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Rope access / abseiling / pointing and pointing repair is a basic part of Repair Abseiling Limited brickwork and stonework services. Pointing and pointing repair is coming up when the pointing getting loose, falling out from the gaps and let the rainwater inside the building and brick structures. The external building surfaces /walls, chimneys, brickwork, …etc./ highly exposed to the weather conditions. These surfaces must resist all, harsh weather conditions from a high UV violation, heavy rain and strong wind constantly. These external structures /the walls/ dedicated to save us inside the building eventually. These impacts and harsh conditions can destroy the components of the best quality pointing too. When these basic and important components are going away by the natural erosion and the evaporating internal moisture the pointing start to be cracked and lose. Small gaps appearing between the brick and the pointing, what gaps let the rainwater and the wind in the structure. These small imperfections accelerate the ruin of the conditions of the brickwork and its pointing. In these cases the pointing lets in the water into the structure of the brickwork, what sucks up and hold a lot of water on this way directly. This accumulated rainwater can cause a serious damp issue inside the structure and the flats. However the other side of this issue can be experienced externally, when the accumulated water /moisture/ starts to evaporate and going away from the brickwork. This issue is a “salt efflorescence” when the important components and mineral salts starting to move away with the evaporating moisture, but until the water can evaporate from the structure, these components trapped on the surface becomes a deposit only, outside of the brickwork. These “salts” are important components of the structure and the material of the pointing. When these components are missing or going away, the strength of the pointing decreases radically. And this issue leads back to the beginning … Repair Abseiling professionals have decades of experience in rope access brickwork repair and pointing works.

One of our latest abseiling pointing project completed in Westminster. This leak inspection and brick pointing repair project had to be carried out via rope access, above the vulnerable glass roof of the lower flat. As this glass roof couldn’t be covered and protected directly with any plywood, plastic foil …etc., Repair Abseiling Limited professional abseilers have used a special, hanging sheet below the operative, as a mobile protection. Carry out pointing, pointing repair or any brickwork is a serious trade job, even if it needs to be done via rope access. In this case we had to face with a lot of difficulties of the actual project. Inspect and find the real reason of the leaking issue, repair the faulty pointing on a safe way via rope access, without making any damage of the vulnerable glass roof and contaminate the surfaces below have made this project really complicated. It sounds a real challenge, but our professional abseiler team can manage these difficulties easily, through our decades of routine and experience. Repair Abseiling pointing repair specialists provides the best rope access pointing services in London.

Brickwork and pointing restoration

Brickwork and pointing restoration project completed in Kensington. All damage caused by the fixings of the scaffold system required professional pointing and brickwork repair by abseiling. As these spots have been repaired previously on an inadequate way, our abseiler team had to repair all of these spots. You can read more about this pointing restoration project HERE.

Pointing tinting, dye

Tinting of the pointing is necessary, when the pointing is repaired with some wrongly coloured mortar, or the entire brick or stone surface needs to be unitised. Repair Abseiling Limited provides professional pointing tinting services as a part of our basic building painting service. You can read more about our painting services HERE.