Rope access curtain wall installation, London

rope access curtain walling

Repair Abseiling Limited has extensive experience in any rope access curtainwall installation, repair and waterproofing projects. Our team members facilitated the building process of numerous landmarks of London

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rope access curtain wall glazing

Curtain wall installation projects requires rope access assistance sometimes when the surfaces or structures are inaccessible in any other way.  Repair Abseiling Limited’s professional fixer abseilers are ready to facilitate any curtain walling project in London. Our skills are forged on a lot of landmarks of London, where rope access assistance is planned into the construction project originally. Sometimes the special shape of the building sometimes the partly assembled curtain wall units require external assistance for completion. The final snagging of these high level curtain wall structures is also can be carried out by rope access at the end of the building process. In these cases beyond the installation of the units, our abseilers have to carry out mastic waterproofing, gasket installation, glazing, GRC repair , …etc. and many other additional tasks what are always necessary for the perfect result of each curtain wall or cladding installation project. Many years active participation in the curtain walling industry gave us good opportunity to see a lot of different aspect of these projects. Repair Abseiling Limited core abseiler team has participated already on a lot of rope access curtain walling projects from a simplest glass panel installation to the most complex stone cladding and a partly glazed pre-casted unit installation. Glazing and glass replacement is also fundamental part of these type of curtain walling projects where all tasks must be sorted out by our abseiler team via rope access externally on any toggled, Schuco or other systems. The basic bracket installation, drilling and fixing up the holding brackets onto the concrete structure (South Bank Tower) or set a heavy weight hangers to each others (The Leadenhall Building) and fix some Kingspan insulation and aluminium panels (Canaletto London) is also involved into our tasks.

Repair Abseiling curtain walling services

rope access curtain walling

Heavy, fully glazed aluminium curtain wall units lifted up to the top floor of the South Bank Tower where this curtain wall panel installation required our rope access assistance. This project started with a rope access bracket installation, carried out in pinpoint accuracy lead by the professional engineering team. Setting all bracket in a perfect position was a really complex and delicate operation even via rope access. All bolts, nuts, shims and other parts had to be tethered for the maximum safety in this rope access installation project. The position of these units were inaccessible on any other way, so the assistance of our abseiling services was essential in this case. As these panels was the last installed units in the building process, the accuracy, perfect planning and ability were absolute requirement in this project. Followed all instruction of the engineering team the result became perfect eventually. Some high level glazing projects also completed on this construction project. High level glazing, glass replacement and glazing repair works are inevitable on these type of comprehensive projects. Our team members changed miles of glazing gaskets all around the building because the original gaskets were wrongly sized and faulty, what could jeopardies the complete building process. These repair works completed on time for the hand over procedure.

Curtain wall fixing

curtain wall fixing

After the installation of these partly assembled curtain wall units, our professional rope access assistance required for the final fixings and general snagging (fixing, masticing, …etc.) from externally. A lot of missing stainless steel window surroundings and stainless steel parts waited for installation what was imaginable on any other way only via rope access. Moving and installing these parts safely were challenging, but kept our general safety protocol has made this rope access curtain wall assembly project seamless and really efficient. Tether all parts, install the brackets, joint plates, bolts and nuts on a safe way is absolute axiomatic for us. Repair Abseiling Rope Access Curtain Wall Installation Services provides highly skilled abseilers for any curtain walling project in London.

Curtain wall repairs

Curtain wall repairs and waterproofing is coming up really often in our practice. These basic issues hit many curtain walls and claddings or rainscreen systems, when the waterproofing getting old and worn or the gaskets or mastic waterproofing let some water in. Our professional abseiler team can manage all of these issues and adjust dislocated curtain wall parts, set up a new waterproofing or professionally repair the existing one. Our leak inspection and repair services can inspect, detect and specify with pinpoint accuracy any defect of the curtain wall system.