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Sign installation and maintenance

Repair Abseiling Limited provides professional sign and banner installation and maintenance services of any type of sign, banner or other media in London. Our services covers any heavy lifting operation, special rope access and abseiling solutions. We install lighting and/or any ordinary signs and seasonal decoration, no matter the size or weight of it. Our professionals move, lift, install and maintain any of your outdoor or indoor media.

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Signage removal, replacement

Signage removal and replacement project carried out by our professional abseiler team in the fully glazed atrium of Marriott Hotel, Kensington. Removing the 9.5 meter long, heavy weight (450 kg) Marriott sign from the glass atrium of Marriott Hotel, Kensington was a huge undertaking… You can read more about this outstanding project HERE, but our professional team completed numerous other signage replacement and signage maintenance projects in the previous period, such as the works on the Thames Barrier Environmental Agency signage at the Thames barrier, Triangle Building – Hammersmith, …etc

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Signage Installation

Signage installation / replacement of the old, worn sign of “The Marriott Hotel, Kensington was the most challenging signage installation project ever in our practice so far, but our professional abseiler team completed this delicate project seamlessly… You can read more about this interesting signage installation project HERE

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Christmas and event decoration installation

Repair Abseiling Limited provides a comprehensive service for any Christmas and other seasonal decoration or advertisement installation. The installation and maintenance is a fundamental part of our abseiling services which are fully covered by our professional team. Repair Abseiling rope access sign & banner installation services provides affordable solutions for you to show all your imaginations.

Sport event advertisement installation

Sport events, matches, concerts and so on are a great occasion to advertise any product, services, …etc, but these advertisements, banners, logos, signs and banners or lighting signages have to get to the best sight for the best result. Take the advantages of these investments by the customer side, requires efficient and professional planning, output and installation. CSM Live is one of the best and most efficient company to materialize any imagination for the best advertisement, but the installation process requires professional assistance sometimes. Repair Abseiling Limited’s professional abseiling team is always happy to provide the best rope access sign and banner installation service to achieve the final goal to our customers, no matter the tight timeframe or the most complicated installation process.

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Banner and advertisement installation

Repair Abseiling Limited completes any vinyl banner and sign installation project via rope access in London. Our professional abseilers carry out any type of vinyl banner installation on any elevations, scaffolding or glass surfaces. Owing to the affordable prices and spectacular view of the vinyl banner advertisement, it is more and more popular. This is one of the most simple and affordable way to show the best purchase options or other offers to the customers. “Bigger is better”, so the the quality is essential for advertisement. Repair Abseiling professionals can help you from the design to the installation of your advertisement. We can materialise your imagination and organise all details of your advertising project.

Rope access sign installation

Any rope access sign installation project can be challenging, even if the access is complicated or requires special methods. Working horizontally on any building surfaces, setting up a level on twenty metres or more accurately, fix all parts and letters up perfectly requires prepared professionals and synchronized teamwork. One of our sign installation project have been completed via rope access by our professional abseiler team in Westminster, on the top cladding section of “Sir Simon Milton University Technical College London”. Our team had to set up a special advanced rigging system, moving horizontally on the surface rope to rope, and fixing up all aluminium letters with pinpoint accuracy, synchronized to the plans and the sample aid. Repair Abseiling Limited rope access services completed this rope access sign / banner installation project on this delicate surface seamlessly with minimum disruption of this school and its facilities.

LED Signage installation abseiling

LED signage installation is one of the most usual in our sign installation practice. As this solution is the most popular and spectacular when permanent signage or advertisement getting in fore, our team evolved to these special tasks. Any new installation, even replacement requires flexible and creative solutions to the most efficient installation which are always challenging, even via rope access. LED light is the next generation of any lighting and advertisement which provides the most powerful bright and various possibilities to the most spectacular view. Our team carried our some LED signage installation in this year too, which lifted our prestige and reputation in this industry. The biggest, ultimate and absolutely outstanding LED signage installation in The Marriott Hotel Kensington is remarkable in this industry, but some smaller projects, like the side signage (also in the Marriott) and the “Triangle” LED signage on the Triangle Building, Hammersmith, or Henley Building are also deserves some words…

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Sign, banner cleaning, repair & maintenance

Repair Abseiling Limited’s rope access sign and banner installation services carries out general maintenance of any advertisement throughout London and the South. This signage maintenance service is provided by our general maintenance division, as Property Maintenance Contractors as well. It contains all periodic cleaning, repair, and removal. 24/7 emergency call-out is also available.

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