Abseiling water ingress inspection

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Repair Abseiling water ingress inspection and elimination at Korean Embassy, London

Water ingress experienced and reported by Virtus Contracts Limited as main contractor of the internal office refurbishment at the Korean Embassy, London. Repair Abseiling water ingress inspection services has got the order to inspect all aspects of this serious water ingress issue on this delicate building. This building has an added corner section at the junction of the Buckingham Gate and Spenser Road. This section is a mullioned partly glazed curtain wall structure. All high level glazing units and cladding panels have been fixed with a Schuco type pressure plates – cover cup system what is a great system in case of a properly carried out additional mastic sealing in all joints. Unfortunately we had to face the absolute lack of this mentioned mastic sealing in all joints. The water ingress leaking issue revealed and emerged relating to this internal office refurbishment project where some new element installed around the the mullioned aluminium structure. As all water ingress issue has caused serious internal damp and damage on the internal paintwork and in other structures the management of the Korean Embassy has ordered immediately the inspection and repair of the whole fully glazed and cladding system structure from externally via rope access. Repair Abseiling linked together the main water ingress inspection project with the repair and we squeezed into the budget a comprehensive report about the conditions of this structure. This offer based on the comprehensive service, effectiveness and the most reasonable price wasn’t comparable with any other solution. Our experienced abseiler team started to carry out this survey and repair project on the special pyramid shape roof section where all joints of the cladding and glazing work was open actually. This relatively big surface can collect a huge amount of rainwater and lead it into the structure straight away, through these open gaps.

abseiling water ingress repair
Faulty cladding joints, without any mastic or waterproofing

The abseiling water ingress repair started with the removal of all cover cups and cleaning of all joining surfaces. Despite our suggestion to remove all cladding and repair all original waterproofing behind the cladding wasn’t accepted, so all repair and sealing had to be carried out from externally.

abseiling water ingress elimination

After all joints sealed adequately on the rooftop, our abseiler team continued this waterproofing project on the sides of this curtain wall structure. Next to the brilliantly executed original mastic work we faced the basic fail of the sealing of all fixings and pressure plates. These joints should sealed adequately during the installation process. As these top ends left open all joints and cladding surface above led the rain water into these gaps, so the water ingress issue was understandable immediately.

water ingress issue 001

Repair Abseiling leak detection and repair services is specialised to inspect and find the reason of these of types of leaking issues. Our experience in the general construction industry and the comprehensive knowledge of these structures helps us to set accurate diagnosis from these information. Localise and repair the issue on this professional way means a real shortcut in the budget to our customers. When the real reason of this serious leaking issue identified the further treatment wasn’t questionable anymore. The adequate mastic application by our professional mastic man abseilers sorted out this unwanted water ingress. You can read much more about our leak detection and repair projects HERE

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