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Signage removal

Repair Abseiling Limited professional abseiling team successfully planned and completed a challenging signage removal of the huge, 9.5 meter long, heavy 450 Kg weight “Marriott” sign from the top of the 25 meter high atrium of Marriott Hotel, Kensington. This project was one of our most outstanding, interesting and challenging rope access signage installation and engineering project in our practice. Our special abseiling services covers any engineering abseiling project, lifting, lowering, rigging, installation and movement what require rope access and special abseiling techniques. This special rigging and signage removal project at Marriott Hotel, Kensington required precise planning, calculation and performance. As this sign was hanging 25 metres above a fragile glass roof section of the glass atrium and this heavy weight structure had to be removed without any touch or damage of this fragile area the professional performance was essential. The limited space in the lobby, the fragile glass atrium and glass roof below have made this project a little bit complicated. As any powered access, crane operation or other solution cannot be calculated in this fully glazed atrium, rope access was the only option for this delicate operation. Two of our professional abseilers set the rigging and operated on the high level metal structure of the atrium. They set up all parts of this signage removal operation, detached the previously isolated electricity supply cables, lifted up a little bit the structure with 2 x 2:1 pulley system to set the structure free from the fixings and lowered the sign down. The other two men abseiler team managed all other tasks and horizontal movement on the ground level. Our professional engineer team planned, prepared and completed this challenging project safely and seamlessly with minimum disruption of the main entrance and lobby area of this really busy hotel building. This delicate rope access sign installation & removal project is a basic part of our rope access /abseiling/ services. More than twenty five years in this special industry and many other similar successfully completed projects prepared our team to accomplish this outstanding project with excellence.

The reinstate and installation of this newly refurbished huge lighting signage was much more challenging than the removal of that. The refurbishment works of this new sign reduced the weight, but rose the length from 9.5 metres to 12.5 metres, that made this installation process much more complicated. Our professional abseiler team rigged and lifted this huge structure back to the top of this glass atrium seamlessly, thanks to the thorough planning and professional teamwork. Signage installation , signage removal, repair and other signage maintenance is a basic service of Repair Abseiling abseiling engineering services.

Next to this challenging engineering project, our professional team cleaned all inaccessible surfaces of this remarkable atrium. As it is a busy lobby area even in a hotel building, the cleaning of these surfaces wasn’t possible (and completed) in the last 13 years, what have made this window cleaning project another challenge for our team. All vertical glass lines are separated by meter wide glass fins and their own bracing system, what made the rigging and access really complicated and the cleaning work extremely difficult. Cleaning the dust and dirt of the past 13 years was also a big challenge, but the final result reinforced our reputation. The achieved sparkle clean quality make a huge difference between the view of before and after. Our abseiler team also repaired and fixed the loose parts of the wooden cladding meanwhile the general cleaning and dust vacuuming was going on. This cladding repair just was an addition to the main cleaning project, but the perfect completion was unimaginable without this extra work.

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