Liquid waterproofing professionally

Liquid waterproofing professionally

liquid waterproofing professionally

Liquid waterproofing professionally on any high level roof or inaccessible roof parts is available in our professional abseiling services in London.

Our waterproofing services

  • Flat roof repairs, waterproofing
  • Lead roof and flashing waterproofing
  • Gully and gutter waterproofing
  • Gutter outlet repairs waterproofing
  • Adjoining surfaces waterproofing

Carrying out liquid waterproofing works professionally is a fundamental part of our leaking roof inspection and roof repair services. Numerous of our customers have suffered from serious water ingress, roof leaks and damp issues for a long time, however the cure for these issues were simple and easy eventually. Some of these issues have been tried to be repaired somehow previously, but the final and perfect resolution has been delivered by our professional team. Our team can choose from the most professional liquid waterproofing materials (brands and technologies) and application methods, based on the existing materials of the leaking roof and building conditions. We use one component PU, fleece reinforced Sika waterproofing system for any lead or other metal roofs and grp roof repairs, Arbo adhesive and EPDM membranes for certain joints, IBM Sealoflex and Kemper liquid waterproofing systems for gutter repairs and joints, …etc. These materials and their professional application can sort out almost any roof damages, leaking and damp issues. As the access is really difficult or complicated to the faulty roof surfaces, especially high level gutters sometimes, Repair Abseiling Limited provides the best, affordable and most reasonable solution for these issues. Our decades of experience in this industry helps us to spot and find the most hidden (but usually absolute obvious) issues, and offer the best, professional solution for the repairs. Roof leak inspection and repair is a process of the elimination only, which can be successful (as usual) in the first instance, or can be a longer process sometimes. Our roofing services provide this special service, which has saved a lot of effort and money for our customers already. High level roofing and roof repairs is a special industry, which requires specially trained workforce, who is able to carry out any (complicated) roof repair works safely without scaffolding or other bulky access aid and of course trained properly for any roof repairs too. Repair Abseiling Limited provides a professional liquid waterproofing application, using professional materials and professional abseiler roofers for safe execution. Our water ingress inspection and leaking roof repair services can mean significant short cut compared to the complete replacement of certain roof sections and/or other roofing services provided with scaffolding. 

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