abseiling snagging

Rope access snagging on any construction and refurbishment project.

Abseiling snagging, finishing and final completion is coming up when the building process approaching to the deadline. Repair imperfections, sealing joints, install some missing parts or just clean surfaces can be the significant parts of the snagging list what require Repair Abseiling Limited’s professional assistance. These “small” issues usually revealed at the finishing of the building process, after that all general access (scaffold, mast-climber …etc) are gone, however these issues must be completed for the successful handover procedure. Snagging and the perfect completion is a duty of the actual builders or building contractors, but sometimes when the access to some surfaces and structures becomes impossible, abseiling snagging is coming up. We face in our practice time to time the price of other access solutions. Scaffold and/or powered access absolutely necessary during the building period, but the effort to remove them as soon as possible after completion is absolutely understandable. Sometimes when keeping the scaffold on site is not reasonable anymore, but the builders couldn’t complete their job perfectly the snagging or finishing is left to our abseiling services. Rope access snagging is completed by our abseiler team on many famous landmarks of London. As generally any curtain wall installation project doesn’t require scaffold or other external access solution, all necessary snagging must be carried out by abseiling.

Masticing and waterproofing is the most common abseil snagging task

abseil mastic snagging

Huge variety of building issues require our professional abseiling snagging assistance for completion. Waterproofing and masticing on various surfaces in expansion joints of any brickwork, high level glazing and window frame perimeters, cladding joints and other surfaces …etc. is one of our basic service. The proper mastic application is the key of the perfect waterproofing of the building, but sometimes it goes wrongly. These issues revealed when some unwanted leaking appears on the internal surfaces. All building dedicated to save people from the weather conditions and provide comfortable living space, however all these phrases are failed if the rain water can find ingress and get inside the living spaces and the building structures. Leaking issue inspection and repair is also general task in our abseil snagging services. Sometimes the installation process, sometimes the waterproofing goes wrong what leads to serious leaking issues. We often meet wrongly set sills and soffits or window frames what penetrated by a longer screw and damaged EPDM membrane or other similar common leaking issues what require our abseiling snagging assistance.

Abseil snagging at Metro Central Heights, London

mastic snagging abseiling

Repair Abseiling Limited has got a full order from “You Choose Independent Window Brokers” to carry out a comprehensive complex abseil snagging works as part of the main window replacement project on these huge tower blocks. This window replacement project was combined with the exterior painting and re-decorating project what has been carried out by a separate painting company from a huge and really expensive scaffold system. As the painting project is completed and handed over to the customer, the scaffold has taken because it was not reasonable anymore. At the meantime the window replacement project was still running with full steam ahead. All parts of this replacement project had to be carry out from inside of the flats already, so the access to the external surfaces of the new UPVC windows became restricted. Over the difficulties of the external finishing (from inside), this project as any building process produced a lot of metallic dust what was sitting on all horizontal surfaces, window sills, coping ..etc, and becomes red rust on the freshly painted white sills. Over this issue, a lot of small glass particles and other rubbish collected on the horizontal surfaces and window sills what has made our abseiling snagging project a bit more complicated. Despite of the brilliant work of the installation team we had to do a lot for the perfect final result. Fix and seal adequately all UPVC trims and parts, complete masticing on all perimeters of the frames, clean all windows, frames and glass surfaces, repair and painting over all damaged surfaces of the previously handed over paintwork, these were our tasks on this complex building refurbishment project in London. You can read more about this project in our blog post HERE.

Construction site snagging in Hackney, McLaren project

cladding snagging abseiling

Tiger Way, Downs Road McLaren construction project was one of our long lasting, complex abseiling project in 2018 – 2019. Two tower blocks covered by terracotta tiles externally what required our constant assistance and abseiling snagging services because of the restricted access to the affected surfaces. All external building process, mainly the cladding installation scheduled tightly because of the deadline of each phase. When the mast-climbers removed from the elevations to give place to the roofers and other trades on the first floor, all other possible access solution has gone to the external surfaces of the towers, but some terracotta tiles, glasses and glazing beads, …etc. were still missing because of the delay of the manufacturing process. Over the completion of these elevations, Repair Abseiling professionals had to carry out all snagging and final adjustment. Replace some glazing beads and fixings, adjust and repair some terracotta tiles, take some laser-foil off and clean certain surfaces were our abseiling snagging project on this site. You can read more about this project in our blog HERE