Atrium glazing repair, replacement and installation

atrium glass replacement
Atrium glass replacement

Repair Abseiling Limited professional glazing team carries out any high level atrium glazing repair and maintenance work safely and efficiently. We are prepared for these special projects. We carry out any complicated glazing maintenance, leak inspection and repair / masticing, or the most complex glass replacement on any partly or fully glazed atrium, skylight or conservatory roofs.

Our special glazing services

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High level atrium glazing works

Some of our atrium glazing projects

Glazing maintenance

high level atrium glazing maintenance
Leak inspection and repair

Carrying out any atrium glazing repair works and maintenance or cleaning on a fragile glass roof can be challenging and requires extensive knowledge about the glass and the actual glazing system to assess the access possibilities and limits of these works. Our engineers can inspect all characteristics of the glazing system, assess and specify the access and work methodology. Cleaning these fragile glass surfaces, inspecting any defects or leaking issues, keeping the atrium weatherproof and waterproof, or repair any imperfections on these structures requires perfect planning and prepared abseiler team. Some of our regular customers require regular maintenance on their buildings and atrium glazing systems annually, but we have several new atrium glazing repair and maintenance projects every year. The most common problem with these glass structures is the leaking issue. The 90% of our atrium glazing maintenance works is spent with leak inspection and repair. Sometimes the mastic joint, sometimes the gaskets or other fixings give up the service and let some water getting inside, causing internal leaking or damp issues. Some atrium structures have been built by the best builders, using the best materials but the constant moving of the structure, weather conditions and the passing time can leave a mark on the best waterproofing too. Our general building maintenance division Property Maintenance Contractors is also undertakes any atrium glazing maintenance projects throughout London, no matte the scale of the project.

Atrium glass replacement

Atrium glass replacement
Atrium glass replacement

Atrium glazing repair – glass replacement on any atrium roof or vertical glass atrium elevation is a huge undertaking. Approaching safely to the damaged glass unit, secure and stabilise it for the work and lifting require detailed and extensive planning, thorough preparation, perfect accordance between the team members and experienced professionals. Atrium roof glass panels (usually) are designed to strong enough, with the ability to resist external impacts and/or hold a weight of people for any maintenance and repair, however this characteristic proportional with the weight of the glass unit. It is increased by the number of layers and thickness of each glass panels. These heavy weight glass units can be lifted by an adequate crane, professional crane operator after thoroughly worked out lifting plan. Our abseiling services in London prepared to organise and manage any atrium glass replacement project, no matter the size or weight of the damaged glass unit. We can offer a comprehensive service from the survey and manufacturing to the replacement and disposal of the shattered glass.

Atrium cleaning, window cleaning

Atrium window cleaning
Window cleaning

Atrium cleaning and special window cleaning is a basic service of our rope access company, however working on a glass atrium roof and clean the surface is not an ordinary window cleaning project. Our abseiler team can clean any horizontal and vertical surface of any atrium, skylight or conservatory. Atrium window cleaning is always a different and challenging project. These horizontal surfaces can be really dirty, heavily contaminated by moss, algae, and other urban impacts, what require more effort and time for proper cleaning.

Atrium leak inspection and repairs

atrium glazing leak inspection and repair
Leak inspection and repair

Leak inspection and repair /masticing, waterproofing/ is the most common work in our atrium glazing repair projects. Unfortunately the time leave marks on everything, even on these surfaces and structures, which are heavily exposed to the weather conditions. No matter that it is a rubber gasket or a mastic joint (or even both) the UV and constant external impact make these joints worn. Some atriums and similar structures in our practice have been made much more complicated with moving and opening parts, what hides countless error of the system. AOVs, louvres, air vents, joining cladding and coping or inflatable ETFE air cushions can fragment the roof and restrict or deviate the free way of the running rainwater. Any of these joints can be faulty causing a leaking issue and unwanted damages inside. These joints require constant care, maintenance and cleaning, or repair eventually.

Atria & roof glazing

These architectural glazing systems provide limitless natural light and free sight to the outer world on any building, no matter that it is a top of a high rise building or just a conservatory in a back garden. This solution can be highly effective as an architectural structure, providing really good energy efficiency rate, depending on the characteristics of the glass units. The most basic alternative is a simple skylight, but the Velux also offers professional windows and skylight systems for this purpose.

High level atrium glass refurbishment

Atrium glazing repairs, refurbishment
Atrium glazing refurbishment

If something, then the atrium glazing and atrium glass roof is a real high level glazing system. Our high level glazing services provide any high level glazing repair and refurbishment or high level glass replacement, even on atrium glazing systems. These (usually) commercial glazing projects are coming up, when a comprehensive atrium glass refurbishment (atrium glazing repair, leak inspection and repair and waterproofing) project is starting. As the replacement of one – two glass units only is not reasonable, even if it is not leaking and do not jeopardies people, these glass replacement projects linked to the main (annual) glazing refurbishment projects, when all parts of the system is cleaned, inspected thoroughly and refurbished if necessary. Repair Abseiling Limited completes a lot of annual contracts for our customers and carries out a comprehensive and thorough inspection and refurbishment works of the glazing systems every year. Our professionals replaced some glass units and all gaskets made the 400 sqm glass atrium again waterproof (included 5 year guarantee) on Sussex House, Haywards Heath, replaced a huge, heavy weight glass unit and repaired the mastic waterproofing completely on the fully glazed escalator area of HS1 International Station Stratford, carry out a general maintenance and repair works of the complete atrium system annually at Bridge Academy, Hackney, cleaned and refurbished the mastic waterproofing of the complete fully glazed atrium of Marriott Hotel, Kensington, and carry out many more high level glazing refurbishment projects yearly.

Atrium glass installation

architectural atrium roof glazing
Atrium glazing works, glass installation, masticing

Our abseiler team facilitated the atrium glass installation works on a complex glazing system at 240 Blackfriars, London (building project), the demolition works of the complete glass atrium at City Gate House, London (building refurbishment project), and carried out many smaller atrium glass installation works throughout London. Installation (or demolition) is a delicate project, requires absolute focus and precise work manner. The knowledge and experience of our team members forged on many curtain wall installation, cladding installation and glass installation works on the major building sites of London’s landmarks. As the installation manner requires external assistance for fixing and waterproofing (masticing) Repair Abseiling Limited specialised to carry out these delicate works. Setting up special gaskets or mastic waterproofing are also our daily routine.