Rope access down-pipe repair, reinforcement

rope access down pipe repair reinforcement

Rope access down pipe repair, reinforcement

Repair Abseiling Guttering Services provides rope access down pipe repair and reinforcement services with the most reasonable price in London, Greater London. Dangerous, relocated and detached down pipes require repair and reinforcement sometimes what can be carried out by rope access only. The main and most common reason of this serious guttering and drainage issue is the generally used weak plastic brackets and their fixings. We face on every project the weakness of these plastic brackets. They can break easily under the smallest forces, even if they are getting old and the UV make them worn and fragile in a short period. Sometimes the wrong installation and the negligence of the builders can be blamed for this issue, sometimes the faulty, leaking gutter system (hoppers, outlets …etc) causes damping wall issue, what make the brickwork soft and too weak to hold the fixing of the down pipes. Repair Abseiling rope access guttering team repairs and reinforces relocated down pipes and soil pipes on a daily basis throughout London. Our professionals use a much stronger, but a bit more expensive coloured, powder coated (black) aluminium or galvanised metal brackets and adequate fixing to repair and reinforce these relocated down pipes. These fixings are a bit more expensive compared with the plastic brackets, but their performance incomparably higher. These brackets must hold the weight of the entire down pipe system, even when the cascading rainwater put a lot of extra force on it. There is a huge weight and force of the cascading water inside the down pipe, even if it is diverted somewhere e. g.: bending in the system, shoe or rainwater harvester at the bottom …etc. One of our latest rope access down pipe repair and reinforcement project carried out at Hackney, where the plastic down pipes ended in a rainwater harvester. The generally weak plastic brackets couldn’t resist to the force and weight of the cascading water in the harvester at the bottom of the down pipe, so all brackets have broken, the system slid down and dangerously detached from the wall. Next to the potential danger by the overhanging down pipes what threatened the residents and other properties down-there, the rainwater flowed onto the wall from the hoppers caused serious damp issue in the structures. Three down pipe required rope access down pipe repair and five others reinforcement with some extra metal brackets on this project. As these down pipes were scattered on eight separated spots and corners of the building, rope access was the only reasonable way for completion. Repair Abseiling Limited’s high level guttering services provides the most reasonable, efficient and cost-effective rope access service in London.