Water ingress inspection & leaking roof repairs

Water ingress inspection and leaking roof repairs are the most frequent projects in our practice. We are always happy to give our best advice and the most professional service to any individual residential customers just like any commercial customers, builder contractors, building and/or property managers and maintenance companies or RTM companies. As leaking roof and water ingress issues can hit hard any residential or commercial buildings equally we do not make any difference between them. We manage all water ingress inspection and leaking roof repair projects in the same way, regardless of the scale of the project. Countless of our customers have got professional and 100% efficient service from Repair Abseiling Limited already. Our abseiling services provide this special service without the use of scaffolding or other expensive access solution. Our strength is a safe and quick access solution and efficient strike to the right spot using professional materials, which is balancing our prices, compared to the slow, awkward and expensive additional scaffolding, especially on busy high streets and other delicate areas. Any water ingress inspection and leaking roof repairs can be undertaken by our professional engineer team, from flat roofs (lead, felt, zinc, aluminium, or others), pitched roofs (slated, tiled, lead, zinc or others), any type of vertical surfaces, cladding and rainscreen issues, structural and other type of glass surfaces and glass roofs, windows and window frame or window sill joints to any gutter, gully and other rainwater management issues or the most complicated building joints. Water ingress inspection and leaking roof repairs are a process of the elimination only, which can be a long process sometimes, but our experienced and professional team has achieved a 95% efficiency so far in these projects. Thanks to our decades of experience in high level roofing and relating projects, we can spot immediately and identify the most obvious issues on any surfaces or structures, and repair any joints, roof, gully, gutter, cladding, rainscreen or other rainwater management issues quickly, efficiently, providing the best prices, based on our special skills and safe access solutions.  

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water ingress inspection & leaking roof repairs

Leaking gully repairs

Leaking gully or gutter and outlets can cause a serious water ingress issue which can be managed by our high level specialists quickly and really efficiently without the use of scaffolding or other expensive and awkward access solutions. Repair Abseiling Limited provides professional gutter cleaning services generally, so our professionals can clean the gullies or gutters thoroughly to inspect and identify the source of the leaking issue and repair it, using the most professional adequate solutions and materials. Repair Abseiling Limited specialises in these complex, hidden and hardly accessible issues, which are waiting for the right tradesmen for the appropriate resolution. Our rope access roofing services cover all of these works from A to Z and provide the best solutions with the best prices.

Butterfly roof & valley

Butterfly roofs are one of the most common roof style on residential buildings. These type of roofs and its valley is relatively easily accessible usually if any water ingress would be experienced and it requires inspection and repairs. Our specialist team repairs any butterfly roofs, replace any roof tiles, roof slates, repair lead flashings or the outlet, hopper head and other parts of the gutter, and can reline the valley with the most professional, flexible Sikalastic fleece reinforced liquid waterproofing system if it is necessary.

leaking roof repairs and leaking valley inspection
water ingress inspection and tiled roof repairs

Leaking tiled roof repairs

Leaking tiled roof repairs on any residential buildings or high level commercial buildings, office blocks can be challenging for any roofers if the access is difficult. This type of water ingress inspection and leaking roof repair are also our speciality, no matter the scale of the project. Our abseiling services can provide all materials, new or identical used roof tiles, safe access solutions, and professional execution for any tiled roof repair works.

Leaking slate roof repairs

Our abseiler team carries out slated roof repairs the most often, when the water ingress issue caused by some damaged or dislocated roof slates. Roof slates (natural slate or man made slate) is a really good and lightweight roofing material, but the time, air pollution and weather conditions can damage the structure of these materials and weaken these roofs, make them less resistant to the current weather conditions.

high level roof repair without scaffolding

High level roof inspection and repairs

High level roof inspection and repairs can be carried out efficiently, with reasonable prices via rope access only. When water ingress inspection and leaking roof repairs are coming up in case of a high level roof on any high rise building, then our team is always ready to manage this awkward situation and provide the most professional service for these issues.

Leaking roof repairs without scaffolding

Managing any leaking roof repairs without scaffolding is our speciality, which service make affordable any water ingress inspection and leaking roof repairs on any smaller residential buildings or high rise buildings. This advantageous solution can save a lot of money for our customer and provide really fast resolution for the issue itself.

rope access slated roof repair without scaffolding
glass building maintenance

Water ingress inspection and repairs

Our water ingress inspection and repair services do not restricted for roofs only. We offer professional water ingress inspection (leak inspection and repair) for any cladding or rainscreen issues, glass structures and glass roofs and any other building structures. Any faulty building structure, joint, mastic sealing, overlapping, or just a simple ageing can cause unwanted water ingress issue which requires professional repairs. Our team has successfully completed numerous water ingress inspection and leak repair projects already throughout London (Korean Embassy, Bridge Academy, HS1 Stratford International Station, Marriott Hotel Kensington, …etc).

Liquid waterproofing

Water ingress and /or leaking roof repair can be managed with liquid waterproofing materials only sometimes, especially if the roofing issue is located on a flat roof (felt, torch-on-felt, ash felt, mineral felt, asphalt, GRP, …etc), lead roof, zinc roof, corrugated aluminium or other metal roof section or joint. Our team can make waterproof any roof surfaces, cracked joints, holes or other issues. We can reline any gutters and gullies or valleys with this special liquid waterproofing system we use usually.

Water ingress inspection on complex roof structures

Water ingress inspection and repair works on complex roof structures are our speciality. Our team worked on Berkeley Square House for EAS Interiors and Jaguar Building Services to eliminate the severe leaking issue in the main lobby area in this precious building.

Water ingress inspection and repairs on facades and cladding

Our water ingress inspection and repair / leak inspection and repair services do not restricted to roofs only. We have extensive experience in cladding / rainscreen and any other façade inspection and repairs. Our team successfully inspected and repaired numerous water ingress issues on high rise buildings (Opto Village – cladding inspection and repairs, Park West – brickwork and pointing inspection and repairs, Platinum Riverside – rainscreen and soffit panel inspection and repair, Ferryview Health Centre – roof, gutter and rainscreen inspection and repairs, …etc)

We are happy to provide our water ingress inspection and leaking roof repair services for any residential customers and/or companies. We work together with numerous roofing companies (MAC Roofing, Kingsley Roofing,…) and several building and property managers and maintenance companies (Marin & Co., McMahon & Partners, KFH and many others in good relationship and successful cooperation in these project and more.