Painting re-decorating

Painting and re-decorating buildings, windows, metal structures and other surfaces on a professional way have been carrying out by our special rope access painting services for decades. One of our latest professional rope access building painting, re-decorating project carried out at Gresse Street, London. This comprehensive internal and external refurbishment work by Virtus Ltd. required our assistance to avoid the really unwanted and expensive scaffolding, that must be approved and arranged by two councils on the two sides of this corner. As Repair Abseiling Limited have provided professional and reliable abseiling services with the best prices for many other building refurbishment projects of Virtus Contractors Ltd. already, this painting and re-decorating project in the City also tendered and could be priced successfully. Based on this new contract, our abseiler team started to clean and prepare all window frames and other surfaces for painting. Window painting is never easy, but our professional team members have many years experience in these delicate window painting projects. Cut the edges around the glasses and frames sharply and accurately, make surfaces seamless and homogenous like a pro, require extensive experience and aptitude. Our professional abseiler team painted and re-decorated all windows, previously painted stones, ledges and other features of this mansion style building. Some damaged stone window sills and concrete structures also required our assistance. Concrete window sill repair and stone restauration is a complex undertaking, using special tools, techniques and materials, even if it have to be carried out by rope access. These damaged and dangerous concrete parts have been removed safely, the damaged surfaces and existing ironwork cleaned thoroughly for the new concrete mix and these corners and edges repaired on a professional way. All painting and re-decorating projects contains many other additional works, surface and structural repairs, that have to be completed carefully and thoroughly to achieve the perfect final result. As this project cannot be completed without the sparkle clean quality window cleaning, our team polished and cleaned all glass surfaces of all windows on both sides of this building. Hand glass polishing combined with a thorough window cleaning takes much more effort, but the result will be indisputable.

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