Leak detection and repair at Bridge Academy

Leak detection and mastic repair

abseiling leak detection repair

Leak detection and repair works carried out at Bridge Academy, Hackney. This organisation in this remarkable building is one of our regular customer since 2015. That time the building and facility management looked for a contractor to detect and repair all defects of this architectural masterpiece. The special shape and design of this building make it one of the landmark of Hackney. However the combined different materials and complicated mastic sealed joints hide a lot of spots what make the weatherproofing really weak. All joints of the metal cladding and double glazed structure sealed around with adequate mastic, but the time and weather conditions revealed some imperfection of this structure. Finding the weak, leaking points and carry out any leak repair of this complex structure was a real challenge what requires special skills even via rope access. Our first five days attendance in 2015 and our huge effort to find and eliminate all reported leaking issues was challenging, eventually really successful. Unfortunately year by year revealed some new leaking spots in the building what’s causing many internal damage on the paintwork, carpets and other facilities. Our constant external maintenance service since 2015 provides the seamless operation of all parts of the building. One or two times a year our abseiler team inspect thoroughly all parts of the structure as a general maintenance project, keep the structure in the best conditions and the repair costs on the minimal, acceptable level.  

mastic joint leak detection
Old and worn mastic joint between the glass and cladding structure.

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