sparkling result, absolute discipline behaviour and a highly controlled working method which is supervised all times. Repair Abseiling window cleaning professionals set all rope access working method around these high standards.

High level window cleaning

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  • glass polishing abseiling
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  • rope access leak detection
  • construction window cleaning
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  • special window cleaning abseiling
  • high level cleaning
  • builders window cleaning

High level window cleaning via rope access is the most common way of any basic building maintenance projects. Repair Abseiling has many years experience in the abseiling window cleaning industry. Our wast portfolio is polished by a lot of commercial and residential building cleaning projects throughout in London, Greater London. We can provide all aspect of this type of projects from the basic window cleaning to the deep, sparkle cleaning. The most efficient and long lasting cleaning the glass polishing “pumice” cleaning what has a perfect immaculate result.  This type of deep cleaning is general part of each our regular builders clean project.  Repair Abseiling undertakes rope access window cleaning after construction as external builders clean as a part of our abseiling snagging services. When the building must be fresh, beautiful and shiny for hand over, then we can polish and clean all windows and surfaces to bring the building to the best condition. We can conjure up some special method from our repertoire to achieve the most spectacular result when construction window cleaning is coming up. When reach & wash or other method is not good enough solution to take the dirt off from the surface then Repair Abseiling window cleaning services offers the best way for this issue. Repair Abseiling professional abseilers clean a lot of buildings regularly throughout in London. The key factors of our success that we keep our standards on the highest level and offer the most comprehensive service with the best price. We work together in a good relationship in our cleaning project with some general cleaning companies (TipTopProjects), principal builder companies, property maintenance (KFH, …etc), and building management companies (Freshwater Group, …etc).

Glass polishing rope access

glass polishing abseiling

Glass polishing and special dry window cleaning is also parts of our abseiling window cleaning services. This solution is coming up when the glass surfaces require stronger mechanical impact to achieve sparkle clean quality or any spills are not acceptable because of some delicate surfaces are below of the working area, like painted wall sections or other vulnerable surfaces. The wet surface cleaning like traditional window cleaning or other long pole (reach & wash) method using a lot of water what can make these joining surfaces dirty, wet and damaged. Glass polishing and dry pumice cleaning solution is the best and highest quality cleaning method what can bring back the brilliant original shine of any glasses. This type of cleaning method usually crucial part of our sparkle window cleaning services. Repair Abseiling is also undertaking powered glass polishing and glazing repair next to our abseiling window cleaning services.

Sparkle clean window cleaning

high level cleaning

Repair Abseiling window cleaner abseilers perform high quality rope access window cleaning only. All members of this professional abseiling window cleaning team forged and trained on many famous landmarks where the quality can be unquestionable only. Our customers want to get the best service what can be provided by our abseilers in any cases. We are proud to our achievements so far what can mean a ticket to get a new and new customers and orders, proving our skills again on London’s skyline. Our main goal is offering the best window cleaning service with the most reasonable price. Repair Abseiling professionals keep on the highest level the quality and safety methodology of the rope access abseiling window cleaning. No matter of the size of the project, all standards have been set to the highest level what’s supervised constantly.

Builders window cleaning

rope access window cleaning

University College of London, Gilbert Ash project, External abseiling window cleaning via rope access as part of builders cleaning project. This abseiling window cleaning project took eight days, for six abseilers to clean all glasses, the special high level glazing work and its frames in a sparkle clean quality, using pumice powder for glass polishing. As our powered glass polishing services based on the scratches, caused by the window cleaner usually, Repair Abseiling window cleaner professionals never use metal scrapers to damage the glass surfaces on any window cleaning projects.

Construction window cleaning

builders window cleaning

Rathbone Market residential tower block construction project by John Sisk & Son. External abseiling window cleaning as a construction cleaning carried out after the building process by Repair Abseiling professional abseilers. Utilising abseiler window cleaners was essential to achieve the absolute sparkle clean surface for hand this project over to the the residents on time. Three tower block section window cleaning completed on time with some extra effort by Repair Abseiling window cleaner abseilers.

Abseiling site window cleaning

rope access builders clean

Uxbridge, Belmont House, McLaren Construction project required a proper high quality abseiling window cleaning via rope access in the internal atrium and externally, all around the building. The huge glass surfaces contaminated heavily with a lot of concrete and mortar by the brickwork and pointing process and by some other glues and residues what was a real challenge to remove and clean properly.  Repair Abseiling rope access window cleaner abseilers spent a lot of time with this project and put serious effort to clean these windows, but the final result was brilliant sparkle clean windows on time for the handover procedure. The internal rope access window cleaning inside the atrium was a really challenging special dry cleaning. This cleaning had to be carried out without any water because of the white painted horizontal sections between the glass surfaces what wouldn’t accept any water even dirty soapy water produced by the window cleaning itself. This glazing work of the atrium cleaned on a special way, by our dry window cleaning method.

Residential window cleaning, London

residential window cleaning

Residential window cleaning is completed as a small part of our general snagging project in London. This old and beautiful building refurbished internally and externally as well by our regular customer Virtus Contracts Limited as a main contractor. Some external snagging and cleaning were missing for the handover procedure what has been completed by our professional abseiler team. As this building located very close to the City Road, London the general pollution can be visible on the windows very soon. It is absolute unacceptable on a good maintained, freshly refurbished building, so the external cleaning is enclosed to the snagging order. Job is completed on time within the budget.

Internal window cleaning

Internal window cleaning is not the most usual window cleaning project what requires rope access, but some of our projects, like Marriott Hotel, Kensington required this special service. As these internal surfaces of the busy atrium just hardly accessible, this project had to wait for 13 years and could be completed enclosed to the main refurbishment project of the lobby area. Clean the wooden clad and the glass surfaces from 13 year’s dust and other contamination was challenging, but the the final sparkle clean quality brought smile to everyone.

Skylight cleaning

Cleaning skylights and AOVs on any pitched roofs or inaccessible building parts is provided by our specialist abseiling cleaning services in London. Our team can access and clean the most dirty and neglected glass surfaces, skylights and other surfaces, using special cleaning and glass polishing materials and techniques.

  • Skylight cleaning
  • AOV cleaning

Atrium glass window cleaning

Atrium glass window cleaning is a delicate cleaning process, were the abseiler team has to assess the possibilities of the cleaning process. Our pro team cleaned the glass atrium roof on the Marriot Hotel Kensington, HS1 Stratford International Station, Collinson Building Haywards Heath, Belmont House Uxbridge, and many others next to some smaller residential buildings and residential customers.

Building cleaning

Building cleaning is coming up, when the general surface of the building is contaminated (badly usually) and it requires cleaning and/or other maintenance. This issues more frequent on the seaside or next to a river or other waters, but the general urban pollution can destroy the view of the most beautiful buildings too.

High pressure washing & steam cleaning

We use high pressure washer and steam cleaner if any building cleaning,, stone or brick cleaning is coming up. Our team successfully cleaned rendered and painted building surfaces which were a basic part of our other projects, such as the concrete repair project on the Athenaeum Hotel & Residencies, or on the Triangle Building, where the LED signage installation and relating works (painting and cleaning) carried out successfully.

  • pressure washing
  • high pressure washer cleaning
  • steam cleaning

Brick cleaning

Brick and stone cleaning is a special area of the cleaning, building cleaning industry. These base materials require special cleaning materials, chemicals and methodology, for their cleaning. Sooty brick cleaning is one of these complicated cleaning processes, but removing salt efflorescence from the brick or stone surfaces are also complicated undertaking, especially if the access to these surfaces difficult. This cleaning and restoration service is a fundamental part of our brickwork repair services.

  • sooty brick cleaning
  • brick cleaning

Reach’n wash, long fed pole cleaning

Reach’n wash (reach & wash), long fed pole cleaning, using purified water is an alternative option to clean any windows, glass or building surfaces. We use the longest pole available on the market to reach the highest points of any building to clean all windows, glasses and building surfaces with the most compact mobile water purifying system.

Window cleaning – building & property maintenance

Window cleaning is the most basic part of our building and property maintenance services. Our general maintenance services extended to any ordinary residential and commercial property maintenance projects in London. This new division, Property Maintenance Contractors offers all our existing rope access services and much more. You can visit our other website to find more information about our new services HERE