Repair Abseiling rope access cladding installation services, London

abseiling cladding installation

Our rope access cladding installation and repair services provides alternatives for any cladding, rainscreen and curtain wall installation and repairs, which needs to be done on a high level of the building. Our rope access / abseiling team has extensive experience in many cladding systems, its benefit and weakness.

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Cladding installation, inspection and repairs are complex undertaking, especially if the access is restricted or difficult. Repair Abseiling Limited professional abseiling services specialised in any type of cladding installation and repair projects in London. Our team has facilitated and completed numerous remarkable cladding installation construction projects already on many landmarks of London, Greater London. Our comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience about these cladding systems is based on countless hours spent with building, installation and inspection of many types of cladding systems on a lot of building envelope projects. Abseiling /rope access/ cladding installation and fixing works or cladding inspection and repair projects is coming up usually when the access is difficult or complicated to the affected areas on any other reasonable way. Our abseiling services provides flexible, quick and safe access solution for any cladding project if the scaffold or other powered access solution cannot be available or reasonable any more, but some missing parts needs to be installed, leaking issue detected, fire barrier should be inspected or any error discovered in the building operation. Our strength is a quick response, safe and flexible solutions, sustainable and affordable (reasonable) prices. You can read more about our cladding projects HERE

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Cladding, building envelope test, water test

water test waterproofing inspection

Water test (building envelope test) is a basic part of any cladding installation, cladding refurbishment or water ingress inspection projects. We can get the most reliable information instantly about any defects of the actual waterproofing by a water test, using a specially designed “spraying head” and adequately set water pressure, imitating the drifting heavy rain on the external surfaces of the cladding, coping, window frames, window sills and other joining surfaces of the cladding or the building. Sometimes, when the origin of the water ingress issue is not obvious, however the external inspection has been taken, then a water test can help to identify accurately the faulty building parts or joints. This simple testing method is a base of the general waterproofing certification process of any newly built buildings and cladding systems as well. Our abseiler team have spent countless hours with this working process, and identified numerous building errors throughout London already. We are always happy to help in any waterproofing issues, no matter that is a residential, commercial or an ongoing construction project.

Zinc cladding installation

Our professional team has extensive experience in any zinc, aluminium and other metal cladding installation and repair works. Design, manufacturing and installing zinc cladding and building parts is a complex undertaking, which requires special skills, especially if the installation process has to be carried out via rope access. These unique projects are not the every days undertakings, so our team is really proud to provide this unique and special services. One of our latest zinc cladding project completed at Charlotte Street, London, for Specific Interiors Ltd.

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Emergency cladding inspection and repair Newall Court, London

Emergency cladding repairs

A fallen cladding part caused panic amongst the residents and required immediate assistance at Newall Court – White City. This newly built (2018) building managed by L&Q. As the scared resident from the ground floor flat reported a fallen cladding part on their terrace, L&Q started to investigate this case immediately. This heavy weight cladding part has fallen from the 9th floor (28 metres) which could cause mortal incident below. Repair Abseiling Limited abseiler team has been alarmed immediately, meanwhile L&Q rose their instruction to carry out the thorough cladding inspection (and possible repair) on this affected area. Our team inspected all parts and fixings of this cladding system thoroughly. This high quality aluminium cladding parts interlocking with each others what provides strong and reliable fixings, but one of the last clip let the system down. This small, but really important part of the system broke when the last section has been popped in by the fixers. As this hidden error of the system couldn’t be discovered by the builders or others, this part just waited for the occasion to fall …. You can read more about this cladding inspection project HERE

Rope access rainscreen cladding repair, OPTO Village, Luton

rope access cladding repair
Cladding and rainscreen repairs

Rope access cladding repair, roofing repairs, masticing and waterproofing project have been completed by our abseiler team at OPTO Village, Luton. This complex rope access cladding inspection and repair project had to be carried out because of some leaking issue reported by the residents and tenants. Leak inspection and waterproofing is always a huge challenge, even if the building is a newly built curtain wall steel frame system (SFS). In these cases the source of the experienced water ingress issue can be anywhere, even at the most unexpected places on the roof, below the coping or on the façade cladding of the building. Our professional team sealed around numerous windows, window sills, soffits, copings and wall sections. As there is no acceptable rope access (abseiling) rigging system on this building our team had to use alternative rigging solutions and mobile counterweight anchors for rigging. This project is also completed in time on budget, reinforced our reputation in this industry. You can read more about this cladding repair project HERE

Terracotta cladding installation /McLaren Construction site, Hackney, London/

abseilers cladding installation
Cladding and rainscreen installation

Repair Abseiling rope access cladding installation services reinforced their reputation on this construction project at Tiger Way, Hackney, London. Carry out this complex project and keep up with the fixers was a real challenge. Our customer wanted to get a comprehensive service from the bracket installation to the lifting and installing safely these heavy weight terracotta cladding slabs via rope access. Carry out this abseiling cladding installation project on the edges of the balconies means further difficulty because of the lack of the proper work positioning what would be essential for this precise job. These terracotta cladding corners has been left of the last of the installation process, so both sides must meet accurately what required particular attention and precise installation. After that all brackets, parts and cladding panels installed accurately by our abseiler team, the final result showed absolute perfection. We were really proud to be part of this Mclaren Group and FK Group project in Hackney and show that “Repair Abseiling makes it possible”. The experiences of Repair Abseiling Limited’s rope access professionals forged on many newly built landmarks throughout London, such as The Shard, The Leadenhall, South Bank Tower, 240 Blackfriars, Canaletto London, Hastings Pier, 100 Bishops Gate… and a lot more what achievement was the ticket into this special rope access curtain walling , cladding, rope access glazing, glass replacement and balustrade glass installation project in Hackney. 

Rainscreen cladding repairs at Platinum Riverside, London

rope access cladding repairs
Rainscreen repairs, waterproofing

Basic cladding issue caused a serious water ingress at Platinum Riverside, Greenwich, London. As this rainscreen cladding system has been installed on an inadequate way in the building process, we had to find the best and possible way for the repair. The reversed overlapping between the cladding panels led the cascading rainwater onto the wrongly set window soffit, and onwards straight into the structures when heavy, drifting rain hit that elevation, causing a serious leaking issue inside. This “rainscreen” itself and the original drainage holes on this soffit panel have never work and function properly, so the repair was inevitable. As this issue couldn’t be repaired from inside, our professionals abseiler team was asked to take this cladding system apart and eliminate this serious leaking issue. Luckily all fixing were accessible from outside, so take the system apart wasn’t a big deal, however carry out this project safely via rope access on the 15th floor was little bit complicated and challenging. We have special and advanced techniques securing all cladding parts and decades of experience to carry out safely and efficiently these delicate operations. Rope access cladding repair and installation or replacement is one of our basic services. When our abseiler team found the source of this leaking issue, followed the water marks on the inside of the cladding and soffit panel, and all dodgy mastic joint resealed around the window frame, the soffit could be replaced on a right way eventually. These cladding panels and window soffit required some adjustment and additional mastic sealant but the extra effort has brought a perfect result.

Cladding replacement and special installation.

rope access cladding replacement
Cladding installation and repairs

Some previously wrongly installed heavy weight terracotta cladding panel were replaced and installed properly via rope access by our abseiler team. As there wasn’t any other acceptable way reaching this section of the building our abseiler team carried out this special lifting operation and terracotta cladding installation project. All fixings, “helping hand brackets”, T-rails, clips …etc had to be installed one by one in line and level, what’s dedicated to set the perfect position of each terracotta cladding slabs. Our professional abseilers pulled each tiles up, used a special pulley system and a diagonal tensioned line keeping the tiles away, to the safe distance from the building in all movements. The coordinated work of two abseilers was necessary moving these heavy weight terracotta cladding panel up and down and place them (installing) adequately. We are really proud to provide these special rope access /abseiling/ service in London. Repair Abseiling Limited rope access services makes these special cladding installation and repair projects affordable and reasonable practicable. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience as abseiler, fixer, cladding and curtain wall installer helps us to carry out these special projects efficiently and successfully.

Abseil cladding installation /Canaletto, London/

abseiling cladding fixers
Cladding installation

Canaletto Building construction project, London, / by Ardmore Construction Group/ required rope access assistance for the cladding installation process. Repair Abseiling Limited core rope access abseiler team as sub-contractor took part and installed the curved and flat aluminium panels onto this landmark building. This special cladding installation project by our abseiler team had to facilitate and prepare the installation works of the curved bolt-on balconies on all corners. These hidden surfaces would be inaccessible after the installation of the balconies, so our team had to install all cladding panels, rockwool insulation, fire barriers, EPDM waterproofing and all parts perfectly before the balconies have been installed. Repair Abseiling’s professional mastic-men have made this curtain wall system waterproof in all joints and perimeters. As these parts of this building wasn’t accessible on any other way under the building process, our professional abseilers were essential for the completion. After the professional rope access snagging and window cleaning works, the final result became spectacular.

Rope access cladding inspection, waterproofing

rope access cladding inspection and repair
Cladding inspection and repairs

Rope access cladding inspection is coming up when any other access solutions are not possible to the faulty or dangerous cladding or rainscreen sections of the building. These operations happen mainly when loose and dangerous cladding parts, heat insulation, fire barriers or leaking issue require thorough inspection and assistance. The most common issue in our practice is, when water ingress experienced inside, causing internal damages of the building structures and surfaces, paintwork, flooring, …etc. Inspecting these faulty cladding parts of the systems, and setting up reliable diagnosis can be successfully carried out by experienced engineers only. As these findings are going to be the base of the repairs, these information are vital for the further works. Taking the original cladding or coping apart to check the hidden waterproofing and insulation system can be really complicated and challenging even via rope access. Repair Abseiling Limited inspects, sets up diagnosis and repairs faulty cladding and rainscreen systems in London, Greater London and the SE region.

Roof slate cladding installation

Roof slate cladding installation or repair can also be carried out by our abseiler team. We are one of the market leading abseiling roofing company in London. Our extensive experience in any high level roofing, slate-work installation and slated roof repair works makes possible for us to carry out any special cladding installation projects where roof slates, roof tiles or similar building materials have to be installed or repaired, even via rope access. Our professional abseiler team has ability carrying out this type of special slate cladding work on any surfaces or structures. One of our latest roof slate cladding installation project carried out at 6 Duke Street, London, where the place of this structure didn’t make possible a safe work manner for the roofers. As this narrow ledge at the height didn’t provide acceptable safe access for the roofers, our abseiler roofer team completed all parts of this project from the building of the base structures and insulation to the slate installation.