Commercial glazing, glass replacement

Commercial glazing, glass replacement

Repair Abseiling Rope Access Glazing Services provides professional commercial glazing services as well in London. This commercial glazing services covers any glazing repair, glazing maintenance and glass replacement on any commercial properties, office buildings, retail shops (shop windows), or other commercial units, no matter of the size or the position of the glass unit or the scale of the project. We can repair the waterproofing and silicone or masticing between the glass units, polish any scratches from the glass surfaces, replace glass units on ground level (like any ordinary glazing) or replace any high level glazing or atrium glazing units via rope access. Commercial glazing is a delicate operation usually, where the seamless operation of the actual business cannot be restricted by the glaziers or other contractors. These projects are scheduled to the out of hour periods or night time usually what can make the project a bit more complicated, but our flexible service can adapt to any special requirements. Repair Abseiling Limited has the most professional, highly trained abseiler glazier team in London, what makes possible the highest quality performance on any glazing projects. We are running a family business, so our reputation and the satisfaction of our customer are the highest value for us. We have installed glass units in “The Selfridges” – London, carried out high level glass replacement at “The Britannia Hotel” – London, repaired complete glazing system and waterproofing on the atrium of Marriott Hotel – Kensington, replaced glass units and made the complete atria glass system waterproof at Sussex House (Collinson Group) – Haywards Heath, replaced damaged double glazed glass units at Simon Harrison (fashion design) – London, and carried out many more smaller – bigger commercial glazing projects already. Our general maintenance division, Property Maintenance Contractors also undertake and any commercial or residential glazing repair and glazing maintenance project throughout London, however this general building maintenance service manages any other maintenance projects too from the most basic cleaning and window cleaning to the most complicated roof repairs and gutter cleaning and repair works.

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commercial glass replacement at the lobby

Lobby and shop window glazing

Lobby areas and shop fronts have maybe the mostly exposed glass surfaces, compared to any other areas of these buildings. These busy areas and glasses exposed to the general traffic by people moving in and out, touching by window shoppers and gazers, cleaned most frequently by cleaners, and many other chances for internal impacts. Our commercial glazing services covers any of these delicate glazing operation in London, Greater London.

hotel glazing repairs

Glazing repairs on hotels and hospitality buildings

These type of commercial buildings require distinguished maintenance manner in case of any repair or other works. As the guests and their comfort are prioritised to the highest level in 24/7, all works have to be carried out accorded to these requirements. Our team has completed numerous commercial glazing repair and glass replacement projects already on hotel buildings and hospitality facilities in London.

commercial glazing works

Commercial glazing in retail shops and shopping areas

Our team carries out commercial glazing projects in any retail shops and shopping areas in London, Greater London. Our services covers all parts of these glazing projects form the free site survey to the final touches, included the new glass unit, delivery, repair or replacement and disposal of the damaged glass, …etc.

high level double glazed unit replacement

Commercial glazing – office buildings

Commercial glazing is associated with glazing works on any office buildings, retail shops and retail units, where the office workers, customers and/or guests prioritised on the highest level. Our professional glazier team has extensive experience in these delicate operations, even if it is a high level commercial glazing project on any high rise office building or any other commercial building in London.