High level glazing repairs

High level glazing repairs

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Our high level glazing services

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High level glazing is our speciality, carrying out safely and efficiently on high rise buildings, located on a high level of the building, which is just hardly accessible for any maintenance, cleaning, repair or replacement. Our high level glazing repair services is dedicated to carry out any of these basic, but special glazing maintenance projects. We specialise in these special glazing projects, which are always complex undertaking, especially if the access is restricted or difficult. When the damaged high level glass unit is located on an inaccessible place of the building and the approaching on any traditional way is not possible or unreasonably expensive, then our professional high level glazing and glass replacement services provides safe, efficient, flexible and affordable, so the most reasonable solution on the market. Working with these damaged and sometimes unstable glass units, requires extra knowledge and experience in the glazing and rope access industry. Our decades of experience, spent in this industry prepared our abseiler glazing team thoroughly for any tricky or complicated situations. All our team members across the board are highly trained IRATA abseilers, trained and experienced in glazing as a trade, with comprehensive knowledge about all type of glasses and glazing methods. We carry out any glazing repairs and glass replacement projects on the highest level with the maximum care of the building and its facilities. Taking a measurement, identify the characteristics of the glass unit (colour, lamination, type of glass, …etc), organise the manufacturing and delivery, or assess the access possibilities are all included in our comprehensive services. Sometimes the affected glass unit can be accessible from inside, through flats, staircases or communal areas for taking a measurement, but sometimes this easy way is not possible. In these cases our abseiler engineer can collect these basic details via abseil only. Based on these details our preferred glass suppliers or manufacturers can reproduce and deliver the new glass unit in few days usually. Meanwhile the glass unit is under progress our engineers set up the plan and start to organise the lifting operation and other crucial details of the actual high level glazing repair project. Our abseiling services has a comprehensive connection network in London, so no matter if the glass unit has a special colour, lamination, sun and heat reflection or noise cancellation characteristic, or require the most special lifting operation, we can provide the best solutions and best prices for these high level glazing repair or glass replacement projects based on our suppliers and our discounts. Cleaning these glass surfaces as a final touch is also included in our professional services of course.

High level glazing repairs have required proper scaffold system or other safe and stable working platform (MEWP or other powered access) for the glaziers in the past. Nowadays, when the damaged glasses can be on too high, or an inaccessible part of the building, then the costs and other conditions of the scaffolding or other powered access solutions are not reasonable anymore. Repair Abseiling Limited High Level Glazing Repair Services provides safe, efficient and the most cost effective way to complete any high level glazing repair or high level glass replacement works by rope access. Spending thousands of pounds to set up the access only for these relatively simple, easy and low cost projects is just a past. Feel free to give us a call or email for a free site visit and quotation if you have any high level glazing repair projects in London, Grater London.

Repair Abseiling Limited provides these special glazing services for any commercial customers, such as hotels, office blocks, hospitals, warehouses, shopping centres, retail shops and units, residential customers and buildings, tower blocks, block properties, high rise buildings, …etc in London, Greater London.

Our recent high level glazing projects:

high level glass replacement

Double glazed system repairs, South Bank, SE1, London

High level double glazed system has been replaced at 2 Cathedral Street, SE1 by our professional team. Six damaged double glazed units had to be replaced on this special shaped building. As the location of this building and its surrounding areas are not suitable for any heavy weight crane and this type of lifting operation, this high level glazing project required special lifting solution. Our trained glazier team has set up a specially modified mini-crane onto the roof for these special lifting operations and completed this complex high level glass replacement project in five days. Thanks to the satisfaction of our happy customer and his recommendations, this commercial glazing project has reinforced our reputation in this industry. You can read more about this project HERE.

high level balustrade glazing

Balustrade glazing, Lewisham

Balustrade glazing repairs, balustrade glass replacements and installations are also belong to our high level glazing services. Three damaged (toughened-laminated) glass unit replaced at Booth Court – Lindsay Court, Lewisham (L&Q Metro Glaze). Working with these heavy weight 21.5mm thick laminated glass units requires professional harness trained team, detailed planning for rigging to secure all operatives and moving the glass panels safely. These heavy weight balustrade glass units have been replaced in one day seamlessly, like the other balustrade units on this building already. Our professional team has replaced numerous similar damaged balustrade glass units at Both Court, Lewisham, Platinum Riverside – Greenwich, OTTO House – Hackney, Pinnacle House – Enfield, …etc, but you can read more about these projects HERE.

high level skylight glass replacement

Glass roof repairs, Stratford International Station – HS1

This high level glass roof repair project carried out for Volker – Fitzpatrick at Stratford International Station HS1. If something, then this fully glazed atrium roof repair, above this escalator area is truly belongs to our high level glazing projects. Our professionals replaced a damaged atria glass unit, carried out a professional leak inspection and repaired all imperfections and defects of the mastic waterproofing on the full surface of the roof. You can read more about this project HERE.

London glazing repairs

Atrium roof glazing repairs, Collinson Group

The fully glazed, leaking and damaged atrium roof of Sussex House, Haywards Heath, Collinson Group Building required our assistance for a proper and comprehensive waterproofing, glazing maintenance and high level glazing repair project. Our glazier abseiler team replaced a damaged double glazed unit, replaced all gaskets and pressure plates on the entire system (470sqm), and set up bird spikes onto all perimeters of the building and gutter system. You can read more about our atrium glazing repair projects HERE.

high level glazing maintenance

High level glazing maintenance, generally

Our specialist abseiler team carries out high level glazing maintenance projects on a daily basis throughout London, Greater London. Next to our regular customers and annual contract, we are being asked frequently to carry out emergency glazing repairs, leak inspection and repairs, adjust, reset or replace balustrade glass units or carry out any other high level glazing repair projects, when utilising our professional harness trained glazier abseiler team is essential. We have completed numerous successful leak inspection, mastic repair, and general waterproofing already on many glazing systems throughout London. You can read more about our achievements at Korean Embassy, Bridge Academy, Platinum Riverside, Sussex House, Battersea Reach, where our abseiler team successfully completed various glazing maintenance projects.

high level tower block glazing repairs

Glazing repairs on high rise buildings

Glazing repairs on any high rise buildings are identified as high level glazing, no matter that it is a residential tower block or any commercial or office block buildings. Our abseiler team specialised in these special high level glazing repair projects, using rope access techniques mainly, but sometimes these projects can be carried out with a help of the BMU of the actual building. Carrying out any lifting operation, repair or replace any damaged glass units using rope access / abseiling techniques is our daily routine. You can get plenty more information about our high level glazing projects HERE.

high level commercial glazing

Commercial glazing services

High level commercial glazing projects require distinguished approaching of course. Carry out any repair or maintenance projects on these buildings have to be done in out of hours usually, so managing all details from the delivery and other preparation to the successful completion can be pressurized by these requirements. Our high level glazing team has completed numerous commercial glazing projects already at Britannia Hotel – Canary Wharf, Marriott Hotel – Kensington, Collinson Building – Haywards Heath, Selfridges – London, Bridge Academy – Hackney, …etc. You can read more about our other glazing, glass polishing and abseiling glazing projects HERE.

residential glazing works

High level residential glazing repair projects

High level residential glazing projects are coming up usually, when glass damage is reported by the residents of any tower blocks or high rise buildings. Our team has replaced and repaired numerous double glazed units and balustrade glass units on numerous residential buildings already in London, Greater London. As Repair Abseiling Limited has a lot of annual building maintenance contract with the most of leading building management companies for their residential building blocks, and we have a daily routine in these high level residential glazing projects, our assistance is obvious in these cases.