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High level glazing repairs

High level glazing repairs have required proper scaffold system or other safe and stable working platform (MEWP or other powered access) for the glaziers in the past. But nowadays, when the damaged glasses can be on a high level, hardly or inaccessible parts of the building, then the costs and other conditions of the scaffolding or other powered access is not reasonable anymore. Repair Abseiling Limited High Level Glazing Repair Services provides safe, efficient and the most cost effective way to complete any high level glazing repair or high level glass replacement works by rope access. Spending thousands of pounds to set the access only for these relatively simple, easy and low cost projects is just a past. Feel free to give us a call or email for a free site visit and quotation if you have any high level glazing repair issue in London, Grater London.

High level glazing repairs, using special access solutions (rope access / abseiling) can be a complex project, but despite of these difficulties our professional high level glazing services provide the safe and most reasonable solution on the market. Approaching and working with these damaged and vulnerable glass units on a high level, requires extra knowledge and experience in the glazing and rope access industry, but the past twenty five years, spent in this industry have prepared our team thoroughly. Sometimes, when the damaged glass unit can be accessible from inside (flats, staircases, communal areas …etc.) to take measurement and identify all characteristics of the actual glass unit, can make the project easier, however sometimes this easy way is impossible and our abseiler team must gain these basic details on a special abseil way. Based on these details our supplier can reproduce and deliver the new glass unit in few days. Organising and managing crane and/or other lifting operation for these high level glazing repair projects is also our task usually, but our partners supply the best service with the best price for these requests. No matters if the glass unit has a special colour, lamination, sun and heat reflection or noise cancellation characteristic, or require the most special lifting operation, we can provide the best solutions and best prices as an independent contractor. Repair Abseiling Limited is specialised for these special high level glazing repair works from the basic survey to the final window cleaning of the replaced unit

Our recent projects:

One of our high level glazing repair project completed by Repair Abseiling Rope Access Glazing team in Marylebone, London. This complex glazing repair projects required a lot of special preparation and organisation. The basic rigging facilities of the building, roof and the other conditions of the project surveyed at the first site visit. These basic information were the base of our quotation what was the most comprehensive and reasonable compared with the others offers. Owing to our professional attitude and many years experience in this special industry, Repair Abseiling’s High Level Glazing repair services found to the best contractor for this delicate project. Our customer  provided the best conditions for this special operation what was the base of this absolute seamless and professional high level glass replacement project. Owing to the thorough preparation and organisation this high level glazing repair project could be completed in one day, perfectly coordinated work on site. Meanwhile the crane assembled and set up for this remotely controlled lifting operation, our abseiler team removed the broken parts of the glass panel. These (million) shattered parts removed carefully and all fragments collected carefully. Our team use a high capacity industrial vacuum usually to collect all shattered parts, what is the most effective and safe way for this process. High level glazing repair project is a delicate operation what requires proper crane operation as well. As the crane had to lift the glass unit off from the courtyard side to the street side of the building, the signaller and the crane operator assisted this high level glazing repair project on the most professional way from the roof. Setting up the vacuum lifter on the glass and take the fixings off was the next stage of this project what helped by our internal guys through the open windows. As usually any physical contact is not possible with the internal workforce, our abseilers have to secure, tying up, “store” and handle safely all tools and parts of the fixing during the entire operation. It means all cover cups, pressure plates, screws and other parts. Manage safely all these tasks on rope is one of  the most complicated part of any high level glazing repair projects. In this case all fixings could be handed over  through the side window to the internal guys luckily. This well organised work together has made this glazing project really efficient and successful. The project is completed on time within budget. Carry out high level glazing repairs on any high rise building is always a big challenge, but Repair Abseiling Rope Access Glazing Services has years of experience in this industry. You can read more about our other glazing, glass polishing and abseiling glazing projects HERE.