Abseiling cladding /rainscreen/ repair

Abseiling rainscreen cladding inspection and repair at Platinum Riverside, London

Repair Abseiling cladding services completed a complex rope access rainscreen cladding inspection and repair project at Platinum Riverside, Greenwich, London. This rainscreen metal cladding is dedicated to keep all unwanted rainwater away from the building structures, fenestration and balconies, but some certain spots has required particular attention. All vertical and horizontal joint of this metal cladding covered by a plastic strip (joint strips) what should help the system working properly and lead the accumulated rainwater away from the building. However some joint of the rainscreen and some soffits designed wrongly. These spots of the soffits could capture and drive the flowing rainwater inwards to the building what caused awkward leaking issue inside the flats and some balconies. These huge surfaces of this metal cladded elevations exposed to the stormy weather conditions, even when the rain hit the surface directly by the strong wind. These events showed clearly the weak points of this cladding system what’s required Repair Abseiling cladding services assistance. Inspect and diagnose the real issue of this awkward water ingress is just the fist part of these projects. The ability to behold and identify these weak spots based on the years of our experience in this cladding and curtain walling industry what forged on many landmarks of London. This type of rope access cladding repair is linked together strongly with our other water ingress leak detection and repair services. The other /main/ part of these projects the adequately planned repair. Sometimes it can be carried out from externally, without any structural intervention /like at The Korean Embassy, London/ , but in this case at Platinum Riverside, London we had to take the cladding system apart to reach the source of this issue and achieve the perfect result of the repair. This rope access cladding repair must be planned and carried out with absolute discipline way at 15 floors above the ground level on this busy residential building. The safe working method is the main priority of these rope access abseiling projects. Our 25 years experience in the rope access industry, high training requirement from all team members and constant improvement of our H&S policy make possible to carry out these complex projects on the absolute safe way. Repair Abseiling’s professional abseiler team found, identified and repaired successfully this cladding issue. Some modification of the soffit panel and renew the mastic waterproofing around all perimeters of the window frame has sorted this unwanted awkward situation on this high rise building. You can read more about this project in our “cladding” site HERE