Abseiling leak repair London

Rope access water ingress elimination, leaking mastic sealing repair

Serious water ingress issue reported from the top floor flat in Platinum Riverside, Greenwich Peninsula, London. Our customer asked a comprehensive survey initially what’s followed soon a full order to completion. Repair Abseiling professionals found a source of this leaking issue in a short period of time. All rainwater, accumulated by the cladding rain-screen is driven into the soffit panel above the window. As the leaking issue has been hidden by the soffit and cladding system Repair Abseiling abseiler team had to take the cladding apart. Release all fixings, drill down the pop-rivets and remove the cladding panels safely via rope access, fifteen floors above the ground level required highly skilled and prepared abseilers and advanced abseiler techniques. When the cladding panels are released the mark and residue of the dirty water showed the way of the water. As the way of the rain-water was clearly visible on the internal surface of the soffit panel we only needed to find the leak on the waterproofing after that. The report of this leaking issue (by the resident) and our initial survey told us that we need to looking for this weak spot between the two section of the windows. The windows were sealed around adequately by the original builders but the mastic sealing of the gap between the windows was damaged. As the water found a free way towards the building and the top of the window frame, the gravitation defined the next way downwards in the gap between the windows. The (unwanted) final result was experienced on the internal sill of the window and on the wooden floor. Our customer’s desperate situation was absolutely understandable. These water ingress issues can cause further serious damages on any internal structures what can mean a lot of extra cost, effort and uncomfortable situation. After all, that this water ingress is detected this external abseiling leak repair could be sorted out with some adequate mastic. This mastic waterproofing project completed successfully combined with some cladding repair and cladding installation via rope access. Based on our extensive experience in the cladding, curtain walling and mastic industry these leak detection and repair projects became one of our speciality.

rope access leaking cladding repair