High level glass replacement

high level glazing glass replacement

High level glass replacement

High level glass replacement is a general glazing service of Repair Abseiling professional rope access glazier team in London. This glazing services covers all areas of the glazing industry from the easiest single glazed (single floated glass) window glazing, to the most complicated high level glass replacement. Replace or repair a huge, heavy weight toughened and/or laminated double or triple glazed unit is always challenging, even if the access to the external surface of the building is limited or difficult. Repair Abseiling Limited rope access glazing team is specialised in these special high level glazing projects. In these cases, when high level glass replacement is coming up, the access and the movement of the glass unit is the most tricky and most complicated part of the project. Moving the glass units on the low level and/or manage the vertical lifting operation, organise appropriate crane operation or just setting up mini-crane to the roof area is also basic part of our undertaking and these high level glass replacement projects. Repair Abseiling Limited offers absolute comprehensive glazing service including all building materials, the glass unit, access solution(s), lifting operation, …etc. and everything what generated by the actual high level glass replacement project. The good cooperation in work with each others, our suppliers or other contractors sometimes is really important to achieve the highest performance. We can rely on our partners and suppliers (glass manufacturers, crane and equipment hire companies …etc) who provides us the best prices, discounts and the best most reliable services on the market. These, and our decades of experience in this special industry are the key factors of the best quotation, our success and already successfully completed projects. Glazing maintenance, aftercare, glazing repairs and glass polishing also fundamental part of our services. You can read more about our other types of glazing projects HERE.

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High level glass replacement means generally that the damaged or broken hardly accessible glass unit requires complete replacement, safely, on a high level of the building. High level glass replacement requires professional specially prepared contractor who is able to carry out any movement, lifting operation and work safely with the damaged glass units on a high level of the building. Our professional abseiler glazier team replaces heavy weight double glazed units, balcony glasses and “Juliet” balcony balustrade glasses, architectural and structural glass units on a daily basis. In our practice occurred many types of high level glass replacement and glazing repair already from a single pane to the most complicated, heavy weight double glazed roof glass units. Repair Abseiling Limited manage and organise all parts of these high level glazing repair projects from supplying of the new glass unit and professional lifting operation to the seamless and safe completion. You can read more interesting story about our high level glass replacement and glazing projects in our blog posts HERE.

Replace double glazed units (Britannia International Hotel – Canary Wharf, Point West Building – Kensington, …etc.) and heavy weight laminated balcony balustrade glasses (Platinum Riverside – Greenwich, Booth Court – Lewisham, …etc) or just some single pane in any residential flat is our daily routine. There is no too small project for our team, even if the access is difficult. Our glazier team forged on many landmarks of London where the safe access solution was essential part of the project.