Roofing, roof repairs without scaffolding

roof repairs without scaffolding

Roof repair without scaffolding can be carried out safely and really efficiently by our special roof repair services ,which is certified for working at height (any heights) and making possible managing safely any roof repairs without scaffolding.

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roof repairs without scaffolding

Roof repairs without scaffolding

Roof repairs without scaffolding can be carried out safely by Repair Abseiling Limited’s professional roofer abseiler team. We are highly experienced, trained and certified for working at height and working on any roofs safely without the using of scaffolding. We specialises in high level roofing and roof repairs, and carry out water ingress inspection and leaking roof repair works safely using affordable and flexible alternative access solutions to substitute the expensive and awkward scaffolding on any residential and commercial buildings in London. This alternative working method can be carried out safely by our professionals, which make these basic, but essential building /roof/ maintenance projects really efficient and cost effective for our customers. Repair Abseiling Limited is a family run professional abseiling / rope access business with more than 25 years building and roofing experience in the background. This extensive experience, skills and strict training system makes our unique services unique and successful. Our highly experienced, IRATA trained abseilers are able to access and professionally repair any high level pitched and flat roofs on any residential and commercial buildings, high rise buildings or tower blocks. We always keep Health & Safety on the highest level. We are an approved and accredited contractor by Alcumus Safe Contractor, Acclaim SSIP, CHAS and Constructionline. Roof repairs without scaffolding safely is one of our speciality, which make these projects affordable for our customers regardless to the scale of the project. Setting up an expensive scaffold for these minor roof repairs, adjusting or replacing some dislocated or broken tiles / slates is not reasonable anymore. We can provide the most professional roofing and roof repairs services without the using of scaffolding. Based on our decades of experience in working on roofs, we can use our specially developed and advanced techniques where the safe access is essential, but the traditional access solutions are difficult or unreasonably expensive. Some of our regular customers (United FM, Platinum Associate, Bridge Academy Hackney, Martin & Co, Freshwater, KFH, …etc) constantly keep their order for our annual site visits on their buildings and roofs for carrying out the regular inspection and repair of all imperfections year after year. Our rope access / abseiling roofing services also provide professional high level gutter cleaning & repairs, and gutter cleaning services without scaffolding, which are linked tightly to our roofing projects usually.

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Steep pitched roof repairs without scaffolding

We can manage and efficiently carry out any steep pitched roof and lead flashing repairs without scaffolding on any buildings, towers, tower blocks, churches and historic buildings. Our creative and safe access methods and decades of experience in this industry make it possible, which can save a lot of time and money for our customers.

  • steep pitched slated roof repairs
  • steep pitched abseiling roof repairs
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  • steep pitched lead flashing repairs

Slated roof repair without scaffolding

Slated roof repair without scaffolding is one of the most frequent roofing project in our practice. Replacing or reinstating some slates (10-20 no.) is a relatively simple, easy and low cost roof repair project, if the access can be sorted out on an alternative and safe way, without a complicated and expensive scaffold. Our operatives can move and work safely on any roof surfaces without the causing of any further damage on the roof and its joining structures. We have developed some unique solutions and working methods for these access difficulties. These advanced techniques make possible to avoid the extra costs of the scaffolding, which is a huge part of any roof repair budget. We undertake a comprehensive guarantee to preserve the original condition of the roof and repair safely all imperfection of the roof. We also undertake any external building maintenance projects without scaffolding, which covers these roofing projects too.

high level roof repair via abseiling

tiled roof repair without scaffolding

Tiled roof repairs without scaffolding

Tiled roof repairs are also can be difficult undertaking for any ordinary local roofing firms if scaffolding is not available or possible (above building extensions, skylights or glass conservatories, …etc), or unreasonably expensive for the replacement of some broken or dislocated roof tiles. As these “minor” roof repair projects can be carried out safely and efficiently by our professional roof repair services in a short day usually, scaffolding is not a necessary expenses anymore. We have saved a lot of money and time for our customers by our skills and special roofing services in the previous years already. Our special roofing services provides the most efficient and professional tiled roof repairs without scaffolding. Repairing any tiled roof is a daily routine for our professionals on any steep or low pitched roofs. We can offer this special service for any residential and commercial buildings, high rise buildings or tower blocks, with no limit.

Ridge tile – hip tile repair, re-pointing, replacement

Replacing, repairing or re-pointing ridge tiles is the most complicated roofing project on any building, even if the access is difficult or restricted. This complicated project also can be carried out relatively quickly without scaffolding if the budget or the characteristics of the building (or both of these) require alternative solutions. As these parts (ridge tiles and hip tiles) hold the top courses together, close the ends properly and responsible for the final waterproofing, its good condition and stability is essential.

ridge tile repairs

leaking roof inspection

Leaking roof inspection and roof repairs without scaffolding

Carrying out water ingress inspection and leaking roof repairs without scaffolding is a delicate undertaking. It requires years (or decades) of experience and comprehensive knowledge about the actual roof system and its joining surfaces, flashing, gutters, chimney stack, …etc. Finding the faulty parts and some hidden issues can be challenging sometimes, but our decades of experience spent in this industry is forged our skills. Our professional abseiler team carries out leaking inspection and repair works with 99% efficiency on any roofs, claddings, fully glazed atriums and other inaccessible buildings and building parts too.

High level roof repairs without scaffolding

High level roof repairs without scaffolding safely becomes possible by our special rope access roofing services. High level roofing and roof repair is coming up when high rise buildings, tower blocks (residential or commercial) and other three storey+ buildings require roofing repairs. Our team have completed numerous high level roofing and roof repair projects throughout London already, where the scale of the roofing project didn’t make reasonable setting up an expensive (thousands of pounds) scaffold system for the replacement of some tiles or slates. Our strength is a limitless flexibility and quick strike. We can crawl a huge or numerous roof fields safely and repair any imperfection efficiently in one day, which make our high level roofing services really competitive. Combining the traditional roofing techniques with rope access / abseiling can provide remarkable achievements.

high level roof repairs without scaffolding

high level slate roof repair

Residential roof repairs

We also provide professional roof repair services for residential customers without scaffolding, using a safe and really efficient roped access working method on any residential buildings, Victorian and Georgian buildings, terraced houses, mansions, residential blocks and high rise buildings in London. Our special roofing services can be reasonable on any smaller buildings too where the roofing issue is on an inaccessible part of the building or any other traditional way for the access is not possible or reasonable. We have a lot of residential roof repair projects above building extensions, glass or fragile roofs and other hardly accessible buildings and building parts.

Commercial roof repairs

Repair Abseiling Limited has numerous regular commercial customers, such as block property management, construction, property maintenance, facility management, …etc. companies, which are responsible for the general conditions of their buildings and roofs. As the general condition of the roof is always on the top of the maintenance hierarchy, our special and professional roofing services essential usually. As the adequate and properly planned health and safety is a really important part and basic requirement in these projects, it can be carried out by accredited and authorised professionals only. We work for hospitals, schools, office blocks, hotels, warehouses, shopping centres, stadiums, factories, …etc.

high level roofing, roof repair

Liquid waterproofing application

Our special rope access based high level roofing services provides professional roof and gully or gutter repairs and relining, using the best liquid waterproofing systems, like “Sikalastic” fleece reinforced liquid waterproofing system by Sika – Everbuild, BMI Sealoflex, or fibre reinforced Acrypol and Rustoleum systems. These professional PU, cold application, one component, durable and flexible materials are far beyond the “traditional” waterproof materials like ashfelt – asphalt and similar hot application felt systems. These new and revolutionary systems provide easy application on any places and any surfaces, which is difficulty accessible, like gullies, gutters, any type of flat roofs, and base materials. Our professional team has successfully carried out numerous repairs on lead gullies, cast iron gutters, lead, zinc, bitumen felt and asphalt surfaces in the previous period already, using rope access techniques for these roof repairs without the using of scaffolding.

  • relining gullies
  • liquid waterproofing in gullies
  • relining valleys

Lead flashing repairs

Lead flashing and lead roof sheets require repairs sometimes, which can be really difficult without adequate access solution, however our roofing services provides professional solution for these issues. Our abseiler team carries out any lead flashing repairs without scaffolding, using safe and efficient roped access.

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  • leadwork installation
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Zinc roof repairs

Zinc roof repairs requires specialists and highly trained professionals for repair or installation, especially if the roof is not accessible from scaffolding anymore. Our team can carry out any zinc or aluminium standing seam roof repairs without scaffolding safely, using special abseiling techniques. We have extensive experience in zinc (VM Zinc) and aluminium sheet roof system installation and repairs. Our professionals repaired and replaced standing seam roof sheets on Goodluck Hope development project for MAC Roofing, designed and installed zinc cladding on an office conversion at Charlotte Street via rope access which is a remarkable achievement in our industry.

  • vm zinc cladding installation abseiling
  • zinc cladding installation

These general and basic, but really important building & roof maintenance works required proper and stable work platform for any trades, to carry out even the smallest repairs, tile replacement or leak & water ingress inspection, but our professional services offers a significant shortcut to manage these issues. Roofing and roof repair is always on the top of the external building maintenance to-do list no matter what, but our professional services make it much easier in the future. Property Maintenance Contractors is an alternative line of our services which provides general external building maintenance services for any reactive or planned /pro-active/ maintenance and roof repair projects in London, Greater London.